The Division Beta PS4 vs. Xbox One Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows No Major Difference

The Division

The Division Beta is now available on all the major platforms after getting an early release on the Xbox One. The game is visually solid and has a dynamic time of day, volumetric lighting and global illumination on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of The Division takes it even further with improved draw distance, anti-aliasing and the inclusion of HBAO+.

As Tom Clancy’s The Division has a dynamic time of day, it is a bit hard to do a straight 1:1 comparison between the different platforms. The slight difference in lighting is mostly due to the change in the time of the day, as both versions of the game look visually the same for the most part.

The Division is also unique in that sense that it offers the players the choice to tweak some visuals in the game. Users can hide the UI and even toggle Chromatic Aberration on/off in the settings menu. They can also change the sharpness which seems to impact the IQ making the image softer/sharper. For the purpose of this comparison, we used the default settings which had the sharpness at 50% and CA was toggled on.

Take a look at some of the direct-feed screenshots below, which are taken from the Beta version of the game. Note: You can click on each image to open them in full resolution.

As the comparison above demonstrates, there is not much of a visual difference between both platforms. In the end, those who have both consoles can choose the platform that they prefer for the game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be out on March 8th, 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this comparison in the comments below.

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  • So it looks like we have a “Microsoft-Hater” in this room. As I’ve written on my blog, these types of people will feel the greatest sting as Xbox One continues to evolve. The Guest ridicules “Direct x12, and yet, I would ask him, how many games exist that were designed for Directx12? If he believes that such quantity would satisfy the technological fruition of Directx 12 , let him speak. I prefer the scientific method of testing. Let us allow Directx 12 to operate, play a few games that were designed for it (Ashes of Singularity / Fable Legends) and agree that this is only the birth of innovation on the timeline of such new technology.

    Sadly, cloud technology is another topic that our Guest is unaware of. Perhaps he is unaware that eSRAM was designed precisely for cloud based rendering and that the fast RAM was to ensure that processed graphics from Azure would arrive in the lowest millisecond delay on internet speeds of around 15 to 20 mbs. Perhaps he has read nothing from Alex St. John – one of the founders of Directx – who writes a beautiful piece about “zero latency gaming”. Perhaps our guest prefers reading from naysayers instead of innovators. Furthermore, perhaps our Guest has read nothing of Microsoft’s partnership with Duke University and the Kahawai Program (google it, sir). Does our Guest also forget that Microsoft purchased Havok? Does he know what Havok is? Can he not think creatively on how Havok can be used in the cloud?

    Ignorance is bliss for those who hate on Xbox One. But as my blog will attest, (so that it is easy to have visibility into my opinions), your bliss period will be ending soon.

  • WEL

    for a 1080p game this looks blurry a hell. That’s the good thing about PC, that you are able to turn off all those useless post-process effects that for some reason the devs think it makes the games look better.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Graphically it looks like a good game -but- not as beautiful as Fallout 4. :-). How long does it last for the initial story missions? I don’t mind multiplayer but have no real interest in it.

  • PachterStation

    There’s nowt in it. Also, the quality of your TV plays a major part. I have an LED and a LCD/LED TV, there is quite a big difference between the 2 when playing games. The LCD TV with an LED backight suffers from motion blur, especially with racers. Running any game on the Xbox One and PS4 on a high spec LED TV, there’s no debate.

  • Bigjoe275

    Please please Ubisoft don’t go the destiny route. I didn’t buy the season pass yet. Because I want to know what’s in the package. If ubisoft takes notes of the failures of destiny and give us something great. I’ll be gladly to purchase the season pass.

  • Captain Clutch

    The beta is meh.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    Ps4 ever so slightly better it looks like, but both a major downgrade from what we were shown at E3 outside of police station. But that’s Ubisoft after all! Hopefully game play will be out of this world and make up for it.

    • Trim Dose

      “Hopefully game play will be out of this world and make up for it.” <– Sorry it isn't played the beta for 1 hour and already delete it, boredom is ridiculous this time.

      • Tyralun

        Played the alpha, playing co-op I 100% disagree

    • Fay_Z

      if anything xbone has better lighting

      • Guest

        Nope, sorry, PS4 has better lighting, no tearing (unlike the X1 version) and a better framerate, I’ve played both. And p.s. why did it take you like half an hour just to type a sentence? You straining just to come up with that.

