Ubisoft Sale For PS3/PS4/PSV On PlayStation Store This Week: Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs & More Discounted

Ubisoft is offering a sale of their popular IPs on the PlayStation Store this week. The games available in this offer include Far Cry series, Rayman series, Watch Dogs, The Crew and much more.

This massive sale is a part of the Publisher sale that we have seen in the past. This week, it is Ubisoft’s turn and they are offering their games at a discount of more than 60%. There doesn’t seem to be a discount for the PlayStation Plus users though.


If you want to get the games available in this offer, take a look at the full list below.

Are you interested in picking any new game from the above list? Let us know what you think about this new sale in the comments below.

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  • Joshua Pirog

    Ubisoft, now making their broken games cheaper to purchase and be unable to play.

  • John Nemesh

    Nope. I refuse to support Ubisoft in any way, shape, or form. Could be the greatest game ever, I dont care. I am not giving my money to a company that has been CONTINUALLY abusing the trust of their customers. AC:Parity was the last straw.

    • The Herald Of GabeN

      You mean like the same garbage Sony does

      • John Nemesh

        Um, no, i dont.

        • The Herald Of GabeN

          Yes you do, shill.

          • John Nemesh

            NO, I dont. Dont like my opinion, fuck you.

          • The Herald Of GabeN

            Yes you do, shill :^)

          • John Nemesh

            OK, Fuck you AND your mom. I’m done here. Got better things to do than respond to trolls.

          • The Herald Of GabeN

            You are still a shill :^)

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