The Division developer concedes PC version was downgraded to stay “in check” with consoles

One can’t help but notice the visual downgrades in The Division’s existing build on all platforms. While the game is certainly not bad looking, it isn’t quite the same as it was back when it was first revealed during E3 2013. Today, a Ubisoft developer has conceded during an interview that the PC version had to be kept in check, technologically speaking, with its console counterparts.

The Division

A video featuring the full interview can be seen below.

The developer went on to say that it would be unfair to push the PC version of The Division a lot farther ahead from the console versions. That said, he did appreciate the existence of a dedicated PC build.

Ubisoft has become known for making noteworthy downgrades to the visual makeup of its games after their initial reveals. It would seem that The Division is no different in this regard, although this is the first time a developer has pointed towards consoles as a limiting factor.

The Division

We’d certainly like to know how the PC community feels about this. Should PC and console versions of multiplatform games maintain a degree of parity? Or should each of them get pushed to the best of their capabilities, regardless of how good the scalability and how demanding the system requirements may be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  • alexsnow5

    I’m sick and tired of all of this crap, as a kid i was a console gamer, but as i grow up i switched on PC for that power that i’ve learned that a good rig can have inside. Now i can see every time a company anounce a new game in dev, they show some breathtaking gameplay graphics only to hype you enough to buy the game no matter what, once the hype is high enough they slowly downgrade the graphics just to match the console power lack… The only reason i have today a pc is because of the modding comunity !

  • Kahetabi

    fucking joke, fix that or cut your throat Ubisoft, CUT YOUR THROAT

  • lon3wolf

    Must suck for the people with the hardware, I ran the Beta on a 970 and 8350 a mix of high/ultra settings and HBAO+ @ 2k got 40fps avg it looked a lot better than the console versions (played Alpha on my XBoxOne). Looked fine to me but to get the bullshot visuals from the reveal trailer god knows what hardware you would need.

  • theduckofdeath

    This is disgusting. What happens next year and the year after that?! Consoles are static.

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