        • Fay_Z

          i literally saw the message and replied within 10 seconds, looks like you have a lot of time on your hands… sad sad man.

    • Amith Thomas

      Of course it’s downgraded. They had no choice, unless you want it running at 10 fps.

      Remember that when Ubi showed WatchDogs and The Division in 2013, they didn’t even know the console specs. It’s kind of obvious they overestimated them.
      Also, note that CDPR showed The Witcher 3 at the same time, and the same thing happened to them.

      These three games were the only three multiplat games of this graphical quality shown at E3 2013. ALL THREE games were significantly downgraded. I think that should clearly tell you what happened. It’s not like they could have done anything. In the following years they downgraded accordingly and showed that in the trailers, and that was honest.

  • Fay_Z

    what happened to ps4 50% more gangster ramz super graffix?

    • David Goldby

      Microsoft has a deal with Ubisoft on this game. Xbox1 is getting content early. do you really think that Microsoft would be ok with Ubisoft putting more effort and time into their competitors version of the game? but good try with the Trolling. your iq astounds me

      • Ucouldntbemorewrong

        Ya he def sucks at trolling

      • Sam L.

        blablabla sorry but this is the excuse for every f*** game! buhuhu bad microsoft has deals with every bad publisher if a game looks the same…but if it were 1080p on PS4 and 900p on X1 the Sonyponys would be quiet and satisfied and could sleep well….
        Some people really think theres a big deal between the both consoles…like it was on the last gen and the gen before…. just deal with it!

        • Dave C

          Except that this is Ubisoft. They have admitted in the past that they now make the games identical to quote “avoid debates and stuff”. The PS4 is mor powerful, hardware doesn’t lie. It is up to devs to use it, or not.

          • Jay

            Exactly, look at dying light new DLC that takes advantage of ps4 whereas Xbox one still is 900p.

    • Guest

      Its called parity look it up, and next time you wont ask such a stupid question and make yourself look so dumb. And if you knew anything you would know that Ubisoft is the king of parity this gen. And the PS4 is 50% more powerful in many areas, FACT! And the only delusion clowns here are the MS fanboys believing in all the DX12 hype, oh and eSRAM, and the cloud, and every other secret sauce that has don’t nothing but let you buffoons down. The X1 is a disappointment and a letdown, admit it.

      • Paul

        I’ve noticed more parity going around lately which is ironic me being a PC gamer because now the PS4 is getting what us PC gamers have had for years, being held back by weaker hardware.

        Some might not want to admit this but most games are 1080p PS4 and 900p Xbox One with the PS4 in most cases getting higher frame rates, what would happen when the PC puts the pressure on to force the PS4 to lower the resolution so they can improve the graphics?, the PS4 will have more breathing space then the Xbox One, remember that if those games where 900p on PS4, that would give it much more room to improve the graphics and frame rates if parity doesn’t come into it.

        Truth be told, if they used the PS4 and Xbox One hardware to the best they can, there should be a sizeable gap, the same with the PC.

        • datdude

          The ps4 isn’t getting held back, nor is the pc. There are plenty of ps4 and pc exclusives that both try to take full advantage of the respective hardware. Stop your nonsense. Multiplatform games are their own scenario.

          • HAppY_KrAToS

            Based on dozens and dozens multiplatform games, where the ps4 was running at 1.6x or 2.2x times more power than on x1 (1080p or 900p vs 720p ), or games like tomb raider, where the ps4 was using the power of 2 xbox1, to achieve the 60fps vs 30fps on x1 ),

            I would like to ask:
            Is the ps4 version using those 40-60% extra raw processing power that allowed many ps4 versions to have a higher resolution, framerate or overall better visuals?

            or is pubis-soft playing that sick parity card, once again, and both versions look the same?

            PS. Stop buying those sick season passes, and other micro transactions craap. You are giving billions $ in advance, to these companies, and you are paying for the content they didn’t include in the main game.

          • Paul

            As I said before, there should be no parity between the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, when someone buys a PS4 or PC, they expect more than what the Xbox One can do, parity is disrespecting the gamers that buy better hardware, now PS4 should be anywhere from 20% to 50% faster than the Xbox One depending on the task it’s doing, the PC should be way ahead, which I suppose it is, for the most part, PC gamers get double the frame rates, higher resolutions and better graphic effects, those three things alone likely will need double or triple the hardware of the PS4 to do, but if a game on PS4 is 60fps at 1080p, that should be easy to run on PC if done right.

