The Division Beta: Check Out How The PS4 Version Compares To PC Version At Ultra

The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently undergoing a closed Beta for those who have pre-ordered their copies of the game, or have access to a Beta code given by Ubisoft. The Beta is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

While we have already covered a comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game, it remains to be seen what difference exists between the PC version at Ultra and the PS4 version of the game.

Thanks to our friends at DSOGaming, we have access to some screenshots from the Beta on PC running the game at the Ultra quality preset, which is obviously demanding for a PC. We have then taken similar screenshots on PS4 to see how the console version stacks up to the PC version of the game here.

Keep in mind that Tom Clancy’s The Division has a dynamic time of day which means it is not possible to get 1:1 comparison with same time of day, so the lighting and shadow difference outside can be attributed to different time of the day. That said, there is still enough difference that can be spotted in this comparison; better self shadows, improved snow debris and weather effects, draw distance and the screens space reflections are all better on PC, but the PS4 version does hold its own very well against PC.

You can see the comparison in the screenshots below. These screenshots were taken with Chromatic Aberration turned off and Sharpness at 70% on PS4. Note: Click on each image to open it in full resolution.

the-division-pc-vs-ps4-beta-4-1 the-division-pc-vs-ps4-beta-4-2

the-division-pc-vs-ps4-beta-5-1 the-division-pc-vs-ps4-beta-5-2

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be out on the PS4, PC and Xbox One on March 8th, 2016.

Let us know what you think about these screenshots in the comments below.

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  • Phillsen von Rock

    Played the Beta the whole weekend and it is very promising. sure there are still some bugs and stuff but fuck me is this game dense. The fuck-ton of little details is mind blowing. Even on PS4 you can read the sticky notes or missing person flyers etc crystal clear. I´m still a bit dubious if there will be enough content in the full game to keep me interested. But the atmosphere is bloody damn great. Espcially the weather feature feels really good. In most games it´s just dark sometimes but it doesn´t really have an impact on how you roam the place. But at least in the Darkzone you really move different in sunshine or heavy fog at night .The cover mechanics work really well and are brilliant to watch (especially if you turn of the HUD etc.). The Darkzone is fun if your with some buddies. Alone or with strangers (not surprising) not so much.

    I think I´m going to get it but i´ll wait till 1-2 weeks after its released to get reports about the amount of content in there.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Looks great on PS4, much much better then that PC xbone comparison where xbone just looked like garbage.

  • Orko

    Only wish I could PLAY it. Keep getting error code on PS4 Division Beta “MIKE 20240078” or “DELTA 20010159”. All last night, and again today. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Cyshox

      Ubisoft thought it would be great to shut servers down for maintenance…every 12hrs…during a very limited beta phase.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    I’ll wait to see it in motion.

    The Witcher 3 left something to be desired in stills, but once I had it running at max, it looks beautiful actually playing it.

    Sites like this should post some short gif’s or video clip uncompressed instead of purely screenshots.

  • nateuc4

    A lot of websites were saying that the graphical differences b/w PC and PS4 would be massive.Enen I thought if the game looks like the E3 version on PC, I would once again install Windows on my PC to play this. But…….here we are, the same old story.

    • Cyshox

      You wouldn’t be able to smoothly run the E3 graphics & physics without a $3000+ computer.

      • nateuc4

        Yeah. Last year, when playing Witcher 3, my GTX970(with FX8350) wasn’t able to maintain 60FPS. So, for the Division,I didn’t expect much. But yesterday, I saw some videos of people playing the game on same config. with ultra settings at 60FPS.

        • Char Aznable

          Your 970 must be crap because it can run Witcher 3 at 60.

          • nateuc4

            You don’t understand the meaning of maxing out a game. Do you?

          • Char Aznable

            I do. I have a 970 and max Witcher just fine. Not my fault you have faulty hardware, bub.

          • nateuc4

            I don’t know what settings you use. But I tried it on Ultra 1080p and maxed out all settings and turned on the hairworks. It gave me 42FPS. As soons as the hairworks were off, it gave 61FPS. So Witcher 3 on max settings(that means including hairworks on) doesn’t give 60FPS. Also the procesor may be different, I use 8350, you might be using Intel.

