Treyarch Permanently Bans Users From Creating Offensive Custom Emblems/Paint Jobs In Black Ops 3

Treyarch Studios is striking down on users who have an offensive emblem design or custom paint jobs and permanently banning them from using this feature ever again.

The offensive part boils down to using a design that relates to a terrorist organization, dicks and designs related to nazis. If you fit the criteria for such a design, you will receive the following error message and permanently get banned from using this feature in the multiplayer mode. This applies to both the emblems and the paint shop in the game.


Keep in mind that this is a permanent ban for the user meaning there won’t be any way to use custom emblems and access the pain shop after this ban. If you want to use this feature, it is best to use them in a way that shows your creativity instead of simply going for something offensive.

This is not something that Treyarch hasn’t done before, as it has happened with the past games in the series as well. Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2 also featured similar bans for people that decided to abuse the system.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is available now on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was developed by Treyarch Studios and published by Activison.

Let us know what you think about this permanent ban in the comments below.

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  • MeytalMiss88

    What a load of crapsticks.. Do they not know the original use for the “nazi symbol” I’m sorry to those that believe it is nothing more then a “cultural offense” used by HITLER…But come the crap on, it should give you a warning to remove the “offensive” user made designs, not a PERMANENT BAN… The swastika is a HISTORICAL EMBLEM Resembling HONOUR & POWER…
    Why do people have to be sensitive little sooks? If you don’t like something, cry in bed at night and not cause PAYING USERS and giant HEADACHE… Grow up ppl, the world has way too much hate, why take it into online fun? Just because those ppl do nazi the funny side….

    • •Jesse Pettis•

      Dude I got banned yesterday and all I had was a caveman spongebob emblem and some dragon ball z ones and got banned and lost all my stuff. Just because some asshole was butt hurt and did it for the hell of it. Pretty shitty

      • MeytalMiss88

        That is just a butt act… some people are nothing but butt heads and cry babies… the world is too sensitive these days… look I’m 28 just started playing COD a few months ago, my bf is 25, he was banned à week ago now ALL 4 PAYING users on this xbox are banned… WHAT A LOAD OF BUTT HEADS… Biggest joke ever since COD used to have “nazi” symbols in previous games…

  • Jake

    I just don’t understand why i was banned for having a gengar

  • Tristan Bilbo454545

    I got banned. Is there any way to reverse it?

  • Gory

    Also I know this post is dead and no one cares about me ranting, but this didn’t discourage me from making offensive emblems. It just discourages me from making an original emblem in general. What a piss off.

  • Gory

    Cool so I’m on emblem probation for my buff dolphin holding penises in its muscley arms and legs, and FAZE scrawled on the side of it (I assume). All 31 emblems gone now.

    I had a few Dead Kennedy logos, Jagermeister logo, Greendale E PLURIBUS ANUS flag, Planet Express logo, some originals with detailed looking ugly bald people, etc.

    Anyway fuck off Treyarch. Or at least the mass of people I assume reported my emblem. Why not just delete the ONE “offensive” image? FFS…

  • Kushninja

    I got banned for having a dead terrorist with “allahu Akbar” in the background

  • chief Keith

    i got banned for saying make cod great again WTF

  • Leakyline

    So I can’t say ‘Quickscoping is GAY’ because some stupid little faggot got offended at my use of the word ‘gay’ and had to report me? Get fucked, Treycock. You’re cuck pussies.

  • Conor L Jones

    Do you get your emblems back???

    • TopNotchGaming – Black Ops 3 V

      No, I spent 2 hours making a non offensive one and it’s gone

      • Jake

        Same i spent a good 2 and a half hours making an emblem and now its gone cause people are dumbasses

  • NeroTard McPiggers

    I got banned for having movie spoilers (at most) yet there’s still people with poorly made dicks and swastikas and nothing happens. smh gayarch

  • F-ferrari F-fifty

    I use nazi flag if you don’t like pussyes don’t look at it…or you hate it when i keep killing you n all you see is nazi flag…if you have problem with nazis it’s not my problem…i hate isis if you love’m it’s not my problem…so go fuck yourself


    this rule is dumb. i got banned from user created emblems on cod blacks ops 2 for having a picture of a plane flying into the twin towers with the word ‘JIHAD’ written across it.

    the game is literally about killing terrorists/killing counter terrorists.

    so let me get this straight. an ms paint quality emblem depicting a terrorist act is wrong, but a graphic video game detailing thousands of terrorist acts, thats cool? okay, sound logic there activision.

