Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Suffers From Laggy Menus, Blurred Textures And Other Issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV was recently released for the PS4. It is a current generation exclusive for the PS4, and published by Sony Third Party Relations Team. Unfortunately, the game seems to be a mess on the PS4 despite being years old, and has some rather issues that need to be fixed in a patch soon.

If you are planning to get Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PS4, we advice you to wait a while until Sony has fixed all of these issues. The biggest one so far is the lack of AF and AA in the game. The main menus in the game are also surprisingly laggy and the game has some blurred textures, which is pretty shocking to see in such an old game.Β In addition to this, there seems to be additional frame delay during online matches.


Ultra Street Fighter IV is currently being sold on the PlayStation Store for $25 and comes with all of the DLCs, and has support for PS3 Fight Sticks. Unfortunately, the main game in itself seems to be a bad port and needs a patch soon. Hopefully Sony can take note of these issues and fix them as soon as possible.

Let us know if you have purchased Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PS4 in the comments below.

  • sarge

    Bwahahah…here a tip for ya. Sony sucks and so does ps4. Witcher 3 frame rate locked at 30 on xbox one while its capped at 30 on ps4…laughable. Framerate Failstation 4 again…how funny. But but its 1080p….Fing idiots ps4 sucks and that is fact. Oooh halo, tomb raider, gears of war, forza 6, maybe some 007 goldeneye for me shortly. Nothing for ps4 except poor frame rates and no exclusives wirth a damn. Bwahahahahaha.

    • hyakulegger

      Annnnnnd no one cares.

      • sarge

        Oh i bet you do…i cetrainly would if my console was putting out games at 20fps and had no exclusives worth a damn for the rest of 2015.

        • Revolver Ocelot

          Why are you talking about the Xbone there, FartzaFailEver?

        • hyakulegger

          Derp derp derp?

    • jeff doug smith


    • Revolver Ocelot

      “Witcher 3 frame rate locked at 30 on xbox one while its capped at 30 on ps4.”

      More delusion.

      “maybe some 007 goldeneye for me shortly.”

      Even more delusion.

      When’s the Xbone getting some games?

      • *Also On PC

        Around the same time PS4 gets games.

        Oh wait, PS4 has no games. And still won’t have games

        Oh and Witcher 3 is running 20FPS on POS4 and xboner. “Next gen” they said :^)

  • jov jov

    Can we let this game die already. Give us new stuff

  • Nicholas Perry

    It’s hilarious to think that a shitty PC with an Athlon II X2 with a GTS 450 could run and look better than this at 1080p.

    This game could run on just about anything on PC.

    Either lazy developers or what man??

  • Trinity

    Forgive me, what does AF and AA refer to?

    Also, what is the dlc that’s included?

    • AF = Anisotropic Filtering
      AA = Anti-Aliasing

      Every DLC up to the release of USFIV on PS4 is included. Post-PS4 release DLC is not included.

  • Jorge Reyes

    i agree this sucks lag and inferior graphics, it looks worse then the ps3 πŸ™

  • Soda Popinski

    I’ll find out as soon as I can play it. 15GB download taking FOREVER and it’s not my internet connection, I have 60Mbps LAN, it’s definitely something on their end.

    • Professor Murder

      It took almost 8 hours for me, I just put my PS4 into sleep mode overnight. I don’t know why the 15 GB took so long. The Last of Us: Remastered was over 50 GB and took a little over 3 hours.

  • Sunny

    It’s Capcom who outsourced the port to another company not Sony -_-

    • It is actually Sony, not Capcom.

    • Poor PS Poor people

      It was Sony.

      • Revolver Ocelot

        More tears streaming down Lionheart’s cheeks, poor boy. πŸ™‚

        • Poor PS Poor people

          Cry more little b*tch, it’s delicious watching fall for it every single time like the low IQ pauper that you are.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Keep wailing, Lionheart. πŸ™‚

          • Revolver Ocelot

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          • Revolver Ocelot

            Your tears are sublime, Xprick. End yourself. πŸ™‚

          • Revolver Ocelot


            Ssssh, it’s OK. Only dreams now.

          • *Also On PC

            Poor Andyscout, dreaming of PS4 games that will never come and crying defending 720P VR

            Where’s the PS4 games Andyscout? :^)