This is the best Class Setup in Black Ops 2

So I’ve been playing Black Ops 2 almost daily since it came out last year and consider myself a fairly decent player. Throughout my playthrough I’ve managed to create the best Class Setup in Black Ops 2. This setup was made keeping in mind the most recent July patch and contains the selections which are best in their class.


The main strategy with the class is to play patiently, rack up the points by cleverly jumping on objectives and get kills from range. The full class setup is below:

Perk 1 – Flack Jacket and Hardline (Perk 1 Greed)

You need Flack Jacket because most of the game’s maps are small and there will always be explosives thrown your way when capping flags in domination, Flack Jacket will help you stay alive and rack up those objective points.

Hardline on the other hand enables you to get your scorestreaks with 20% less points, allowing you to easily get those high streaks.

Perk 2 – Toughness and Scavenger (Perk 2 Greed)

Toughness is an essential in Black Ops 2 and undoubtedly the best Perk in the game, the flinch reduction which you’re getting shot is unreal allowing you to easily win more gun fights. Scavenger which we’ll be taking thanks to Perk 2 Greed will allow us have an unlimited supply of ammo (considering you actually collect the Scavenger Packs) and C4.

Perk 3 – Tactical Mask

I hate Stuns, Concussion and other tactical grenades so I always have Tactical Mask equipped. Since we’re not using Dexterity which is another commonly used third tier Perk you’ll have to avoid sprinting a lot.

Primary – AN-94 with Stock

The AN-94 is easily the best Assault Rifle in the game even after the recent patch. The gun has good damage with low recoil and a decent firing rate making it a formidable opponent at both close and long range.

Secondary – None

You don’t really need a secondary in Black Ops 2 as you can easily pick up a weapon from the first guy you kill, there’s also the fact that we have Scavenger in our build ensuring that we never run out of ammo.

Lethal – C4

The C4 is undoubtedly the best equipment in the game especially in objective game modes like Hardpoint and Domination.

Tactical – None

You can swap the C4 for a tactical in this build but I wouldn’t recommend it.

So try the class out and let me know how it works out for you.

  • Robert Wagner


  • Joe

    While this may be the perfect class for some, it may not match the play style of others. Because of this, I wouldn’t say its the best class setup. For example, I use a chicom with MMS and laser sight, c4, smoke, lightweight, scavenger, fast hands, and dexterity. Of course, this class is made fast paced close-quarter combat which few people do on domination.

    • NemesisLeon

      ‘playstyle’ is a lie. The truth is you get use to each facet of the game when you’re new then you know each part then you get better at the game in general. After a while, you start noticing what tends to work better. Your ‘playstyle’ fades away and is overtaken by game imbalance. Use the best and win OR be happy-free-fun doing your own thing and lose.

  • Mazik

    Great class but instead of Scavenger I think I would rather have Dexterity,and replace the c4 with another attachment

  • Elmer

    I like it but you really need to be a very good gamer

  • Craig

    “I would recommend against it”.

    “I wouldn’t recommend it”, perhaps? I’m no grammar Nazi, but c’mon; you’re a journalist for crying out loud…

    • Bob

      Those two sentences don’t mean the same thing. One is implies a neutral position on the subject the other a negative one.

    • therealJC

      You sound more like a nazi zombie