The Division Guide: Here’s A List Of All Outfits And How To Unlock Them

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Tom Clancy’s The Division has a variety of outfits for the players to equip in the game. These outfits also change the appearance of the agent which might prove useful for some of the players who care about the appearance of their agents in the game.

The Division currently has a wide variety of outfits to locate in the game and some of these outfits are locked behind restrictions like having access to either the Alpha or Beta version of the game, or buying the Season Pass and pre-ordering the game.

You can find the full list of available outfits below including how to get them in the game.

Ubisoft Club Rewards

  • BrokerOutfit (40 Points)
  • Iconic Division Jacket(30 Points)
  • Centurions Basketball Fan Pack(30 Points) – Includes Centurions Hat and Centurions Jacket

How To Unlock: Buy them from the Ubisoft shop using the “Upoints” that you acquire by fulfilling various tasks in the game.

Agent Origins Promotion

  • ParamedicOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • FirefighterOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • PoliceOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • HunterOutfit, weapon, and backpack

How To Unlock: You need to watch the Agent Origins videos and then enter a special code at the Ubisoft website.

Alpha / Beta

  • New York Shortbows Weapon Skin – Available to those who participated in Closed Alpha on Xbox One
  • Shortbows Sports Cap – Available to those who participated in Closed Beta on PC, PS4 or Xbox One
  • Shortbows Sports Jacket – Available to those who participated in Open Beta on PC, PS4 or Xbox One

The Division

Season Pass Bonus Outfits

  • NY Trooper Outfit
  • Motorcycle Police Outfit
  • Sheriff Outfit
  • SWAT Outfit

How To Unlock: Purchase the Season Pass of the game.

Rainbow 6: Siege

  • Rainbow 6: Siege Tactical Suit

How To Unlock: Purchase Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Purchasable DLC

  • Marine Forces PackFour Marine-themed Outfits, weapons, and backpacks
  • Military Outfit PackFour Military-themed Outfits, weapons, and backpacks

Outfit Name: Hazmat Gear Set

  • POF P416 Assault Rifle
  • Hazmat Go-Bag (+health skills)
  • Hazmat Outfit

How To Unlock:  Pre-order the game

Outfit Name: National Guard Gear Set

  • National Guard Outfit
  • National Guard Go-Bag (+armor perk)
  • POF P416 Assault Rifle

How To Unlock: Available with the Good/Sleeper Agent Edition, or for Season Pass owners

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was recently announced by Ubisoft that the game has become their best seller in its first 24 hours of launch, including digital sales across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Matt Poole

    I have the season pass but I can’t get the swat outfit of any other of the police ones. Any ideas?

    • Hellbringer

      same , they are scammers i have spoken to them and wont refund me even though they stole my money i paid for stuff i did not get and they responded in a email of all you can do is wait and hope it unlocks as we do not give refunds on season passes WTF true scum bags if i could go back in time i would not have bought the game

      • JR

        you have to go on the agent origins website to get the download

        • Maxwell Ritz

          No, the SWAT outfit is part of season pass, it’s not the same as the police outfit from agent origins.

      • Aaron Saettone

        You need to call your credit card company and say you have a unauthorized charge you will win and get your money back say you have no idea what this is.

      • Branden Shoma

        SUPER LATE response but I had to download the gear like a mod. I paid for the season pass after the free patch and I got all rewards I missed but had to go on the Ubisoft rewards store to download it. I know a set I was missing I had to download it from the playstation store as an addon which was weird. but yeah go to the UBISOFT website and store for division and look for the DLC items and download or purchase(it’s free) the set and it will automatically be in your gear set

  • HybridHuman

    I purchased the Marines outfit, how do I equip one of them??? I can’t find them in my inventory anywhere. Thnx

    • Mersad Muhovic

      I think you need to go to the Rewards Vendor in the Base of the Operations (at the end of the hall, just go forward from the main entrance)

      • HybridHuman

        Ah yes! thank you

    • Matt Poole

      Thy the vendor at the back of the base of operations behind the stair well

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