Titanfall 2 Reportedly Set To Launch On August 30th

titanfall 2

EA has confirmed that they will release a sequel to Titanfall this year with the first teaser showing a Titan with a sword. This teaser confirmed that Titanfall 2 will be released for the PC and Xbox One, in addition to the PS4. This is the first time the series will make its way to PS4.

While EA hasn’t confirmed a release date for Titanfall 2, Middle East retailer MePlay appears to have leaked the date of the game, which is August 30th, 2016. This date can be seen on the pre-order page for the game on their website. It is also featured in a banner ad that lists the date as August 30th, 2016.


While the retailer is currently using older art assets for the pre-order coverage, it is more likely that EA still hasn’t provided them with the new art assets aside from the placeholder boxart. The release date could be a simple mistake as well. In any case, we will find out about it soon enough at the EA Play event which will launch alongside the upcoming E3.

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  • moebius_rising

    Remove the Smart Pistol.

  • Didn’t EA already officially say it would ship b/w Oct and Dec of 2016??

    • Moose

      they said in q3 of their financial year, which would fall within those dates. lets just pray that august 30 is the date. the sooner the better.