Uncharted 4 Is Now Available For Pre-Load On PSN, Download Size Revealed

Uncharted 4 appears to be up for pre-loading ahead of its official launch on May 10th. The pre-load also confirms the file size of the full game that is required to be downloaded. While the full game requires under 50 GB of hard disk space, the download requires around 40 to 44 GB depending on the region.

As it stands, the game has been reported to be available for pre-load on the Asian and European PSN Store but still hasn’t gone live yet on the North American PSN Store. If you have pre-ordered Uncharted 4 digitally through PSN, and have an Asian or European PSN account, you can download the game ahead of its official launch while rest of us will have to wait until tomorrow before we can download the game.

uncharted-4-download-size uncharted-4-download-size2

Uncharted 4 pre-load also downloads the day 1 update which is around 5 GB in size and features photo mode and character model viewer in addition to enabling the multiplayer mode. You can read the full patch notes for this update from here.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will release on May 10th worldwide. It is being developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the PS4 and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has received universal acclaim so far from the critics and currently holds a metacritic average of 94.

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  • My friend already got it !

  • omarcominyo

    Just finished it this afternoon, great game!!

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    The game size is close to 54 GB with the day one patch.

  • Nathan Hoks

    Do you know how long it takes to download the game?

    • N810831

      that depends on individual internet connection speeds

      • Nathan Hoks

        Ok, thanks, fingers crossed it’s over nice and quick!

        • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

          It takes about 20 minutes if you’re on Google fiber like me and could be in excess of 2 days or more if you have really slow internet.

          But these days I think average times are likely in the 2-14 hour range. 2 days to download it before the game goes live, is more than enough time for most people.

          • dust&cheese

            20 minutes ! lmao thats nuts. im on 1.5 DL speed so the full download should take about a week

          • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

            Oh okay, yes that’s slow internet indeed. But yes 1GB/s DL is what I have but even so I don’t get those speeds from PS Store though. Most I have gotten is 45 MB/s DL.

            Anyway, sorry to hear it’ll take that long to download it. Would a physical copy be in the cards for you or maybe faster internet?

          • dust&cheese

            nah..but ive been downloading the single player since the download went live and it’s already done now. so hopefully in the next couple days the MP will be finished

          • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

            That’s much quicker than your estimate of a week…anyway glad you’ll be able to play as soon as it goes live. I hope the multiplayer will be ready soon too, I wanna play the hell out of that. 🙂