Take a look at how Achievement Unlock Notification on Xbox One compares to Xbox 360

Xbox One is almost ready to launch so we have gotten plenty of new footage for it. We might have seen the achievement unlock notification for Xbox One but how does it compare to Xbox 360?

Achievement unlocked notification already looked pretty damn good on Xbox 360 so we can’t imagine how Microsoft might have improved it any further. As you can see below, Microsoft has not only managed to make it look better, it also doesn’t seem to disrupt the flow of action on screen.

Xbox 360

Xbox One

What do you think of the new Achievement Unlock Notification? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below?

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  • Mike

    the color is not so good, and no light Button LIght

  • Jason Lane

    All that I care about is weather or nit I can turn off notification sounds but leave the sound for achievements on. I always wanted that and I don’t understand why someone hasn’t thought of it.

  • Tom Murphy

    How the hell does the xbox 360 achievement system ruin the flow of action on screen? If anything the xbox one looks more faster as a gif pop up purposely taking your eyes off combat.

    All in all ps4 and xbox one achievement system unlocks are pretty crappy compared to the predecessors which is a damn shame. As the saying goes: if it ain’t broke don’t fix.

  • thuglove68


  • Source?¿

  • The animations look cool, but I have several issues with the new achievement notification:
    With all the animations, it could be more distracting than before. Also, you can no longer see at a glance what the achievement is. You have a smaller window of time to see what the achievement was between the “Achievement unlocked!” and “Hold guide for details” messages. Not a big fan of the color, and most importantly: It’s hard to see the text. The text is way too small. Granted, I’m not seeing this on an HDTV, but the old achievements were really easy to read.
    A good thing, at least, is that you have to hold down the guide button to read more about the achievement. That way, you don’t accidentally bring it up if you just tap the guide button.

  • xbonesux

    Lasts way too long.

  • joevsyou

    they need use same color on the box. thats like super dark green

  • roozbeh, again

    The most addictive feature of gaming history is now even better.

  • Morris ヅ

    The colour can be changed! when you change the dash colour stop bitching you moany shi#z.

  • Megaman

    HATE the colour

    • Yup, the lighter tone of the Xbox 360 was better.

      • Megaman

        Yeah agree …I mean I like the look but hate the color

    • Ippoletta

      Then change it when you get it. we can change the color.

      • Megaman

        Calm down yo….I made this comment before they announced that and I’m only getting a X1 day one

    • a.no

      It should be a translucent black. That would like nice

      • Megaman

        Yeah it would…but the just announce that we can change the color 🙂 ….seems like Microsoft thought ahead on a lot of things

  • Chris Scott

    Seems fine.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Like it at the bottom better than top. Slicker animation though.

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