Unravel PS4 vs. Xbox One Screenshot Comparison: The Beauty Of Sony’s PhyreEngine

Unravel is a charming and extremely gorgeous looking puzzle platformer from Coldwood Studios, published by EA. It is available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Unravel was developed in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s multiplatform PhyreEngine. PhyreEngine is a free to use game engine that has been used to develop a wide variety of games across PC, PS3, PS4, PSP and PS Vita.

Unravel runs at native 1080p and 60 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One. There isn’t really much to add here regarding the game’s visuals but they truly shine thanks to the charming art style and design of the levels.

PhyreEngine is a multiplatform engine that has majority of its games released exclusively on the PlayStation platforms. Thankfully the engine works well enough for Xbox One and visuals wise, both games are pretty much identical in term of textures and image quality.

The above screenshot comparison are basically a match across both platforms. There isn’t much to distinguish both platforms in term of resolution, frame rate or image quality. At the end of the day, the game should be bought on the platform that is preferred. If you have EA/Origin Access membership, you can try a 10 hour trial of the first two levels from the game on PC and Xbox One.

Unravel is out now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is available at a price of $19.99 on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Steam.

Let us know what you think about this screenshot comparisons in the comments below.

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  • omarcominyo

    You won’t be able to start a fanboy war with that article! Try harder!!

    • Mordarkeen

      PS4 rules? lol

    • BigWelshMike

      Agreed. No chance of working at IGN with a grown-up attitude and sensible wording.

    • justerthought

      I disagree. Although they are identical, obviously the game isn’t even breaking a sweat if it’s making the XB1 look like the PS4. A lot of power is going to waste there.

      • Jay Timothy Johnson

        “A lot of power is going to waste there” I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but what power? Nothing on the PS4 can completely blow away something on xbox one, they’re spec are that bloody close.

        • Jay

          Wow haven’t you seen uncharted? The Xbox one couldn’t handle that at 1080p.

          • Dexterkitty

            Maybe not not it could still run it at 900p and you likely wouldn’t be able to see the difference.

          • Rich Palumbo

            I dont know how people cant see the difference in resolution between 900p and 1080p. For instance uncharted 4s multiplayer is in 900p and compared to its campaign it looked VERY soft. I also own both ps4 and xbox one and a pc so im not a fan boy im just giving my opinion.

          • Dexterkitty

            Mulitplayer sections are never going to be where the graphical showcase is. But irregardless I bet if you saw two games in motion side by side you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.