Tales of Zestiria DLC Will Let You Buy Levels, Experience, and HP

Microtransactions in RPGs have become a common occurrence these days, with many games giving you the opportunity to spend money on special weapons and items. In Tales of Zestiria’s case, however, Namco Bandai has opted to give you the option to straight up buy levels, experience, HP and more. According to the publisher, these are entirely optional stat boosters that you can otherwise gain during your natural progression through the game.


The paid DLC, dubbed the ‘Adventure items pack‘, will get you everything needed in order to survive in Sorey’s adventure for a price of $19.99. The full list of stat boosters and items can be seen below.

  • Double Experience
  • Double Gald
  • Double Grade
  • Double Normin
  • Double Herbs of Goodness
  • Item Expansion
  • Katz Trio
  • Level Up +5
  • Level Up +10
  • Max HP +1000
  • Red Bean Pancakes
  • Red Herbs of Happiness
  • Rice Crackers
  • Skewered Rice Dumplings
  • Speed Arte Mastering
  • Strawberry Rice Cakes
  • Super Star Trier
  • Sweet Bean Jellys

This wouldn’t be the first time a game in Bandai Namco’s Tales series has offered purchasable stat boosters, though. Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 also had similar stat enhancing DLC, where players were given the chance to exchange their Microsoft points (at the time) for level boosts, gold, as well as skills.


Tales of Zestiria is now available for the PS4, PS3, and PC in North America, and has been available in Europe since October 15. Share your thoughts on the game’s optional microtransactions in the comments below.

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  • Tales has been doing this for years… I personally love it because I can start the game at a higher difficulty level and not have to worry about the game getting frustrating 🙂

  • Ryumoau

    I don’t personally mind things like this since its a single player game and doesn’t affect any other players.

    • Medievil

      Something like half of the “boosts” in these Tales packs are just specific trigger access to new game + Grade shop upgrades
      Double Experience
      Double Gald
      Double Grade
      Double Normin
      Double Herbs of Goodness
      Item Expansion
      are consistently so, though “Katz Trio” i couldn’t tell. The immediate lvl boost I always thought were simply a waste unless you save em til the the LAST levels, and I don”t know what the lvl cap is for this Tales, since while it’s usually 99, it has been 255 before.

      But this is the first time theres at least a reasonable reason for them to be used, as it’s the first cross console/pc tales release ever. If i played on one, i would certainly buy the pack to offset the hassle of doing a blank start run on the other. Tales games can be VERY tedious without the grade shop buffs on a 2nd runthrough.

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