Supermassive Games Reveals Changes/Fixes Included In Until Dawn’s Latest 10 GB Patch

If you have played PS4 exclusive Until Dawn recently, then you might have received a huge update for the game. This new update requires the user to download close to 10 GB of update data and while there isn’t much in term of the changes included in this update, we do know which major bugs are fixed in this new update.

Supermassive Games has updated their official FAQ for the game confirming the changes that are fixed in this latest update. If you are interested in reading the changelog, you can read it from here.

I did not receive the Ashley Snaps trophy.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3

I did not receive The Exorcism Of Emily trophy.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3

I cannot invert the Y-axis controls for the right stick.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3

The game crashes when using the Episode Select menu.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3

The final Bonus Content movie at the end of the game didn’t unlock.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3

I’ve become stuck when Chris is in the Hanging Shed.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3. Quit the game and then select Continue to carry on from a safe position.

I’ve become stuck when Ashley is in the tunnels to the Sanatorium.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3. If your current save game is affected by this issue, it will be fixed after you reload the save game.

The sound has become slowed down and distorted in Episode 9.

This is addressed in Update 1.0.3


So there you have it, the list of changes that are included in the latest 10 GB patch for Until Dawn. The size of the patch is rather surprising but still it is great to know that the trophy glitches are now fixed so that players can get the platinum trophy with ease.

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  • FYL

    This is why this game was deleted off my system, this and the lack of replay value..

  • NeutralMilkGoathell

    I think they should have optimized more. 10 GB is too much for bug fixs

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