Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Screenshot Comparison – PC vs PS3 vs PS4

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition has now been made available ahead of its official release date on the PS4 and the Xbox One. If you are still on the edge over getting this version, perhaps these screens can convince you to get it on the platform you want.

The enhancements to the definitive edition are as follow:

  • An all new model for Lara, especially built with next-generation consoles in mind
  • For the first time, TressFX is being used for next-gen hair on consoles.
  • Improved foliage
  • Revamped lighting engine
  • Reworked shaders
  • Complex physics world simulation for trees, cloths and foliage
  • Subsurface scattering technology for Lara’s skin
  • As per developer’s claim, textures have been rendered at 4x the resolution(of PS3/360)

These enhancements might sound good on paper but do they really carry any impact on the core i.e gameplay? That is for you to figure out. Check out the comparison below.

You can also check out another comparison between the PC version and the PS4 version from here.

Thanks to NeoGAF for PC vs PS4 shots.

What do you think about these improvements? let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ghost_519

    Amen to that!

  • Greg Smith

    Asian Lara looks stupid.

  • Robin

    It might be a fact that the PS4 version is technically better than the PC version but I dislike the lighting changes in a lot of scenes because they take a lot of the atmosphere.

    PS4s Lara looks ugly compared to PS3, Xbox360 and PC one.
    PS4s lara looks like a psycho.

  • Ubah Games

    What a money grab. I can’t believe that the pc version on ultimate settings looks better than the one that they “improved” on. Whatever, i guess this is a win for console gamers without superior graphics.

  • Jacob Carson

    she looks ugly on ps4. I hate her face. Plus PC has anti-aliasing to make textures look smoother too

    • Greg Smith

      Anti aliasing makes the game look blurry. What are you smoking? PC doesn’t compare to a PS3 or PS4 exclusive. I have yet to see proof.

      • Jacob Carson

        You obviously are very ignorant about computers. When a digital image is viewed, a reconstruction
        is performed by a display or printer device, and by the eyes and the
        brain. If the image data is not properly processed during sampling or
        reconstruction, the reconstructed image will differ from the original
        image, and an alias is seen. Anti-aliasing x2, x4, and higher means that the higher x anti-aliasing means the smoother the lines are to the eye.

        • Greg Smith

          Then you severely need glasses. Once you turn that on, sure the edges look smoother but the game looks more blurry. Would you like some source material to go with your argument? Probably not since anti aliasing looks like garbage.

          • Jacob Carson

            Put your piece of garbage ps3 games against my PC on max settings and anti-aliasing as well as my 2k monitor and I will send you crying home like a little school girl

          • Greg Smith

            Need proof.

          • Ghost_519

            You think that your damned console beats PC’s? What a fool. AA doesn’t make the visuals blurred you damn fool, the camera was either focussing on other objects or the cutscene was ending. I own a PC copy and it wasn’t blurred at all. By the way, for your f*cking proof, compare stock GTA 4 for pc and GTA 4 on consoles. The console has horrible draw distance and the textures are crap compared to PC. You will find it hard to accept Greggy boy, you are a SONY PS3/PS4 FANBOY.

          • Kieran Gallen

            with you on that one. iv an ips 30″ dell ultrasharp tft with native 2560x1600p resolution. two gtx 780TI gpu’s in sli config paired with an rog mainboard, 5ghz watercooled cpu cooler and 16gb 2400mhz vengeance pro ddr. my mate ran tomb raider definitive side by side with my sli pc at ultra. Away more detailed tres fx hair effects and rain lens flair and thicker more particled rain and denser fog on the pc by far. even my mate had to admit that. All he could say for the ps4 definitive was a bit of added movement in hanging destructible objects and a bit of tres fx hair physics added to other characters in the game. As far as environment detail, tessalation, texture detail, rain and weather effects and in particular the tres fx hair effects on lara herself were away better and more detailed on the pc. There again an nvidia sli GTX780TI pc, any wonder!!

          • Ghost_519

            That is Morphological Filtering, you dumb bastard. It blurs the game and the text as well. Use FXAA, MSAA or SMAA and see for yourself

          • Greg Smith

            Wow. These posts are 3 months old and still no one has shown any proof that a pc game looks better than a sony exclusive. I must have stumbled upon something here….hmmmm.
            Also, the camera was not focusing and I wasn’t even in a cutscene. I was standing at the docks in new york. Oh wait, that’s how new york in your pitiful country must really look, all washed out. And for the record, i sony ever gets off their ass and creates the next playstation to be upgradable, then pc doesn’t have a leg to stand on in the games department. See you in another 3 months douchebag.

