Stunning Looking Killzone Shadow Fall Direct-Feed Panoramic Shots Show Truly Next Gen Visuals

Killzone Shadow Fall is always touted as being the front runner in graphics for both next generation consoles. Thanks to one particular user on NeoGAF, we have got our hands on some truly stunning looks screenshots of the game, which are composed of multiple shots, stitched in one full panorama.

NeoGAF user HolyFridge took these stunning shots from the game. According to him, most of his panoramic shots compose of as much as 30+ screenshots of the game. He stitches them all together to create one giant panorama, and as can be seen, they look truly spectacular; they also highlight the beauty and work done by Guerrilla Games for Killzone Shadow Fall. You can check these out below.

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Killzone Shadow Fall is a PS4 exclusive shooter that was developed by Guerrilla Games. It was a launch title for the PlayStation 4. As can be seen above, it has some truly beautiful next generation visuals and art style. Imagine what will happen to the visuals of PS4 exclusives, once developers began to master the hardware.

What do you think about these panoramic shots? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • TorpeAlex

    Goddamn. This all looks like wishful concept art. Beautiful.

  • Don Karam

    It looks like game developers want to sabotage the game industry some more by continuing to give the impression that game hardware is incapable of reproducing high detail and colour simultaneously.

  • Expowl

    Are we going to get honest journalism in gaming when it comes to PS4? Anyone who is a die-hard/competitive player in Shadow Fall would have told you that since the latest patch was released, the game has been unplayable with lag. Guerrila tried to deny it at first but now is trying to work on the situation, supposedly. The game right now is a waste of time to play. Sad because its the only game I devote a lot of time into. You can go to the official forums of Killzone and see that this isn’t an isolated issue. Its plaguing everyone. And if anyone tries to debunk my statements on here then they are liars. Go to the forum and see for yourself.

    • aeris bueller

      “Are we going to get honest journalism in gaming when it comes to PS4?”…”The game right now is a waste of time to play”

      This article says absolutely nothing about the gameplay, the quality of, or the reception to this game. All it says is to look at these pretty screenshots, which I have to admit are pretty damn pretty.

      On a side note, zero interest in the game itself. I don’t like playing fps’s on console in general, but in past when I tried Killzones they were especially non-engaging non-fun to me.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Shadowfall is a perfect example of why graphics don’t always matter, it’s still a shit game

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Come on kid have a thought of your own, dont jump on the brainwashed bandwagon with the rest of the fools, it may not be the best game ever but its hardly “shit”, nice try though.

      • AndrewLB

        You know, just because someone doesn’t march in lock-step with PS4 fanboys who are completely blinded by their love for a corporation, they shouldn’t be immediately attacked as being brainwashed, shills, or xboner lovers. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not like KZSF, some big ones being it’s lackluster game play, horrible multiplayer, or dismal story.
        KZSF was nothing more than a tech-demo for the PS4 to show off it’s graphics capabilities, nothing more. The sad thing is that this “Next-Gen” game on “Next-Gen” hardware didn’t even look as good as 2 year old PC games like Crysis 3 or Metro: Last Light.

        • Expowl

          AndrewLB, I wish what you were saying is true. Shadow Fall’s active community is tiny. Tiny and dwindling by the day. I got a PS4 primarily for Shadow Fall and its sad to see such a casual/uncommitted community. The Sony fanboys you talk of are frauds. They spend more time commenting on stories than actually playing the game.

  • hoody hoo

    Never once heard Killzone as being the best looking next gen game. But those shots do look great.

    • Sea-HAWK fan

      Every review out there about next gen consoles suggest KZ and Ryse are by far the most NEXT gen looking games so far. Also Nba 2k14..

    • benbenkr

      Then you’ve probably never heard of the PS4 or the Xbox One.

      KZ: SF does look pretty damn good, obviously it isn’t Crysis 3 but at least it looks significantly better than BF4 and COD.

  • da Boss

    Killzone looks amazing

    • Arnold Stallone

      Yes, but unfortunately, because the us press had a simple mission: ‘if we can’t beat them with the hardware, to make it look bad compared to the xbox one, let’s bet them where it hurts: on reviews’

      Killzone sf: great game, incredible colorful next-gen graphics, 3d sound, crazy effects, true 1080p30-60fps, great 10.5 hour long single player campaign(for a fps player, a ‘normal’ gamer, on harder modes, will need +15-17hours), amazing multiplayer game, tons of free stuff, new free maps and other stuff, game released with no bugs, absolute respect towards the buyer, great animations, great scenery, tons of effects, lighting, particles, etc, impressive amazing vistas, and so on and so on:
      — the pro-microsoft US gaming press nip tick small things like AI not being perfect, and killzone playing too much as killzone. Scores, with a single goal in mind, to make the xbox one lineup shine and look amazing, and to make the ps4 lineup and all the exclusive titles look bad : 5/10, 4/10/ even 3/10.
      Even poolygon chief says it looks much better than ryse. But all the US press omit the 99.5% amazing things in the game, and bash it with the 0.05% of ‘personal taste issues, rather than game issues’.

