Uncharted 4 Is Causing Graphical Artifacts And Texture Issues For Some PS4 Users

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released on May 10th worldwide for the PS4. The game is a graphical powerhouse and utilizes the full potential of the PS4. Since the game has been released worldwide, some users have reported seeing graphical artifacts and glitches after playing the game, even if this only happened with Uncharted 4 and other games seem to work fine for them.

This issue has been reported over at reddit and the official PlayStation community forums. The strange glitch cause all sort of weird texture issues in the game, although it appears to be more of a bug than an actual faulty GPU. This can be seen in the screenshots below.

Naughty Dog appears to have taken note of this issue. Hopefully they can resolve this with a patch. Since users who have reported this issue are only having this problem with Uncharted 4, and other games appear to work fine, it is highly unlikely that the hardware is at fault here.

When The Last of Us was released for the PS3, similar issues were reported by users. This appears to be case of either a dying console, or a simple bug in the game that can be fixed in a patch.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now exclusively for the PS4.

Let us know if you are facing any similar issue in the comments below.

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  • Kristy Burgess

    Hi just purchased and it is unplayable due to the glitching screen and this is the only game I currently have doing it and my ps4 is only a week old so what happens now just wait for a patch or should I take the game back for a refund?

  • Cats Dogs

    I found root cause and Naughty Dog can’t help you it a bad install or faulty HDD in ps4 bacause I have this glich could not fix it. I replace my 500gb hdd with 1tb hdd and install uncharted 4 it was first game install to my 1tb hdd and Graphical artifacts didn’t happen game play fine. So if the game show Graphical artifacts delete game and reinstall see if it fix Graphical artifacts if not replace faulty HDD. I’m 100% sure this is a bad install issuse.

  • Cats Dogs

    Uncharted 4 Has issuse with New PS4 1200 Model this is likely link to 8% less power then old model.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    Clean here “knock on wood”

  • Soda Popinski

    I haven’t seen this, but I have had my game freeze/crash on me TWICE in the exact same location (near the end of chapter 7). It never happened before, and since passing the spot, it hasn’t happened again.

  • Ryan Mulhall

    I haven’t seen this problem, but I do see glitches with the camera almost every time I use L3 to look at an objective point. Like the camera starts having a seizure and twitches like crazy and the angle becomes locked. I have to find and mess around with another object to get it to stop.

  • Vittorio D’Antuono

    Yes, I was one among those players who reported about this first and published this YT video as proof: watch?v=YHC2BlkP3g4 (paste this in YouTube URL)

    • DarthDiggler


      Yeah but this isn’t proof positive that the issue is with the software. Make sure your system vents are nice and clean. Does the system seem to be running hot when you encounter these issues?

      I hadn’t seen anything like this from Uncharted 4. I was playing it before I loaded the patch too.

      Try deleting the patch and playing the same sequences again to see if you get similar results. You may be having a overheating issue.

      • Vittorio D’Antuono

        Nah man this is proof is a software bug. Everyone is saying that and NG has already recognized it as such. How could it possibly be an hardware problem if everything else runs silky smooth? Doesn’t make sense. I had this problem only with the U4 beta and now the full game. There’s something wrong in the programming and it’s affecting hundreds of people. Project Cars had a similar issue and they solved it with a patch.

    • Jason Mounce

      I wonder how clean your PS4 is, how dirty it is possibly inside. Cause my first guess is hardware before software. As in, overheating. I know how bad people are with PC’s and consoles, people who bring PC’s in for repair and you open it up to see it coated in dust, may as well have been a PC buried in sand in Egypt or something.

      PS3’s I remember seeing so many screenshots of it being snugged in some cabinet, cramped and left very little space to breathe, other situations of people who leave it on the floor, wood panel or rug, all places people put it being crap. Which ultimately makes it overheat and cause problems.

      • Vittorio D’Antuono

        It’s not a matter of cleanness, the game is broken. That’s it. My PS4 works flawlessy with anything else and so do the ones of the hundreds of other people who are experiencing the problem. Other bugs have arised in the last days so U4 really needs to be patched as soon as possible. It’s not an hardware porblem, 100% sure. Project Cars had a similar problem and they solved it with a patch.

