Tom Clancy’s The Division Servers Facing Issues, Error Code Mike Reported

Ubisoft’s popular third person online shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division appears to be facing issues on its server side as players are reporting issues connecting with The Division servers with error code Mike being widely reported.

Ubisoft hasn’t announced any maintenance for the game prior to the server issues so it is hard to determine the cause of this issue for now. Since The Division is basically an online-only game, servers being down right now means that a lot of people won’t be able to continue their game unless this issue is resolved.


Ubisoft has recently made a new server update for Tom Clancy’s The Division. They did announce the server update and maintenance prior to doing it, but in this particular case, it is appears to be an unexpected downtime for now.

There is a huge thread currently at reddit where players have reported the servers being down with error code Mike. Ubisoft has also acknowledged this in their tweet.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was the best selling game for Ubisoft in term of units sold within the first 24 hours and it has also set new launch day sales record across the digital PS4, Xbox One and PC storefront.

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with The Division servers in the comments below.

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  • Robert

    Error code LIMA 10449165

  • Jerry Phillips

    I’m receiving Mike error (20220360) in Memphis TN – this shouldn’t be happening this much – very ridiculous for the amount of money spent on a game and the amount of money made from it’s release.

  • Mohammad Asyraf

    It’s alot worse for us in Southeast Asia countries especially in the night time, connection issues like delay and sudden drop of games when you team up is really a disappointing for Ubisoft games. Even now, the coop issue for Splinter Cell Blacklist still unresolved. As of now, i am getting Delta 20000984 error. Wish this game does not need to use Uplay but Steam instead

  • Christian Navarro

    Got the digital download on the 9th and haven’t been able to play it yet. Please try to come up with a solution and post it online or YouTube. Paid 6 hours of work for a game that I can’t even play. Delta error is my issue on the ps4.

  • Howard Harris

    Been getting the error code since release day..ubisoft is horrible

  • Ladee Roundy

    I am Getting told Server unavailable Error code Delta 20000984???

    • LintyAtom

      I am getting the same error message. I was on last night until about midnight and now I got the delta error code this morning. Not sure what to do.

  • lac61087

    i ran into a few lost connection screens but they seem to have all but disappeared since the patch dropped, overall i am chuffed with this game, Ubisoft are back for real

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