Square Enix announces Dragon Quest I to VIII ports for Japanese Smartphones

Square Enix Japan has just announced Dragon Quest 1 to 8 ports for Japanese Smartphones. This news just came out of nowhere though as Square Enix launched a new website for announcing these Dragon Quest ports. They also announced a Dragon Quest Monsters game for Smartphones.

The official site lists the whole Dragon Quest saga from Dragon Quest 1 to Dragon Quest 8. There is no info yet on whether they will be remakes or just the DS ports of these games.

Dragon Quest is a extremely popular series in Japan. It is also called Dragon Warrior in the West but was formally renamed back to Dragon Quest with its 8th entry on PlayStation 2 called Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

The last mainline Dragon Quest game to be released in the West was Dragon Quest IX. We haven’t gotten Dragon Quest X, which is a MMO or the recent Dragon Quest VII Remake for 3DS.

Along with this new announcement, they have also announced a Dragon Quest Monsters game for Smartphones. The official site can be seen here.

With this news, we are definitely feeling like that we will soon get Dragon Quest XI announcement for Smartphones instead of dedicated handhelds like 3DS/PlayStation VITA.

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