      • Jeff

        Some of us have a $3,000+ computer. Its the consoles and casual PC gamers, gaming on old hardware holding us back.

        • Cyshox

          Because no dev would care about a 1% audience. They create games for the mass, else it wouldn’t sell well.

        • New meta

          Having a 3000$+ PC is pointless recent years. Games are dumbed down repetitive versions of what they used to be. Every idiot can finish every game on the hardest difficulty. I built a 970 6600K PC as cheaply as possible because it is FUN to build a 3.5 times better than PS4 PC for 1.5 times the price. I prefer spending the rest of my money for DSLR lenses – a way better investment (prices are rock solid for 20 years). Even if I was super rich and I am not since I live in a poor country, I’d never spend more than the necessary. People gaming on old hardware are not casuals (old games required way more skill, and games like Dota 2 running on a potato), they are just poor or have bigger priorities. This is some peasantry. A well scalable game runs great on low and high end. Pls tell me your “3000$ PC” is not some insanely overpriced Alienware or prebuild because you don’t sound too nice.

          • Jeff

            Its cool, I could care less about DSLR lenses, whatever they are. I also don’t really care If I sound “too nice” either, seems you’re one of those “sensitive” types. My computers are all built by me, since way back in the days when a 100mhz CPU was considered fast.

          • New meta

            You have every right and this is great, you can do whatever you want with your money. My point was that low end PCs should not hold you back like consoles. The reason consoles hold back is because often they do nothing to improve the ports. A low end PC will just play with everything at low and below 1080p – no problem. Even at 3000$ SLI doesn’t scale well so yo should get your money’s worth by playing at 4K 60fps or 120144fps and people will run 1080p for 400-1200$. I don’t see the problem.

          • Jeff

            I agree. I haven’t gamed in 1080 for a while now, 1440 @ 144hz.

  • HAppY_KrAToS


    What a shame, really.

    2016. The PC version should be sporting photo realistic textures, full global illumination, etc etc, with close-to Avatar-like visuals, that many PC setups should easily handle, with +16-32Gb of ram, 6-8 cores running at 4.5GHz+, and Titan-based or dual-triple-quad sli setups. Even if , with those life-like graphics, the gamer could only have like 5 or 20 fps,

    At least, in one year or more, the game might finally be playable at 40-50 fps.

    But NO.

    Another cheap game, with 2005 graphics, running on such cheap engine, that on computers with 10-20 times more processing power than a ps4 or x1, the graphics only look ‘A LITTLE BIT’ better, at max settings.

    2x LOL :
    On the first picture, on the upper edge of the box, the ps4 version even manages to have less aliasing !
    COME ON !!!

    But let me guess: the engine might be a true craap regarding the graphics, but we all can be SURE the engine will handle the microtransactions and other anti-gamer craap really smoothly !!!


    2 fking 0 1 6

    why can’t the studios provide ultra-giga-incredible-fantastic textures packs, along letting the gamer choose the texture compression ratio, and if it only runs at 5 fps, NO PROBLEM. It can only get better and better. Why, studios, why?

    PC games became like word and excel: every year, there are even more and more processing power available, but devs make the apps so heavy and not optimized, that they run as slow as the previous versions.

    pcs have more and more power, but the engines are poorly coded, and devs don’t optimize anything. As a result, graphics don’t evolve at all.

    dx12 should give some tools to devs: native optimization, optimization that devs don’t do at all, today. Can we start laughing, now ?

    • Amith Thomas

      You’re being silly.

      Go watch Gamersyde PC videos. This game is one of the best looking games in many ways and easily the best looking game in it’s genre. It has a ton of great grahpics features to levels you don’t see in most games. The texture quality is great, object detail is insane. Reflections, high res shadows are EVERYWHERE you’d expect them to be and look fantastic. Volumetric fog, procedural destruction physics still there. Some amount of bounce lighting (not as good as E3 2013 though)

      I guarantee that if you play the PC and PS4 side by side, the PC version will look much better. These comparisons suck.

