Sucker Punch Working On Frame Limit Option For inFamous: Second Son, Looking Into Changing Time of Day

While inFamous: Second Son might have been released officially, Sucker Punch Production haven’t stopped supporting the game post-launch yet. They are releasing weekly updates for the game’s Paper Trail mission, and also releasing patches for fixing various issues/bugs experienced by the people. Since inFamous: Second Son runs at an unlocked frame rate, one of the requested feature was to limit the frame rate, just like Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sucker Punch have acknowledged this issue and confirmed that they are working on getting it in the game.


Digital Foundry recently did a technical analysis on inFamous: Second Son, in which they talked about the unlocked frame rate. According to Digital Foundry, the unlocked frame rate can result in random judder during gameplay, which can end up being annoying. While the game runs smooth for the most part, and stays above 30 fps, the dips that usually happen are mostly above 30 fps and hence it is entirely possible to run the game at locked 30 fps on the PS4. Sucker Punch are working on getting the frame rate limit option in through a game update, as they confirmed on twitter.

@HX422 We’ve heard this request quite a bit and are working on getting that option in.

Another most requested feature was dynamic day/night cycle, or at least the ability to change it as we want. Unfortunately, Sucker Punch can’t really promise the inclusion of this one, although they have confirmed that are looking into what they can do with it.

@thatsnotkosher tons of request for this one. Looking to see what we can do.

The Paper Trail mission is still on-going and Sucker Punch confirmed that they will release weekly updates for the game, that will go live on Friday. So expect the Part 3 of Paper Trail to be released next Friday.

@Stoky1 updates are weekly on Friday.


Which feature would you like added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jecht_Sin

    I really would love to read a scientific explanation on why to go from 45 to 30 fps (not 15 or 20) would cause distress of any kind. This assuming that everything in the game still moves at the same speed. I have been looking around and I couldn’t find anything.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Played through twice, both Karma play through’s and the game was glass smooth, never saw any frame dips or lagging of any kind, but if people want the lock option then so be it I guess.

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    Seems fine. I’m from Seattle, game is fun, graphics are sweet, and the special moves are some if not the coolest moves of all time.. What I would want is more detailed, fun stuff to do in the City. Paper Trail is a start, but the city is so freaking big and awesome they could add alot more. Good job SP

  • Just Saiyan

    i really don’t get it what’s with people who don’t like games being in 30fps and locked 30fps.
    in my 3 playthroughs i notice some slight lagging that mostly happens when the District Showdown is available.

  • dapaintrain

    Finished 100% didn’t notice any performance dips on my 2nd play though now as evil delsin about half way and haven’t had any issues at all.

  • cozomel

    Instead of adding a framerate limiter, how bout they focus on smoothing out the framerate. Even with it not dropping below 30fps much, the way the background scrolls in not smooth. Its got a choppiness to it. They need to smooth that out, work on that. Otherwise its a great game. I wish it still had the ability to switch the shoulder views, and had the cover though


      Hells to the yeah…..! Right on.

  • thebanditking

    eh whatever, by the time they get around to patching it i will have beaten the game. Which by the way is amazing an just fine as is, performance is never a problem.

  • Knightly Crusade

    Would really like them to add the ability to choose the time of day after the game.

  • Mike G.

    This game doesn’t need a 30 fps lock at all. It performs just fine as is. Any negligible hiccups that do occur aren’t enough to sully the experience any.

    The time of day thing is cool, though.

    • Honestlydontcare

      it only ever drops in fps when theres an extremely large amount of elements interacting with each other after breaking a DUP structure with the smoke karma bomb. Its barely even noticeable then though so i dont understand why its that big of an issue.