  • HentzeBruh

    i got banned and i didnt fit any of those i made a paint shop kn44 red on the sides with swasticas and on the butt it says only hitler eats black niggas and my emblem is red and says only logan eats black niggas with a schwastica in the corners that isnt offensive its an inside joke -_-

    • tripalong .

      You’re joking right? Nobody can be that fucking stupid.

  • mjfame

    this happened to a friend of mine in BO2, lol.

  • GSZ

    They are wasting time with this petty little thing. Please focus on the hackers. Thank you.

  • PsychedelicKoala

    So we can’t draw swastikas even though all of their older games were covered in them??? I guess that makes sense.

  • Dgnfly

    political correctness slowly killing freedom of speech 1 excuse at a time.

  • Watson

    Be nice if they took the same hard line with hackers

  • zblacktt

    They should focus on the cheaters more….. Something COD has always suffered from. Aside from that, it’s a terrible played out kids game.

  • kreator

    Yeah, after we went out and bought your game..#lowlives

  • BJ Clayton Lanham

    So will I get banned for having a big F you hand on my emblem. It took me an hour to create it

  • This is why you dont put in weirdo emblems people!

  • dragon16slayer05

    would i get banned if i make the faze logo?

  • Johanna_L

    What kind of freedom of speech is this? They should watch out before they get sued. Also whats wrong with a glorious red/white/black swastika, how is that in any way offensive?

  • Tyler Plumb

    This isn’t new. They’ve been banning people for using the custom emblems since the original black ops

  • lemonfrenzy123

    So I’m guessing I can’t draw the treyarch logo with each arch being a jizzing dick?

    That’s a bummer

  • FetheyJr

    If I made an emblem with a fist saying “Fist me Daddy” (For FaZe Jev) would that get banned?

    • Erick

      Not if that is your nickname for your fist shaped dildo, which I assume it is.

      • FetheyJr

        Uh I said its for a youtuber named “FaZe Jev” will it be banned or not?

        • Erick

          So sorry.

  • DarthDiggler

    Black Ops 3 is a Mature rated game. Why is there an issue with people doing “mature” drawings in a mature rated game? All they would need is an option for people to “turn off” customizations if they are a sensitive person who is prone to having a sandy vagina.

    • MB.Mephisto

      Yep. Or just don’t make games if you’re offended by everything.

    • lemonfrenzy123

      Ooh, a sandy vagina. That would be a good emblem to draw

      • DonutLoveYou

        Make a penis emblem and put black box on the d1ckhole like in hentai so you wont get banned…

    • Yeah, it’s a mature game. So how about, I don’t know, people actually be mature?

    • Kong studios

      Don’t blame Treyarch, blame history.

    • Erick

      You nailed it. This is a mature game, and creating a Nazi flag is immature. I may or may not agree with the banning, but the types of emblems getting people banned are part of the reason COD has a reputation of being a dude/bro game.

      • DarthDiggler


        I would think Nazi symbols should be deleted.

        • alex knight

          The zombies in the first one were Nazis.

      • WillDRH H

        Dude, Activison literally advertises their zombies that have a Nazi symbol every where you look. So Im asking why I was banned for having a Nazi sign.

        • Erick

          Do you really not understand the difference? What is the purpose of creating a swastika? Why would you use that? To honour Nazis? Because you hate Jews? To show white power? Or because it is funny?

      • TopNotchGaming – Black Ops 3 V

        I was banned for a swastika…

    • steven

      Couldn’t agree MORE! this is ridiculous.. With the amount of money spent between krypto’s, season pass, THE GAME ITSELF, ect. I should be able to express & decorate whatever the fuck I please, however I please! The MATURE rating is suggestive enough for those stupid, sensitive, butt sore idiots. If you are easily offended how about staying the fuck away from social media all together. How in the hell am I going to be basically ‘permanently grounded’ from using a certain Feature on a game that I PLAY ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME!.. Complete BS. I see emblems and paint jobs alllllll the time that I could Care less about.. However I dont go reporting, simply move the fuck along, nobody is forcing you to look at something. I am absolutely sickened by this!!