Uncharted 4: Eight months of Hennig’s work was “thrown away”

In a Q&A session conducted at MetroCon, Nolan North was questioned regarding Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog and the changes made to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from that point onwards. North’s response was quite revelatory, as this is possibly the very first time someone has addressed the matter head-on and gone in detail about Hennig’s sudden departure as well as the game’s status at the time.


A text excerpt from the Q&A video can be seen below:

Q: With Amy Hennig leaving, did they change the script at all to Uncharted 4?

NN: Yeah. I can’t really say too much about that…but I will. We had shot 8 months of her story and it was all thrown away. The Last of Us guys came in, and you have to understand, new producers, new people, they want to do it. I don’t know what happened exactly. Amy is still a very dear friend of mine and she’s brilliant but the Last of Us guys were the next team there so they took over and they just wanted their own flavour. They got rid of some of the other people that were involved and just redid their thing. Great move they made with Troy Baker [who] played my brother and they knew that was going to work because Troy and I are friends and he had done Joel and they knew he and I had good rapport. So it’ll be fun, the tone I think is gonna be slightly different. It has to be, you know, you can’t have a Robert Ludlum novel that’s going to be the same as Steven King. It’s just that they’re different styles. But it’s true to the story.

Q: So it really hasn’t affected it at all?

NN: No, it’s going to be along the same lines with the story but I think there’ll be…I don’t know. I don’t know how it’ll affect the how thing and to be honest I am just as curious as everyone to see what the final product will look like. I do know there’s trust with the Naughty Dog designers and programmers, that place is still top notch and from the things I’ve seen and sound and all the stuff they’ve done, it’s amazing.


It’s gonna be phenomenal. I mean the story, visuals, the same wacky crew.

Alternatively, you can also watch the entire Q&A panel here:

North goes on to discuss Amy Hennig’s future project at Visceral Games, which is said to be a Star Wars game that is in the same vein as Uncharted in terms of gameplay.

If you’re a big fan of Amy Hennig with her styles of stories, the big thing bout her is that she’s gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted and I happen to know a lot about it and it’s gonna be awesome.

Would Amy Hennig’s contribution have been valuable for Uncharted 4? Or was starting from scratch the right thing to do for Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • guest

    I hope the new guys do better than the amazing job they did with the last of us

  • Corey

    can’t wait to see the star wars game she’s working on.

  • Godoku No-Dan

    I would have prefered Amy Hennings version. Im sick of Troy Baker’s voice. They should have kept Tod Stashwick as Drake’s brother. For better of for worse, I wish they kept Amy’s version. We would have been getting Uncharted 4 this YEAR!!!! Druckman and Neely arent shit. In the Last of Us, they just ripped off the Walking Dead, and stole Amy Hennings Uncharted engine to make the game. THEY DESERVE NO CREDIT for TLOU. If it werent for Amy and Uncharted, TLOU wouldnt even exist.

    • Sora

      Amy did U3 solo and it turned out to be the worst one in the series. Stole her engine? It’s a ND engine. Not assigned to one person you troll. Jesus smarten up already. Pathetic gamer.

      • Godoku No-Dan

        STFU you assclown. These two theatre bitches suck ass and were mere water boys for Amy Hennings Naughty Dog Uncharted Team AMY was responsible for UNCHARTED !ONE TWO 2, AND THREE , you Jackass, and 1 and 2 outweigh 3’s slow parts (kid Drake) shut your cakeholke you moron. Uncharted 2 was THE BEST OF the series and THE BEST action adventure game to date. I have yet to see an action game since then that matches the thrills and exhilleration of hollywood action movie ONE TO ONE. Take your head out of your ass, Kindom Hearts NERD.

        • heaving brown

          Uncharted 2 was co-directed by *GASP* Bruce Straley. That’s right, that “ass sucking theatre bitch” co-directed your favorite game.

        • Reid15UF .

          Your post can’t be serious…Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann were not only a part of your favorite game but a HUGE part. Bruce was the co-director with Amy and Neil was a game designer (one of two) and one of three writers of the game. The ignorance of your post is truly laughable.

        • steve2013

          You have no clue what your talking about man. Guess who co directs your favourite game yes that’s right the person your calling names Bruce straley GASP

  • bigshynepo

    This article just reminded me that EA owns the rights to ALL the future Star Wars games….

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

    • John Tambanillo

      Hahahaha Strong, the force on this one, has.


    I have liked all the Uncharted games, but the weakest part of all three was the story (specially the ending) so I am not affected at all with Amy’s departure. And of course they started again than to continue an unfinished work.

    • Jamie Ford

      “but the weakest part of all three was the story”

      WHAAAAATTTTTT!!!!! The story was definitely the best part of the games. If it wasn’t for the story I might not have even finished the first Uncharted. Those gameplay mechanics were kind of shaky.


        Yes, the first uncharted was the weakest, and I sure love the characters and the characters interaction between them. I even like the first 3/4 of the story in the first two games, but the moment they go to the unnatural enemies in a so far grounded in reality game the story loses me.

  • BinaryMind

    Well, I would rather the new writers start from scratch than half-halfheartedly attempt to finish writing someone else’s script.

    • Godoku No-Dan

      I would Rather Druckman and Neely STICK TO THE LAST OF US. and stop screwing up Uncahrted. They should have just kept Amy Henning.. These two twats are going to run Uncharted into the ground. The lat TWO (Playstation Experience and E3 2015) Uncharted has crashed while doing the Live Demo. THerse asshats are in over heir heads and they don’t have the Walking Dead to steal source material from this time.

      • Alex

        Druckman and Straley were the ones who did Uncharted 2, the one many consider to be the best in the franchise. Also they are writers not programmers. They had nothing to do with the game hiccups on stage. ( falling through the world/respawning and a faulty controller are not crashes )

      • popo123

        The last time they got involved with Uncharted was with Uncharted 2, they were both writers, designers and Bruce was a co-director. We all know how that turned out. They left on Uncharted 3 which was overall inferior to Uncharted 2. So if their involvement is screwing up Uncharted then by all means let them screw it up however they want to. I welcome it with open arms.

      • BinaryMind

        The writers on UC4 are the same ones who worked UC2 (which is by far the best one storywise). Also, lol if you think the writers have anything to do with technical problems in their live demos.

      • TorpeAlex

        You’re a fool.
        1. How do the writers have anything to do with the performance of the tech demo?
        2. The E3 tech demo did not crash, the wrong controller was grabbed and the video feed switched to the corresponding dev kit.
        3. The Last of Us’s source material was very clearly and transparently ‘The Road’.
        4. The last time Druckman and Neely were involved with Uncharted was when they co-wrote the script for UC2. You know, one of the finest games ever made.
        You’re a fool.

        • Nick

          yep, they can make another uncharted 2 all day long and I would buy it each time. Basic people bitching about shit they don’t know shit about.

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