      Then, a battlefield 4, unplayable with it’s millions of bugs, released ‘as is’ , to not lose the holiday window,with tons of issues, and a 4 hour long poor-average single player campaign, with absolutely nothing innovative or extraordinary, of course, the same classic US marine/soldiers/etc, that will save the entire planet, for the 345th time in a game,
      Scores: plenty of 8/10, 9/10 and even higher.

      Then, call of duty ghosts. A auto-respawn fest corridor shooter with auto aim, done with the same 30 yo engine, because the poor guys from Activision,with the 1-2 billion dollars net they make each year, with each cod iteration, they couldn’t afford hiring a few devs and engineers, for a couple of months, spend 1 or 2 little millions $, and create a game engine from scratch. They’ve used the same assets, the same barrels, the same burning cars, the same assets, the same textures from previous games, made a story with another bunch of american heroes/soldiers, that will save the planet for the 238th time, from bad terrorists , make a 4 hour long single player campaign, at awful aliased poor last-gen 720p graphics, on the xbox one, generate a few random multiplayer maps, create tons of dlcs, passes, season passes, all made to make john or jack spend a few extra bucks on content that should have been included in the game, etc
      And once again, the US press give it amazing 8, 9/10 scores, because, compared to killzone sf, it’s a true marvel and revolution, and not repetitive at all.

      To sum up everything:
      Killzone shadow fall, with vektra and helghans as main characters, no matter how good the game is:
      Low scores, boring, weak story, etc etc.
      Bf4 or cod: x –> american soldiers as main characters, that American journalists and young xbox fans/gamers will control, to stop that 224th attack from extremely tough enemies, and save the world, no matter if the games bring nothing new, are autoaiming corridor noob fest, at poor resolutions and average graphics, with plenty of dlcs to buy, an ultra ridiculously short campaign, and trillions of split second freeze/reboot bugs, along millions of other bugs, that players will test and be victim of, while playing, after having spent full cash on it, well, it’s still 8-9.5/10 scores, from all the US press.

      And advice for all the future fps makers: if your main character isn’t john, Steve or James, and isn’t a marine, soldier, etc, that will defend the 50 star flag against a bad Russian, Serbian or iraki guy, well, you see what happens to games like killzone shadow fall…

      It may look idiot as a comment, but that’s exactly what happens.
      Just make the next cod game, with a french or German guy as the main character, with a story that doesn’t take place in new York, but rather Paris, or Berlin, etc, and suddenly, 80% of the American xbox cod fans will stop buying the game.
      who wanna bet?

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        This is one of the most accurate insightful intelligent comments I’ve ever read and explains quite clearly the blatant campaign to smear anything from Sony, well done you, someone who actually gets it, wish there was more out there like you.

      • Expowl

        Have you tried playing Shadow Fall online the past week or two since the latest patch update? Its unplayable with lag. Since you obviously don’t play, go check out the official forums of Killzone. Take off your fanboys glasses and see reality.

        • Allan Narci

          GIVE IT A REST FANBOY, no amount of FUD from MS will conceal the FACT that they have a MISERABLE failure with the xbone.

          • Expowl

            Allan, you’re the fanboy. You probably don’t even an own a PS4. I do. And I am one of the top players in Killzone. That means I dedicate time and effort into the game. So when I raise awareness about a gripe because no one in the media wants to report it, deal with it. Did my comments have anything to do with Microsoft? Are you really that insecure? I play for the games and experience, not the brand. Have fun circle-jerking with your fellow fanboys.

          • Allan Narci

            Boy they really need to upgrade that 360 field manual for their employees. I got a PS4 day one since i have a job and dont live with mommy(something im sure you,re guilty of). Good luck with that anti ps4 crusade FANBOY.

      • albatrosMyster

        Sorry, I would not oppose Killzone to COD of BF, Halo did great despite being sci-fi…

        Killzone:SF by itself has many issues, technologically it’s a great game, the graphics and sound tech is just amazing, some of the levels are really fun, I would go as far as saying that if they completely removed the floating sections and found a way to make the last two levels more interesting that game would be a masterpiece, but it’s not quite there as it is, depending on what aspect of the game the reviewer paid more attention to while playing any score between 6 and 8 is perfectly legitimate, anything above 8 would be fishy as the weak points of the game are really weak and below 6 is just dishonest because it has really strong areas and will give you a great time, the tech is sound and the weapons are interesting + the enemies can be challenging to.

        I’m happy I got the game with the PS4, but I prefer the gun play in battlefield 4…. I’m not a fan of CoD at all on any platform, so I did not bother with it.

      • 111AlaN111


  • Parhelion88

    WallPapers, Please

  • dieger

    Wallpapers ahoy