Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Boxart Revealed; Desgined By Award Winning UK Design Studio

Sunset Overdrive is receiving a lot of coverage from press recently including previews, new screenshots and the first official gameplay reveal trailer. Now we have also gotten a look at the official boxart of the game, designed by award winning UK design studio.

This new boxart definitely portrays the vibrant art style, colorful world and personalities of Sunset Overdrive. You can check out the full boxart below.


James Stevenson, Community Lead at Insomniac Games, confirmed that this is their boxart for the retail version of the game. He also pointed towards the design studio who made this boxart, which is UK based ‘ilovedust‘.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled for a release this year. If you missed out on new info related to the game, you can check out the gameplay reveal trailer, or take a look at the official gorgeous looking screenshots of the game.

Insomniac Games will reveal further details about the game and its multiplayer mode at Microsoft’s E3 conference later this year.

What do you think about this boxart? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dan Davidson

    I can tell from the case that this won’t sell well.

  • neko working

    what a joke LOL

    • Elit3 Nick

      lets see, obvious use of bots and You are flat out wrong liking this, obvious troll is obvious

      • ps4lol

        Someone thinks the box art is bad so they’re a troll. Got it.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Holy crapper flying monsters?

    Ok, now there is more to this game than shown recently. Can’t wait for E3.

  • oSHINSAo

    Great Art Box

    • ps4lol

      Pure Evil lying and trolling from this malicious microsoft fanboy shill on dualshockers:

      “all indies”

      “yeah, dont worry, they still have more than 150k employees to fired”

      “and is 5millions… with games, thats sad, 20millions of Knacks… eeeww”

      “MS is hiring must of Naughty dogs, and santa monica’s”

      “yeah, closing entire buildings, firing 1000+ Employees… paying for your “free games”… they are not being cautious”

      “Sony hasn’t seen any Profit from the PS4 and they have to wait 1-2 years … sony is doom”

      “so you don’t know how to add, if titanfall reached 600k in preoders… halo 2, will blow your ass out”

      “im getting this, because, my parents keep with my xbox” LOL he’s actually a rotten little kid whose parents buy his Xbox and games. Disgusting.

  • Alan Wake

    Yeah Xbox one baby !!

  • Anon

    Great. More lame crap.

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