          • Liam Blair

            The price for such a PC is more than 3x the price of a single PS4. If you want to show off the power difference of an Xbox One and a PS4 then you showcase the first party games. Multiple games should have parity, it just makes more sense from the developers point of view.

          • Paul

            Well no not quite, when I looked at say Crysis 3 in PC and look at the the PS3 version, the PC version looks way better, that was the case with most games late in that gen console cycle, parity should never happen because that’s insulting the people that buy the better hardware, in other words, games should try to take full advantage of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One hardware as much as they can and develop top down because it’s a lot easier to downscale than up, when people buy a PC or PS4, they expect better, now don’t get me wrong, there are many games like say Pac Man that will have parity but anything that’s pushing the hardware should never have parity.

          • datdude

            I thought I asked for you to cease and desist with the nonsense. Publishers will save money where they can, which is why for many multiplatform titles you won’t see them bending over backwards to fully optimize for each given platform. It’s a business decision, and they happen every day, in every field. Not every publisher takes this stand, but some do. I look to Sony’s first party studios to get the best out of the ps4, not Ubisoft. Sorry. Same way I look to Microsoft’s first parties to achieve better results from the xbox than a 3rd party publisher. That is just common sense.

          • Kidd

            Leave Links to these test please< Ps4 2* Xbox One? I agree with you for one thing though single campaign, multiplayer, Season pass content that should be included in game.

          • HAppY_KrAToS

            A few examples
            Call of duty ghosts, 720p on x1, 1080p on ps4. .. that’s 2.2x more power/polygons
            Tomb raider remaster, 30fps on x1, 60fps on ps4
            I guess if the ps4 version is running at 60fps, thus doing the job of 2 xbox1 at 30fps, I can claim the ps4 is using the power of 2 xbox1. Right ?

      • Hannah K

        Ur a let down

      • Kidd

        Ubisoft will use Dx12!!!


    looks good

  • Edonus

    I am really interested in this game. It wasn’t on my radar for a long time but now I am looking at it as a day one purchase… if I can get 2-3 games removed from my backlog. I still gotta beat Rottr and Fallout 4. This damn Halo 5 MP is just taking over my life.
    And its sad that people perpetuate this idea that the Ps4 and X1 perform so different from each other. The differences in all multiplat games are extremely small. It has been since launch.

    • David

      I’m in the beta. It’s a really good game. I think it’ll be well worth the purchase.

      • Trim Dose

        Really good ?, probably playing other game instead of the Division, the damn beta is boring as hell, played for 1 hour and couldn’t stand the emptiness of the city, killed lots of rats for XP in the end LOL

        • Jason Mounce

          Isn’t that realistic as to how New Yorkers live their lives?

        • Liam Blair

          You don’t get XP for killing rats…

    • Guest

      Whats even sadder is your constant Microsft Defense Force comment all the time. Do you ever give it a rest? Or are you just a fanboy all the time, 24/7? There are plenty of games where the PS4 version has a 44% or higher res and all while having a higher res. Right there is the 50% difference. But you clowns cant accept the facts and instead just go on and on about a minuscule DX12 10% difference. Its sad. But I guess I would be too, if my system was getting slaughtered.

      • Jason Callaway

        You’re literally doing the exact same thing for playstation. So why do you care? These comments are always just a bunch of people with too much time on thier hands. Play the game on what you want or don’t play it at all……move on with your life. This is the same conversation with absolutely every game release. How about we just play the games that come out instead of acting like we’re entitled to everything we want. If you don’t like it I don’t see why you need to complain on something like this that no one important will ever see.

      • i3myX1

        Wow dude, chill. All he said is that PS4 and X1 multiplatt games aren’t that different in which he is correct. Same games, same look and play the same. Only difference are a few ppppppps that most people won’t notice in a moving picture unless you have a picture by picture comparison.
        Play the games you like on the platform you like. We have 2 great consoles and there is no need for this childish fanboy bickering!

        • Jason Callaway

          That’s what I’m taking about. We don’t need to be fan boys it only hurts us, the consumers. We have two amazing consoles and it’s great to have choices.

    • i3myX1

      Yeah, I am so sick of this fanboy BS… The games play and almost look the same on both platforms. We can enjoy them on PS4 and X1. People should grow up and stop badmouthing the platform they don’t have. Have fun with the platform or platforms you own and wish the same to everyone else! In the end we all are gamers enjoying our hobby!