Did Square Enix kill their Luminous Engine?

An Italian developer known to have worked on the development of a graphics engine during the Final Fantasy VIII era has made a rather interesting remark on the status of Square Enix’s Luminous graphics engine at the Indievault forums. He referred to Luminous as “R.I.P”, implying that the graphics engine has been abandoned, possibly in favor of a licensed engine such as Unreal Engine 4.

The developer further added that it’s unlikely for there to be any official announcement in this regard, as it would only serve to build negative publicity for Square Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise.

While this may not be the most credible of sources, there is a possibility that the information may in fact be true, especially considering the difficulties Square Enix has faced in the past with its own in-house graphics engines. What kind of impact will this have on the development of Final Fantasy XV? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for further updates on Square Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Jon Turner

    Dang, at this rate it’ll take FOREVER for FFXV and/or KH3 to hit. Both are likely to hit now at 2016 or most!

  • Jack Crinji

    Both Luminous and UE4 look impressive so I really don’t care either way about that. When did SE have problems with in house engines? I don’t remember hearing anything problematic about Crystal Tools. UE3 and The Last Remnant was a bloody nightmare though.

  • The Wolf 47

    Nah, they aren’t killing the engine, this is just rumors to make publicity for the Unreal Engine 4.
    Why would they even axed their own engine they investment money to develop it in favor of the ureal engine? Doesn’t make sense.

  • EX+

    Didn’t Nomura say that FF15 will be dropped into the Luminous Engine when it’s ready? Because Visual Works needed to complete the engine?