Street Fighter V Accidentally Listed As Timed Exclusive On Official PlayStation Website Before Getting Corrected

Sony might have accidentally listed Street Fighter V as “Timed Exclusive” on the official PlayStation website before quickly removing it, once it was discovered by some users online.

This discovery was made by NeoGAF user Son Of Sparda who shared the image as seen below, showing that it was a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4.


Keep in mind that Street Fighter V has been clearly confirmed as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 4. It is also getting released on PC hence the emphasis on console exclusivity.

Once the news of this mistake made its way to the web, Sony quickly updated the official website to remove the “Timed Exclusive” comment, again putting the rumors of it being a timed exclusive to the rest. If we take a look at the official listing now, it shows no sign of any “Timed Exclusive” comment now.


Hopefully this puts to rest any concerns over the game getting released for other platforms now.

Street Fighter V is currently set for an early 2016 release on the PC and PS4.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Cold world

    It is a console exclusive meaning it will never come out on another platform besides PC, the next Street fighter is probably going to be released in 2023 or 2025

  • FoRSaKeN 1

    Uhm.. This will still cause conspiracy theorists to blow up saying its still a “Timed Exclusive” and this is proof! Also.. Capcom was cut and dry by saying SFV in NO FORM will EVER COME TO ANOTHER CONSOLE.. This was after they were asked if SFV: Ultra or something would come to Xbox..


    watch it will show up on Xbox, they done this before

    • uptownsoul

      Well Capcom confirmed the release platforms pretty definitively.

    • kevin

      Give some examples because Capcom and Sony have stated numerous times that it will be on nothing but ps4 and pc.

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