Ubisoft Provides Update On Watch Dogs Game Breaking Bug, Ensures Fix Is ‘High Priority’

Watch Dogs is a big release for Ubisoft, and it also resulted in record Day 1 sales for a Ubisoft IP. As popular as it was, the game is unfortunately broken for a lot of users right now.

We have reported earlier about users having issues with the game, ranging from a game breaking bug that results in the loss of progress, to getting stuck at loading screen and being unable to progress through the game.


These issues have only increased in the past few days and Ubisoft have yet to release a patch. They did acknowledge this issue and according to Ubisoft UK Forum Manager, the fix is a ‘high priority’ for them but there was no ETA given on it.

We do not have an ETA at present, though they are working to get this fixed as a high priority.

When asked whether the upcoming fix will let users continue from their corrupted save, Ubisoft UK Forum Manager replied back with the following comment.

I’m sorry – without them completing their investigations and we have a working fix – any thing I say would only be a guess, so would rather say ‘no comment’ – since I don’t want to mislead anyone either way.

In case you are willing to risk it, there is a temporary fix available – however, be aware that it hasn’t worked for most of the users. In that case, one user on Xbox One has come up with his own fix, which should hopefully work. (Try at your own risk)

  • Get a friend to invite you to the game while staying on the home screen of Xbox One.
  • Start Watch Dogs and you should get a message confirming that you have been invited.
  • Accept the invite and the game should load up again. (can take a while)
  • Leave the game and you should be able to boot back in. You can do a side mission or continue the story and quit.
  • After you are done, you should be able to continue again from the main menu screen.

Let us know if this works for you. If it isn’t, you have to wait for the official patch from Ubisoft.

If you are one of the affected user and have found a fix, please share it with us in the comments.

  • DJBrandywine

    this game sucks but i think you all are lying about the bugs cause never 1 time have i had or seen any of what you people said happen to me like it so called happen to you

  • er

    Nice how there is no eta on a patch but yet they already have the first dlc released. Priorities first.

  • Nate L

    This happened to me today, btw today is Friday the 13th, bloody great… My game was pretty much ruined. probably going back to GTAV.

  • Waste of Space

    Since my Xbox 360 doesn’t even come with enough memory to play this game, I had to go back to the store to get a USB drive. Then at 4% of loading the game it crashes. Spent all kinds of wasted time trying to get it to work. Then decided I needed a 3.0 USB instead of 2.0. It was worth a try but same result: Installation could not be completed. Game date will be reinstalled. Never got it to work. Going to return the game. Nice waste of my life.

  • Nick Smith

    Absolute frustration… Lost EVERYTHING after a failed online tailing. Clothing, $800,000, ALL of my weapons, couldn’t access my phone from the fixer mission I was stuck on, can’t enter any hideouts, still have my “skills”, but nothing else works. MANY hours into the game doing all the side missions (finished everything, but the story) and now the game is useless to me…

  • Guest

    Why do Ubisoft give us only 1 save file?? What if I have guests in my house and would want to start their own game with their own save file. I don’t get them.
    This is not the first time it happens with a ubisoft game. My Far Cry 3 autosave on ps3 was corrupted and I stopped playing it after that, I was so far ahead in the game that I got frustrated and ditched it. It’s like you’re going to a movie and 10 minutes before the end someone in the movie theater tells you, ‘sorry, but you will have to watch the movie from the beginning’.
    I can’t even think how mad i will get if it happens to me with Watch Dogs, because the driving mechanics are so clumsy and awful some of the missions are so tedious and a pain to do, I don’t even want to think of replaying them. If this happens to me or ubisoft won’t fix this then it will be the last time i buy a ubisoft title.

  • John

    After getting killed in online tailing, I also lost all equipment and can’t continue. =/
    Hope they get this fixed soon.

  • donair

    I can’t play online anymore. I t says go play can’t hide mission to unlock and I’m already way past that in the campaign. And now campaign is also locked as I can’t hack or unlcok anything. This game is so useless now

    I think battlefield was facing the same corrupt save problems on Xbox one.

    Not sure if this is shit developers problems or a problem Xbox one has created with its different dashboard of keeping the game alive in the background and the option to keep your system on 24/7 etc.
    Someone please fix it .

    And lesson learnt. Never buying a new system and game on launch. What shit! They release anything these days with know problems just to raise stock prices. These problems will catchup to them

    • nesta

      Its also a problem on pc and every other console so dont blame the xbox one you twat.

  • Anthony Johnson

    My game doesn’t let me hack anything. It’s like my stats are reverted to the beginning of the game. I can only craft the lure and can’t hack jack squat! So I can’t continue in the campaign till this is fixed…

  • joe

    Had the same problem with Xbox one. I got kicked to home screen while I was playing online. Then I couldn’t load my game. This already happened once before. I lost my save game it made me star t a new one……
    ……. the second time it happens I did not start a new game and I just joined one of my friends online games. it worked.

  • Krullskull

    I think I found a fix for the “Loading page” bug.
    I made a new account to play the game after my original one froze on loading screen, but I’m pretty sure this will work without doing so.

    1. When in game, press the “Home page” button (X)
    2. Make sure the game is selected in the main box
    3. Press the “Start” button on your controller and select “Quit”
    4. Restart the game and it should load just fine 😉

    Please let me know if this works for you.

  • Krullskull

    I pre-ordered watchdogs and got the season pass,
    Played the game collecting everything and doing the side missions as I went, basically playing the long game,
    Now it is stuck on the loading screen and I am being told there is not a fix yet and when there is a fix I could lose all my progress wtf
    This REALLY sucks!!!!

  • Shane

    Can someone try it with me? iiShaneee

  • guest

    I’ve lost my equipment and ability to play online. But I don’t count online playing as a “necessity”, and I’m regaining my equipment one gun and hack at a time. I was left with a 9×4. Now I have 9×4, SO SMG, ACR, AR-25, D12, two other shotguns, and other weaponry that I do not recall. I’m just fine. I only miss my SO 1911. That was my stealth weapon but SMG does ok in it’s place as my stealth weapon.

    • Ryan_Williams

      I have also lost all weapons, but they are all available for purchase from the weapons dealer. I would rather not spend all my cash so I’m waiting for a fix. I also lost all crafting components. Not a game breaker, and it sounds like they are preoccupied at the moment…

  • hypocrisy

    isn’t life great…….

  • Carmelo Schembri

    didn`t work for me i have started a new game i was 60% of the game

  • Dennis Gammaray

    wow what a broken piece of trash, I now ask why was the delay hmm only to give us gamers a watered down game from what was previous shown and a game full of bugs, way to go Ubisoft get your act together

    • maybe

      This games awesome for anyone as long as its working which it has been 100% of the time for everyone I know. I’m assuming this is a rare thing since everyone I know has none of these issues. Plus any game has a chance for this to happen when a bug is as rare as this one its likely not going to be picked up by the testers.

      • Jeff Cook

        Well i thought I was one of the rare and lucky ones until today…… This really bites

      • Bb226

        Congrats for you.. meanwhile i havnt been able to play since two days after it was released. thats what you look for when you purchase a game.

    • guest

      It will be repaired over time that is the point of an update is to fix. One step at a time. No game is absolutely perfect.

    • Bob

      At least it’s not EA that company sucks at finishing their games and the patches don’t come out for like a month.

    • Greg Collins

      TIL one bug = “full of bugs”