Steam Is Currently Experiencing Serious Security Issues, User Accounts Details At Risk

Steam is currently experiencing a huge security breach which has allowed its users to randomly login into a random account and be able to access the account details and other information stored by the user, including their personal email and credit card information.

This security breach appears to have started just a while ago after people started to report issues resulting in weird behavior on Steam Store. People were having their main currency changed to a different one, store language changed to a different region among various other weird behavior that appears to have originated due to a DDOS attack.


Now reports are emerging of users getting access to the account details of other Steam users including access to their email, phone number and credit card details. This is obviously a major security breach and while the account that can be accessed is not user in the control of user, and appears to be random, the information that can be accessed is private and risks the user of that particular account.

As it stands with such major security breach, it is highly recommended to stay away from Steam until Valve has resolved this issue.

Steam is currently offering a huge Winter sale with more than thousand games on discount. This sale started on December 22nd and will conclude on January 4th.

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with your account in the comments below.

  • Digi S

    Logged into my Steam this morning to take advantage of the sales. Everything seemed fine until I hit the store; there was a banner like on the website (rather than the desktop app that I was using) that said to install Steam, my language was changed to Thai (?) and I had another user’s icon and name in the Store. I was still logged in as myself according to the app, though; it was really strange. I immediately logged off and changed my Paypal password. I’m considering changing my Steam password but honestly I don’t see how that will help. I don’t have anything linked to Steam other than Paypal and now that my Paypal password is changed I’m hoping I’m safe.

    This is really strange. Merry fuckin’ Christmas!

  • Jacob

    I was wondering why the language kept changing.