      Also, making a game that only titan setups can run would be stupid. Thankfully, they had the common sense to make a game that medium-high rigs could run, while also ensuring that sli setups are not wasted (switching on those extra graphic option levels, scaling up to 1440p, 4k)

      Even with a titan setup, 1440p 60fps completely maxed out is not yet possible. Let alone 4k resolutions.

    • Iron Bean

      Do you know the term console optimization? Pc gamers have a ton of different hardwares and developers cant give enough time and resources on optimizing all of them. On the other hand, consoles have the same hardware across all users, so devs can easily optimize and give the most time to the hardware. Almost 40 million ps4 users with the same hardware, that is way more profitable for the devs, so they give a HUGE amount of time for optimization.

    • Sasha Mazendame

      How many PC gamers have a titan X? Your comment is silly, amongst my friends I’m the only one with that GPU, not everyone can afford it or cares that much about it, even with PC developers have to go with what the majority has not what is theoretically possible with the best tech.

    • nateuc4

      Are you here to troll?Do you have any idea goddamn idea about Game Development?Do you know the costs about making a video game?Of all the PC gamers combined,less than 2% population will be using up to date beefy rigs.And here you are, asking the devs to make a game that crawls on these rigs.Maybe this game won’t even run on your PC and you come here to post comments like these to pretend that you own a beefy PC and 2005 graphics…….Really?This game is downgraded from E3(No doubts!)But this game looks pretty good from today’s standards,As I earlier said, games have a huge development cost and if the developers make a multi-million dollar very high assets game targeted only for a handful of people or according to you ..the future ultra beefy rigs, then it will flop.

    • Tony

      Consoles and PC ports of cross platform games look so similar because:

      1. There simply isn’t enough time and money to make so many changes to the engine to take advantage of PC resources.

      2. PC is not the biggest customer base, so why spend the time and effort doing so if there will be minimum return on investment?

      3. Dev’s are quietly reminded that if their PC edition of their product outshines their console counterpart….then they may not have the “privilege” of developing on that console in future.

  • Guest

    The difference aren’t that big and certainly don’t justify the power difference between a PC and X1/PS4, but what I don’t understand is why the X1/PS4 version don’t have the better textures of the PC when they have 8GBs of RAM? WTF!?

    • Paul

      That’s the case with many games, for the most part I play my games at high or very high and not ultra because in most cases the games look more or less the same but it doesn’t hit performance no where near as bad, if my hardware can handle the game maxed out then that’s fine, max it is, but I always aim to more or less max out the visuals at 60fps or I’ll hold out on playing the game till I upgrade my hardware.

    • Cyshox

      “certainly don’t justify the power difference between a PC and X1/PS4”

      You forget the difference between a PC game and a console game. It’s much to maximize graphic quality when all users run it on the same hardware (PS4/X1). A PC Game must run on a lot of very different rigs.

      The Division Beta looks better on my 2yr 400€ PS4 than on my 2yr old 650€ Computer (mid settings 30-40fps: 8×3.2ghz fx8320e, 16gb RAM, R270x). So my PC is technically better than the specs of two PS4’s combined but it still looks better on a single PS4… That’s why I cancel my PC preorder but keep the ps4 preorder.

      • New meta

        There must be something wrong with your PC. Also your PC is overpriced – I built a much better one for less money and here hardware is expensive. 270x is close to PS4.. Direct comparison is stupid since consoles use only 8xAA, no tesselation, FXAA, no HBAO+ and their “optimization” means that in some places they look like PC high, in others they look worse than PC low – like the screenshot comparison of Rise of the Tomb Raider where on Xbone there were completely missing tree shadows in one screenshots that even PC low had.

        • Cyshox

          It’s 2yr old and was more than cheap. You pay the same today for the same specs… I got the PC without any merchants margin but those 650€ include 19% vat. It also came with an 1tb SSHD & Win7 Pro.

          Moreover there is nothing wrong with it. But the division has pretty high requirements. For a smooth ultra experience you’ll need a highend PC.