Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison Shows Similar Visuals With Sharper IQ

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has received a brand new update today that adds support for 4K resolution as well as HDR for the displays that support it. This update can be already download from the PlayStation Network while you can read more details about it from here.

While PS4 Pro won’t be out until November 10th, one lucky user has already managed to grab one from a retail store and he has shared some direct-feed screenshots of Uncharted 4 running at 4K resolution. Unfortunately it is hard to see the effect of 4K resolution on a display without seeing it live in person.

Uncharted 4 Showcased Running At 4K Resolution By Early PS4 Pro User

Despite the huge jump in pixel density, the visual quality appears to remain the same which is great to see because the game is now rendering at a higher resolution without any sacrifices. The increased pixels mean that the image quality is now sharper and jaggies will be significantly reduced once viewed on a 4K TV.

uncharted-4-ps4-pro-4k-1-2 uncharted-4-ps4-pro-4k-1-1

It won’t be easy to see the difference here between both versions of the game, aside from the leap in resolution from 1080p to 2160p, but if we take a closer look, we can appreciate the sharper IQ of the 4K screenshots.

uncharted-4k-comp-1 uncharted-4k-comp-2

Since each of the PS4 Pro supported game will have two different rendering modes, one with improved visuals while the other with 4K rendering, it remains to be seen what kind of upgrades Naughty Dog has implemented for the 1080p mode on PS4 Pro, which includes Supersampling in addition to slightly improved visuals.

Let us know what you have to say regarding the difference between 4K and 1080p on the PS4 Pro in the comments below.

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  • Aaron blanchard

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  • External power

    I can get that effect by just changing the settings on my tv.

  • Samus


    And this is what it looks like if you have a 1080p set with supersample enabled.

    • so a little more sharpness??? use your tv’s controller, go to menu, and up the sharpness by 3 or 4… done you have a PS4

      • Samus


      • netname

        more you enanche the video quality on post processing with your tv processore and more you have latency ..

        now you have a 20 to 30ms of round trip latency .

  • Samus
    • Guest

      And yet people think that they will be able to tell the difference between Pro and Scorpio, ha! Are they all gonna be in for a surprise.

    • TVippy

      1080p vs Fake-K.

      • Guest

        Yeah, cuz the Scorpio is so going to be native 4k in every game,… moron!

  • daniel900900

    …..this is what people are spending $400 plus the cost of a 4K TV on?

    • Samus

      Not exactly. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg as no work was made to taylor the game. Just a resolution change. And you should have asked “this is what people are paying $50 more for?” As it’s $50 more than the slim 1 GB model.

      • shadyiswin

        $50 more and cant play 4k blurays πŸ™

        • Samus

          Shoot! What’s worse is even the handful of 4K Blurays out now are filmed far below 4K resolution. πŸ™

          • David Carey

            Actually there are a good number of titles available that were taken from a 4k render.

            Also, there’sthe increased audio fidelity and outputs such as DTS X and dolby Atmosphere, that are all but common place on almost all available discs.

            The higher betrayed of the discs alone will provide a tangible increase in detail over a 4k stream even if it’s from a 2k render.

        • netname

          actual 4k bluray dosen’t have a real 4k streams .. just a post processing sharpness and scaling added to exixting FHD..

          for native 4K the disc have to be ALMOST 225 gb .

          • Ra

            GTX 1080 could play all current games on ultra settings on 4k with more then 60FPS and its only 10TF look at the benchmark. dedicated systems such as consult could always preform the same with less specs since games will be designed specifically for such systems. just look at the current consult ps4 2tf and compare with a graphic card that has the same specs and look at its out put. I don’t know from where you get your info. beside 4k movies are usually compressed 100gb is enough.

        • Guest

          $50 more and you get a PS4 that can do much higher res than a regular PS4 and has a 1TB HDD and SATA3. And who cares about 4k blurays? You are big time in the minority if you do and the Pro will upscale your bkurays to 4k output anyways, meaning that the real things wont look to much better.

    • Guest

      First of all, you probably aint seeing it on a 4K tv, so you’re still limited by the res of your display (probably 1080p). And second of all, its higher res than 1080p, so it still going to look better on a 4K tv then if it was just 1080p upscaled to 4K. And if you saw it on a 4K tv with HDZr turned on, you’d see a big, big difference. It would look way higher res. And you act like you have to buy it or something. For new people just buying a PS4, its is a much better deal than the regular PS4 was at its time. and if you think Scorpio is going to look any better, well then, ha ha ha ha haaa! You’re in for a big surprise.

  • Limit Break

    I sure would appreciate some shaper IQ *tech talk-tech talk*

  • Tamago1

    are there supposed to be any differences? Like, the bump in resolution makes it a tiny bit cleaner but that is it.

    • AndreasZ

      I think ND said the only upgrades are 4k and hdr support and probably supersampling for 1080p. I hope the shadows and the framerate willa little bit better though

      • Amith Thomas

        They really should improve things like shadows, draw distance, object detail etc if they can.

        If they spend some time on it, it will look unbelievable, given how good UC4 already looks on PS4

        • Prince14

          Some shadows in real life aren’t even smooth or sharp in certain conditions and who actually pays attention to shadows much?, draw distance is amazing I don’t get why you say that, and object detail maybe?

      • Shinobi

        Yeah, the low res shadows were the most noticeable negative thing about the graphics in my opinion. I seriously hope they improve them

    • Samus

      No differences. Just an easy res bump.