Thief Old Gen vs New Gen Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows A Generation’s Difference On PS4

Thief is another cross-generation game that seems to favor the new generation. While Thief is playable on old generation consoles, the experience is greatly hindered by the lackluster graphics and lack of environment effects, the addition of which makes Thief look absolutely spectacular on the PS4.

While Thief is still running on Unreal Engine 3, it has a unique art style, which truly shines on the PS4 in full 1080p. Being an atmospheric game, the toned down graphics on the old generation don’t make a good case for them. While it is expected given the power difference, we still do get some cross-generation titles that at least maintain a sort of parity between old generation and new generation. One such example would be Yakuza Ishin on the PS3 vs PS4. You can check out our screenshot comparison for Yakuza Ishin from here.

For an example of the toned down graphics, take a look at the difference between character models of the Xbox 360 version compared to the PS4 version of the game.

Thief-Comaprison-1-2 Thief-Comaprison-1-1 Thief-Comaprison-2-2 Thief-Comaprison-2-1

The comparison above illustrates the difference clearly. Besides lacking effects like depth of field and having lower quality shadows, the Xbox 360 version of the game also has severe downgrade in texture quality, resulting in a blurry mess of textures for the clothes of the main characters. You can also take a look at this GIF image, which highlights the resolution and texture difference between both platforms.


The lack of volumetric fog and low resolution textures often result in a lackluster atmosphere on the old generation consoles. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the distinct atmosphere of the PS4 version looks great compared to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Thief-Comaprison-8-2 Thief-Comaprison-8-1

Note: Click on each image and then click on “view full size” to see the image in full resolution.

If you mainly play on consoles, we definitely recommend to play Thief on the next generation consoles. PS4 runs Thief at native 1080p(Xbox One is 900p), and while it might be locked at 30 fps, for a stealth game like Thief, the frame-rate hardly matters much.

  • Corey

    why compare PS4 and xbox 360? I’d like to see xbox one vs. xbox 360…..and PS4 vs. PS3

  • NeedMoreGames

    Shame the frame rate is so poor on ps4.

    • Tanner Fredrickson

      30 fps isn’t poor. As I have a good PC, I can run any game at 60 fps, but I still limit my video card to only drawing 30 fps because there’s not a big enough difference to justify literally double the performance cost. 30 fps is also the framerate that almost every game was tried to achieve on the PS3 and 360.

      • henrikpw

        That comment gave me cancer

        • Tanner Fredrickson

          Mine or his? I stand by what I said. 60 fps looks better, but it only looks like 25% better, while consuming 200% performance. It’s simply not a worthwhile trade-off, and most developers agree with me, seeing as more and more PS4/X1 games are releasing capped at 30 fps in order to maintain 1080p rather than 60fps-900p or 60fps-720p.

  • Grim

    It’s kinda sad. When PC gamers boasted how great the graphics look on the PC, console gamers pulled the “gameplay is better than graphics” card. When next gen consoles appeared, everyone couldn’t wait to ditch those old consoles for better graphics that only the new consoles can do.

    A year ago console fans would be flying pitchforks whenever someone said the PS3 and 360 are holding back PC game development. Now, those same console fans are saying that the PS3 and 360 are holding back next gen game development.

    • Dennis Crosby

      Game play will always trump graphics in my opinion. I always like to think of games like cars. You can throw a pretty paint job on a shitty car and it still will be a shitty car but you can throw a basic paint job on a car with a great engine and it could become a master piece

      • Grim

        That’s the great thing about PC gaming. You can have both ugly but wonderful cars alongside the beautiful sports car. It’s not just a matter of preferences either. It’s the very nature of the PC that allows this.

        I have both old, lackluster looking games and the new shiny old ones in my PC. Total War Shogun sharing the shortcut folder as Total War Shogun 2. Max Payne and Max Payne 3 are available for me without switching from one device to another.

        I don’t have throw away my old games each time I upgrade. Next gen consoles have already started and yet we saw Tomb Raider being given the Definitive treatment and re-sold at full priced.

        It’s another funny thing to ponder when console gamers kept using the gameplay argument against the PC when the majority of PC gamers tend to play games that don’t require a high end PC to play. When Unreal 3 came out the number of people still playing Unreal 2 outnumbered the new one. Starcraft is still being played years after Starcraft 2 came out. Counterstrike is still amongthe top played online games after several iterations of CoD. Console gamers are using gameplay against a certain group of gamers(the elitists/graphic whores) while another group of PC gamers(the majority) embraced gameplay for better than console gamers.