  • ama8o8

    at the end of the day, its the same game …its like when skyrim was ported to pc…but at least the graphical texture mods are free LOLOLOLOLOL…I admit the definitive edition looks amazing…but for the same game? come on crystal dynamics ….at least give us more crap to do in the game -_- graphics are a given (they should be amazing) but if youre making us get it and play the same game all over again, most of the time we are too into the story to even care about the graphics….I hope you dont pull this shit for tomb raider 2 LOL I dont wanna be seeing a tomb raider 2 definitely definitive edition LOL

  • HE1NZ

    Her new face looks like crap

  • blackdreamhunk

    Clearly this nothing more than cash grab something console fanboys are use to!

  • John Mumpitz

    PC looks better. Look at The Tree Texture in The first Screen

    • Greg Smith

      You need glasses bud. PC Lara looks demented. PS4 looks like the ultimate version. Or you don’t have an HD tv or moniter.

  • Morari

    Nice to see a comparison with pc as wel! I must say that when you put it side by side, i think I prefer the looks of the original Lara. I think the difference between PS3-PS4 is huge!!! Nice job! PC with max settings still has better textures (higher res) and better AA (and more beautiful Lara i think). Also has the better framerates if you have the (expensive) pc for it. I must say I like te dried up blood on Lara’s arms and chest area better on PS4, and how the light falls on it! That sooks awesome!!! Anyhow, I love this game!

  • Jason Mourn

    REALITY can be HURTING 🙂

    “better” SPECS/gameplay & SALES NUMBERS =/= PROFIT.
    sony still PLAYS God of War WHILE MICRO$OFT still PLAYS God of Money



    307 > 17


    APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT are ALL dwarfing sony IN POCKET SIZE…BBBUT sony fanderps STILL THINKING ps4 SALES = win.

    The pauper derps like you WILL DO ANYTHING TO SPREAD FALSE RUMORS when sony’s stock is GOING DOWNHILL.

    WHERE IS the greatness?

    • Michael Mangao

      huh? are you serious?? you’re going fanboy on an unrelated article like this? immature scum like you needs to be derezzed from this world.

    • tarbis

      You need to put a bullet through your head and all of these things will go away. I can promise you that.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Is it just me or does the new Definitive edition Lara look like she has down syndrome? LOL thank god I have a PC

    • Michael Mangao

      agreed! I played the PC version and it was definitely the definitive version for me. Seeing the next gen version of Lara gives me mixed reactions on her face. Why do they have to remodel her anyway?

      • MidianGTX

        Ahh, denial. Enjoy your dead, lifeless environments!

        • Michael Mangao


        • randomguy

          someones butthurt.

      • Cullen Torkelson

        i agree. and besides laura looking retarded on the definitive edition, the pc version has character tessellation on laura while the D.E. does not. so its still not as detailed of a model as it can be on the pc with tessellation enabled.

    • monkey god

      Yeah thats similar to what i was thinking. The Definitive version gives her a bit of a “derp” face. The biggest improvement ive seen is there is a the vegetation is a bit different with more greens/shrubbery.

  • Guest

    PC is definitely the best.

    • Greg Smith

      The PS4 version looks way better. PC looks off, as usual.

      • Dave

        As usual? have i been living under a rock, when have console games ever looked better than PC?

        • Greg Smith

          You’re blind as a fucking bat. I haven’t seen a single pc game look better than a PS3 or PS4 exclusive. I haven’t seen any evidence because your precious tress fx makes the game look blurry. PC gamers need to get a life already and stop bragging. It’s 2014 for fuck’s sake.

          • Junoh315

            TressFX is the hair physics. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. You haven’t seen a single PC game look better than a PS3 or PS4 game? Go look at 2160p Crysis 3 in Ultra screenshots. That’s way too advanced for a console and you’ll never see that kind of detail until the next generation.

          • Greg Smith

            Crysis 3 looks like garbage even compared to GOW 3. God of War.

          • randomguy

            i love sony but you are a hardcore fanboy witch makes you’re opinion invalid sense you have never experienced a pc.

          • Jack Black

            You’re pretty dumb.

          • mariano guntin

            because you are a troll or a stupid fanboy, you dind’t see the PC exclusives crysis 1, warhead, the witcher, all of them look better than any other game…

          • Greg Smith

            None of those games you listed tops a Sony exclusive.

      • Keith Williams

        I like how all the sites are saying Tomb Raider DE is like PC on Ultra, but what they forget to mention is that PC has Ultra and Ultimate settigns as well

  • madbads

    That tree in 3rd pic looks better on PC also hair looks better on PC… also new Lara looks stupid…

    An all new model for Lara, especially built with next-generation consoles in mind – ROFL

  • Robbie Baylor

    lighting looks best on ps4 bu to be fair they are comparing to the first version of the game and definitive edition not coming to pc

  • Anon

    Please check the source photos are correct, because some of the pictures you’re showing as ‘PS4’ are posted as PC in the GAF thread. It’s comparing the Vanilla PC version of Tomb Raider to the Definition Edition PC Version.

    • There is no ‘Definitive Edition’ on PC 🙂
      You are confused by the wording. The guy who posted these shots was referring to the other user that he/she couldn’t run the game on DirectX 11 at max settings, and hence he took the same shots at DirectX 11 settings instead of DirectX 9/10 settings.
      Again, there is no ‘Definitive Edition’ or anything of this kind available on PC.

