No Trophies For The Second Player In Some Games On The PlayStation 4

If you have already bought a PlayStation 4 and were planning to have some co-op fun with your friends this weekend, there’s some bad news. Apparently some games aren’t giving Trophies to the second player, logged in to the PlayStation 4. Although it was promised that when playing co-op on a single console with 2 different profiles, both the players will be awarded Trophies. Greg Miller, executive editor over at IGN, recently tweeted about the issue. Here are the tweets:

According to the tweets, Knack and Lego Marvel Superheroes aren’t giving Trophies to the second player while Playroom does. Which means that that the problem doesn’t persist in all the co-op games.

It could be a Trophy glitch on the PlayStation 4 or it could be a problem with the game itself. It was promised that both the players, playing local co-op on the console will be awarded Trophies. That was the main purpose of letting more that one player to log on to the console at a time. A feature that has been present in the previous gen Microsoft console Xbox 360. If it is a trophy glitch, then it means more trouble for Sony. They have already been investigating the hardware problems being faced by some of the owners of the PlayStation 4 and this will just add to a huge burden they are already facing. If it’s a problem with the game itself, then everyone will have to wait for a patch to be released by the developers that fixes the problem.

The launch of Sony’s latest console has been anything but smooth. The biggest bump for Sony is that they sent faulty consoles to some of the most famous gaming press websites. This sort of negative press will encourage users to either go for the Xbox One or just wait until all the problems are fixed, before buying the console.

What do you guys think about this new glitch? Let’s us know in the comment section below.

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  • Guest

    It’s not a glitch. No matter who promised what, it’s up to individual developers to program into their games whether or not trophies will unlock for a second player. Why is this so hard to understand?

    • Joe

      True it’s up to developers to program it into their games so they are fault. But Sony performs QA on the games and needs to enforce things like this.

  • Ben A

    ha. sony is way behind again, 2003. lol

    • Okami

      Sony’s first party game, playroom has it, its only some games such as Knack and Lego Marvel heroes that do not have it, and need it patched in. So please at least read the damn article before commenting next time.

      • Dalek

        The problem I have is that I got the last couple of trophies on The Playroom while playing co-op on a friends PS4 while we were both logged into our PSN accounts. I synced my trophies from my friends PS4 and it correctly added the new trophies. Unfortunately I didn’t get the gold “Master of the Playroom” trophy which is only awarded once you got the other 11 trophies.

        So I now have all the 11 trophies excluding the final 12th one for the gold.

        So how do I get the gold “Master of the Playroom” trophy now?

        I tried playing the game on my PS4 but of course I’ve haven’t got any trophies to earn apart from the missing gold one so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get this trophy to pop now 🙁

        I can imagine this will be the same issue when getting that last trophy to obtain a platinum for most games.