        • Jason Mounce

          You Presume – it’s the game. With no evidence.

          You presume your PS4 is working flawlessly, via anecdotal evidence that it works fine with other games, that may or may not draw as much heat and power as Uncharted 4 does. There are games that can, unlike others, make the PS4 overheat, I’ve seen it happen before.

          And hundreds of people could also be dealing with Overheating issues. Of the likely Million+ that own it, only a few hundred or so have the issue. That number can suit ‘those with overheating PS4s’ just fine.

          You can’t say 100% sure when you’re not 100% sure. lmao. Again with the anecdote evidence. Project Cars would share similar patterns of it being demanding, so yes, we could say a patch fixed the heating problems by finding out what it is about the game that causes the heat and re-managing resources to make it more efficient to have less of a chance to overheat a system unless it’s unsalvagably dirty and dusty.

          • Vittorio D’Antuono

            That’s what I was trying to make you understand. The problem is not on the user’s end! It’s the GAME that doesn’t work with some specific PS4s for whatever reason. The fact that our PS4s work perfectly with anything else proves scientifically that it’s not a dust / hardware problem. End of the story. We all have the exact same machines with the same amount of power and components. How come just a few aren’t able to run it the same way as others, if they still work with other games? The game is somehow glitched when runs on some consoles for currently unknown reasons. It happens both with launch PS4s and more recent PS4s.
            Something like this has never happened to me since PS1, it’s unacceptable and I’m definitely not returning my PS4 since it works, it’s the game that doesn’t. Also, even if I wanted to, I can’t because I bought the console 2 and 1/2 freaking years ago, at launch. And it’s not a valuable reason to return it that there’s 1 game that doesn’t run properly on it. There’s clearly a problem with the game itself.
            NG seems to have acknowledged the problem and it should be currently working to try to solve it in the next days.
            As I said, other games like Project Cars and a few others were having the same problems and with a patch everything got solved.
            I’m hoping this will be the case with this one.

  • Daniel evans

    I’m sorry but how the hell can anyone say this is down to a bug rather than the gpu?

    Graphical artifacts are “exactly” what could be linked to a gpu being faulty. Same with weird texture issues (although that could be ram issues I guess).

    I havnt seen a single issue with the graphics and I probably won’t.

    Just because other games don’t do this doesn’t mean the console is healthy. Every game from developers are using the hardware differently and in naughty dogs case the game uses pretty much all power. Using more power is a sure way to see who has dying ps4 consoles than using less power.

    • Vittorio D’Antuono

      I’m sorry but I can confirm that these is absolutely due to the game itself. It’s a bug. It’s happening on many different PS4 units and all of us can still play every other game perfectly. How could it be due to a faulty GPU rather than a bug? Everything works perfectly for me, GTA V, Battlefield 4, FallOut, Call of Duty, Battlefield. All heavy and sophisticated games that don’t even show a single issue. It’s written in the article, this has happened before with TLOU as well and everything was solved with a patch. Project Cars was another game presenting similar issues and was also solved with a patch.

      Video proof: watch?v=YHC2BlkP3g4 (paste this in YouTube URL)

      • Cats Dogs

        Your wrong it the PS4 1200 model that this issue is happening may be duo to 8% less power then ps4 1100 model that game work fine on old ps4 model.

        • Vittorio D’Antuono

          It’s not 8% less powerful, it consumes 8% less power. Plus, this issue is happening on any PS4 model, from the first to the latest, so it’s clear that it’s not an hardware issue, rather a software bug that somehow interferes with some PS4s, regardless of their model.

          • Cats Dogs

            This can still hardware the GPU could be overheating there be signs that it overheat if FAN in ps4 Max RPM so it be really load.

  • Ivan Johnson

    I havent had any issues on mine. Plus Ive ran into plenty games with small glitches here and there nothing to complain about. I still start up Division and the cars and houses are bleached white for a few seconds and go away. Have a room in Hitman where the screen gos crazy. No biggie once i leave.

  • roger

    I had this problem happen with my first PS3 after a few years of use. It started small, only in a few games, and then it kind of started spreading. In my case it was a hardware issue. Hopefully this isn’t a big deal