Uncharted 4: Here’s How To Easily Get Speed Run Trophy

Uncharted 4 has a trophy that requires the player to speed run through the entire game in 6 hours. Since the base game takes around 14 to 16 hours for first time players, the speed run can be hard to accomplish. If you have no issues in exploiting the system or no desire to replay it again, then you can make use of this glitch.

Keep in mind that this glitch hasn’t been guaranteed to work for everyone so if this doesn’t work for you, then you will have to obtain the trophy using a legitimate way.


This trick was discovered by reddit user Awestamisticman and here is how he managed to trigger this exploit for the trophy.

  1. Create a new game on a separate save profile after finishing the game. Make sure to keep your treasure from the previous playthrough when prompted.
  2. Play through the prologue until you take control of the first chapter with young Nate.
  3. Quit to the main menu and go to the chapter select and select the ‘Epilogue’.
  4. Finish the epilogue and then save the game in the same slot as the new game you created to get the trophy.

This seems like a good exploit for those who don’t have the patience to speen run through the entire game just for a trophy.

Let us know if you have managed to get the speed run trophy using this exploit in the comments below.

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    You can’t select a chapter after you start a new game. You have to load a previous game in order to do that. This post is BS.

  • KornishDan

    Worked for me and also I found a glitch where you can complete the game on any setting and then get crushing trophy within 2 mins

    • Henry


    • Daniel Huckerby

      How did u do crushing in 2 mins

      • KornishDan

        Well I completed the game on hard,changed the diff to crushing at main menu and pressed continue instead of new game (by accident) so quickly skipped it and the credits and it gave me crushing (done before update)

        • Daniel Huckerby

          So u didnt get it doing speed run glitch then so u just changed it to crushing in epilogue at the end

    • Daniel Huckerby

      How did u get crushing trophy in 2 mins

  • STLBadAsz

    Doesn’t work

    • Shannon Konyndyk

      You have to have just done the epilogue in the original game. Then try the new game technique.

      • STLBadAsz

        Your right my friend did it how u said thank you but I beat it in 5 hours and 22 minutes