Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 2015 vs. Final Build Graphics And Character Model Comparison

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was originally shown at E3 2014 with a jaw dropping trailer that gave us our first look at Nathan Drake in the new game. This footage looked photo realistic and the character model of Nathan Drake was highly detailed, leading many to believe that it might be a pre-rendered footage i.e it wasn’t running in real-time on PS4.

Now that Uncharted 4 is getting some early impressions from users who have access to the game, we can have an idea of how the final game holds up compared to the early footage that Naughty Dog has shown in the past.

Starting with the original reveal at E3 2014, you can see how the character model holds up in the final game.

The screenshots seen above were taken by users who have an early access to the game and they are from the Photo Mode. It is not surprising to see that the character model can compare really well to the original reveal footage and the best part is the the cutscene model and the gameplay model is the same, which is completely different from Naughty Dog’s earlier games which featured different models for cutscene and gameplay. All of the earlier Uncharted games also had pre-rendered cutscenes featuring higher quality models, which isn’t the case for Uncharted 4.

Next we can see a comparison between the driving segment seen in the E3 2015 gameplay trailer and see how it holds in the final game.

uncharted-4-e3-2015-vs-retail (1) uncharted-4-e3-2015-vs-retail (2)

There is a slight upgrade between both versions here including a better quality level-of-detail (LOD), improved water rendering and motion blur. Despite the flaws of the original, it already looked amazing so it is nice to know that the original graphics have received an upgrade making them much more impressive now.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will launch on May 10th exclusively for the PS4.

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  • Rayan

    That’s not E3 2014 screenshot @Khurram… It’s from PSX 2014. Please do some research before writing an article. E3 2014 is different.

  • Kaiser X

    At first 3 pics I wonder how you idiots compare realtime scene with photo mode?
    Uncharted 4: End of the Photo mode. LOL

  • Arapahoe

    I need this game now, I’m dying too much in dark souls 3 lol

  • Noldor

    the game has good graphics but nothing like Cryisis and Crysis interactivity back in 2007.

    • Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

    • how ya doin?

      Nice b8

  • sazse007

    Naughty Dog games were always ahead of their time in graphics. Amazing.

    • jack gibb

      And writing.And storyline.First games where I actually looked forward to cut scenes.I felt like I was the star in my own action movie while playing these games.Brilliant innovative stuff.

      • Vega M

        To me it was the character development/interactions that made it great rather then the story line.

    • Vega M

      Always? I thought games like GoW, Killzone ect looked better then Uncharted 2/3 on PS3 and Crysis 1 came out the same year as the first UC which was a graphical monster for its time.

  • AndrewLB

    “Photo mode” aka “bullshots”. How bout a screenshot of what players actually see while the game is running?

    • Photo Mode instantly stops the game and hands you a free camera, dude. It’s legit exactly what you see while playing.

    • Rayan

      Take this L

  • SaberEdge

    What about the mountain in the background? It looks more bare in the final game.

    • Jason Mounce

      They’re still there, it’s just more blended into the environment and with a bit of blur effect to help optimize. The original, the bushes/trees stood out a bit strangely too much for something so far away.

    • 1804nr

      Which one? The jeep gameplay or the jungle gameplay? May I have a link to screenshot of that?

    • popo123

      There’s exactly the same number of trees and houses on those mountains. In fact we could see slightly more details o the trees in the final build.

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