Target Makes A Huge Mistake, Sells Uncharted Collection PS4 Bundle For Just $30

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle is available for a retail price of $350 but thanks to a glitch on the official website of Target, a lucky user was able to get the Uncharted bundle for as low as $30.

You can see a receipt of this purchase from one of the buyer below, which confirms the mistake made by Target.


As Twitter user Wario64 noted, this mistake was apparently still online at Target website via their iOS app, although it is not clear whether it actually worked for all those who managed get it from the website at this price.

This is not the first time someone has been able to purchase a cheap product online through a mistake, as it can usually happen for large retailers like Amazon, Gamestop and others.

In any case, whoever managed to snag this Uncharted bundle is definitely in for a treat as it offers a PS4 and The Nathan Drake Collection for the sweet price of $30.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Cora Evans

    Myself, my friend and my sons girlfriend all got one for $29.99 (pics to prove) only 6 people in the US got them, and we were half that. Merry Christmas!

  • GlitchArmy

    LOL you guys are too funny. Lets get in an uproar about this little tiny “glitch”. You don’t have a CLUE how much Target lost 2 weeks ago. What they are doing is exactly what someone else said, forcing traffic to their site. it’s that time of year. Why do you think us glitchers call this “glitch season”? Every single year at this time, it happens. over and over! You think that it happens from mistakes that ONLY happen near Christmas time? Righhhhhht. Ya’ll are amateurs. The REAL glitch was a couple weeks ago. People got ANYTHING they wanted from Target for PENNIES. it’s either intended, or their programmers are toddlers. Either way, Target better step up their game because if I or THOUSANDS of others see a deal like this, i’m jumping on that thing for the full 8 seconds! They have a choice, give up the technology or learn to deal with the inconsistencies of Web Developers.

  • Hvd

    whats worse target making a mistake or the scum buying it for $30?id say the scum who bought think buy now target would have some one preview ads before they gp on the website.

  • PachterStation

    Only 8% tax, here in the UK, we’re forced to pay 20%.

    • Tom Rae

      The national minimum wage in the UK is higher. £6.70 per hour ($10.16) compared to US$7.25

  • omarcominyo


  • kreator


  • Dirkster_Dude

    Target is required to honor the price if the item is sold. However, they actually have insurance for stuff like this so I doubt they will lose any real amount of money over this. If someone catches the fact that it is being sold for the wrong price Target can refuse the sale, but that would be someone whom would have to know about electronics. Most sales associates at an actual retail store wouldn’t know or care unless it was an electronics store of some sort.

  • BarcodeGuy

    I like how the idiot didn’t censor the entire barcode. Since you can see the top of the lines, and the lines are consistent, you can easily get the rest of the barcode.

    • HAppY_KrAToS


      In photoshop you can resize those lines in just 1 minute, and have the Ean code decoded by one of the hundreds apps that can read it.

      If his name is embedded in the code… but I would rather say it’s the product name. Who knows 🙂

    • lulzprime

      And this has anything to do with the article… because? Sounds like you’re salty because you weren’t the one to score a PS4 for $30. Have to call someone an idiot somehow to justify your saltiness am I rite?

  • Chaunel Wilcoxon

    I scored mine In Colorado last night for $32.28 with taxes. Cannot Complain, no i do not game, no i didnt want one but for that price who wouldnt buy it. Thanks to myself for being a couponer and finding the deal when it was still active!

    • Aylestone

      great deal! you should sell it on craigslist 🙂

    • The Nano

      you’re a thief sir just like Drake

    • omarcominyo

      Always think about trying couponing ever since watching honey boo boo!!

  • ShowanW

    i would of shut up about it… target (and other retailers) have the right to refuse the sale. shut up while gettin the hookup, get merchandise in hand, game and enjoy.

    • jacksjus

      I’m certain his credit card statement will surprise him next month. The fact that he used his credit was even more of a reason to keep quiet. He just made it easier for them to get that money back.

      • Omega

        Retail stores do in fact have the right to refuse price matching and even selling an item if it’s an honest mistake or typo. It becomes a legal issue when a company DELIBERATELY uses a lower price to “Bait – n – switch” customers into buying that product or a similar product at a higher price while denying the advertised price. In this case Target appears to be calling this a glitch which would not constitute as a bait n switch.

        With that being said, does it now become ok or even legal for the company to recharge your credit card after agreeing to honor a purchase? No. Just like when you agree to tip your server at a restaurant there will be a pending charge until the final charge goes through but they are not allowed to charge over the agreed and intended payment. If they did try to charge the difference this could become a major legal issue for the company or even worse in regards to negative publicity. Furthermore, the consumer would only need to call their credit card provider and dispute the unauthorized transaction to have it removed. So I wouldn’t be so “certain” he will receive a surprise next month.

        • Aaron

          I work retail. If it’s the price advertised, that’s the price they legally have to honor it for in most states. Especially for items that have a print price tag on them, I know most states have to honor them. They don’t have to honor it for items in the ‘wrong spot’ though, usually other customers ditching their crap in random spots.

          • Omega

            You may want to double check the law for your state because this is a common legal misconception.

          • Holeybartender

            Target will honor it because the sale is final and its their fault they priced it that way.

  • Bryan Levin

    Man! I just bought this console at gamestop this past weekend for $349.99. If I knew it was $30, I would have shopped at target!!!!

  • jacksjus

    I mean he knew it was wrong and was better off just keeping quiet. Now they have every right to come after him because he admitted he was aware of an error and took advantage only to turn around like an idiot and brag about it on the Internet. Smh!

    • Chaunel Wilcoxon

      Im bragging about mine too and oh well the glitch has been fixed, I know about 20 people nationwide that got it honored.

      • Jeremy Garza

        I got mine free I won the gold 1 at taco bell beats 30$