Tim Sweeney: Sony is more open to developers, SteamOS will steer console makers towards an ‘enlightened path’

Epic’s Tim Sweeney seems to be happy with Sony’s approach with their consoles for developers. He also thinks of SteamOS as being an open platform and in this process, steering console makers towards an ‘enlightened path’.

Sony has been very forthcoming about its open-ended policies in relation to PlayStation Network. They even allowed Valve to integrate Steam with the Playstation Network., to allow cross-platform play between the PC and PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2. They are completely unlike Microsoft, who has been very strict with its Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live service.

Tim Sweeney was asked about SteamOS and the impact it could make in an interview, posted by Eurogamer. Sweeney was skeptical of Valve’s plan but had confidence that Valve will be able to make it into a success just like they did to Steam. He also think that If SteamOS is a success, Sony and Microsoft can follow suit to more open-ended platforms instead of closed ones.

The possibility of Steambox as a real, genuinely open platform based on Linux with multiple manufacturers that, you know, is jump-started by Valve, but isn’t absolutely controlled by Valve, in the same way that Microsoft and Sony control their platforms. It’s very interesting. You know I think it will also go a long way towards steering the console manufacturers in pursuing an enlightened path and I think Sony has been really good in that direction, letting game developers actually access the outside internet on PlayStation 3 and 4.

What do you think of Sweeney’s statement? Do you think he is correct? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ben A

    very funny, sony never wanted indes back in the 2000s. now there trying to open arms lol

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    If Valve knows Linux is so much better than Windows, then why do they and many other devs continue to support it? and don’t tell me because of Microsoft’s monopolization in the PC market.

    • Ben A

      sorry you talk shit. without windows, gaming on PC would be absolutely shit. and Valve Steam would not existed. DirectX ftw. enjoy your crippled OpenGL games on broken OS Linux. Don’t tell me BS that Linux is the big thing for gaming, its just a dream, the Linux community wished.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        I never said I believe it’s better. I was just basing my comment on what Gabe Newell had to say about it. Fyi, I prefer using Windows OS over Mac or Linux so we are actually in the same boat. I was only making an observation, not agreeing that Windows is inferior like some may think.

  • The Wolf 47

    One of the reason studios can’t self-publish on console is because of the mandatory ESRP ratings and Steam doesn’t have those.

  • Dakan45

    Steambox can fix everything, bridge the gap between pc gamers and consoles, kill used sales, give you a more precise controller, optimize pc games, be more consumer friendly,give changes to indie devs to get advertized on steam home page with greenlight, kill subscription fees to play mp.

    You only have to stop sucking off sony and ms and give it a chance.
    But most consolegamers wont do that.

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