Street Fighter V Beta – PS4 vs PC screenshot comparison

Street Fighter V’s online beta is currently underway on the PS4 and is soon to begin on the PC, with cross play being possible between both platforms. As such, many gamers are wondering how the PC version running at max settings fares against the PS4 version. In order to put things into perspective, we’ve come up with a comparison with direct-freed 1080p screenshots from both versions.


The screenshot comparison between the PS4 and PC versions of the Street Fighter V beta can be seen below.










As is the norm with PC-specific advantages, these screenshots demonstrate the game looking sharper and cleaner on the platform, owing to the availability of higher quality texture filtering and anti-aliasing options. Outside of that, asset quality appears to be like-for-like between both versions. Additionally, the lighting and ambient occlusion are both of higher quality, and alpha effects are rendered at a higher resolution on PC.

Street Figher V is set to launch on both the PS4 and PC sometime in the first quarter of 2016. Share your thoughts on this screenshot comparison in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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