      The same Lara Croft model is used in the PS3 version, which can also be seen in the PC version. The difference is the TressFX hairs in the PC version.

      • tom

        Your site is a bunch of false bullshit.

  • blackdreamhunk

    More proof that console games were dumbing pc gaming! It makes me not want to support Tomb Raider games devs again. also why should I pay for something I already paid for. Oh console gamers are dumb enough to spend another $60 an old game!

    • Roger B

      How is this more proof “dumbing pc gaming”? Also, when you spent $60 to pay for the game last year, there was no stipulation that it would work on PS4/Xbone; and there’s nothing forcing you to spend another $60. This is like you complaining that you spent money on the PC version of the game and then couldn’t also play it on the 360… because, you know, you already paid for it. Go troll somewhere else.

      As someone who didn’t get a chance to spend that same amount last-gen, I’m really excited to pick it up next week — paying just once and getting some neat new visuals along with it.

      • blackdreamhunk

        How about game devs and gaming media stop the lies! Clearly Definitive Edition Tomb raider isn’t better than the PC. The gaming media that lies to say Pc gaming is dying every year since 1985!

      • blackdreamhunk

        Quote from Wikipedia:

        “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who
        sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,
        by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online
        community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or
        with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional
        response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

        • blackdreamhunk

          last time I checked I was on topic!

      • blackdreamhunk

        last time I checked I was on topic!Isn’t this about Pc vs consoles? So
        you you write an article about pc gaming? Then don’t want a response
        from pc gamers? “Pc master race” was created by the lying gaming media
        and console fan boys!

      • blackdreamhunk

        Maybe stop making article directed to cause a inflammatory, extraneous, emotional
        response From pc gamers! So can who are really the trolls?

    • Dude

      You’re an idiot.

      • blackdreamhunk

        How I am an idiot clearly those game devs don’t care about their fan base. The PC version was held back by consoles! Do you think this would go unnoticed by the pc master race? Pc gamers and pc gaming is like the Borg.

        Pc master race is the Borg!
        We are the pc master race,We Are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile

        • tarbis

          Yes yes, pctards are the bored, pctards are Asses, Resistance is on PS3. Bitch more.

          • blackdreamhunk

            Steam PCs Will Make Spending $60 On A Console Game Even Harder To Justify

          • tarbis

            It’s actually harder to justify buy a Steam PC and when you can easily download games on a regular PC.

          • blackdreamhunk

            Console gaming having tuff time competing with pc gaming just like the Borg we are always adapting. It’s like the Ice Queen vs The Borg queen. Like I said We are the pc master race,We Are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile

          • tarbis

            Yeah, we get it. Borgs repeats things like a broken record going round round catching it’s own tale. We already know you’re bored, and are asses. Resistance is actually on PS3.

          • blackdreamhunk

            Your comment is irrelevant, you will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.

          • tarbis

            Yes, you’re brainwashed, you are bored, you are assholes and for the last time Resistance is on PS3.

          • blackdreamhunk

            Why should pc gamers pay $60 for an old game when we can $15 and play it on Ultra settings and it looks better? Also this article proves console gaming holds back pc gaming.

          • tarbis

            And why should I even pay even a dollar when I can get it free for while having the same Ultra settings as you? PCtards only pay for pc gaming. This article only proves that PCtards don’t have much games going for them that’s why they’re clamoring for games made for consoles.

          • blackdreamhunk

            When you look at Steam’s own figures it is already for the masses. A
            total of 7.2m Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s were sold in 2013 while on
            PCs Steam alone has 75m users and more than 7.2m active at any one time.
            Furthermore games on PC are substantially cheaper than their equivalents on consoles. In short, those who want to game on PCs already do.

          • blackdreamhunk

            Spending by Mac and PC gamers will grow to more than $27 billion worldwide in the next three years,

          • tarbis

            You actually spend on PC gaming. No wonder you’re a pctard.

          • Ownster

            Console Peasant.

          • tarbis


        • Tristan Peters

          Lol once the console version looks better than PC now pcnerds use excuses “the PC version was held back by consoles” lol PC has a graphic setting console doesn’t so your stupid

          • blackdreamhunk

            The way Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition looks like PC version looks like on Ultra setting.

          • tarbis

            PCtards are desperate. They need games made for consoles for their PCs.

      • blackdreamhunk

        Next time around I will not be buying another tomb raider game. More console game devs could go bankrupt for all I care.

      • blackdreamhunk

        How is the tessellation on PS4 versus PC?By the way Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition looks like PC version looks like on Ultra setting.

        • psh

          Let him be, his mom gave him a PS3 with Resistance, and that’s all he can play.

      • blackdreamhunk

        How I am an idiot please explain?

    • Guest

      when only 10% of PC gamer actually paying for their games, why not ?

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