Use 64GB and bigger microSD cards with your Android device that maxes out at 32GB


Have an old Android device that maxes out at using 32GB microSD cards? Well don’t worry as we have a very easy solution that will allow you to use bigger microSD cards on your device. I’ve so far tested this for a 64GB microSD but other users report that bigger cards like the mammoth 128GB cards work too!

Basically what we’re gonna be doing is format the bigger microSD in a specialized format that will allow older Android devices to detect it. Modern PCs only format devices greater than 32GB in exFAT, while we need them to be in FAT32. So we’re gonna be using a neat program called FAT32Format.


Check out the full guide below:

Step 1: Download FAT32Format from the link above.

Step 2: Mount your microSD card using a card reader or any other compatible device.

Step 3: Start FAT32Format and format your microSD card. The default options are fine unless you want to choose any other from some other specific use.

And that’s it! Pop in your mammoth microSD card in your phone and it’ll detect it right away and be able available for use.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or problems.

  • Michael Hall

    Mine semi worked – It reads that it is 128Gb but when I navigate with file explorer or music player it only sees like a 3rd of the folders that are actually in there. I have tried multiple different ways such as partitioning down to 32Gb with the Fat32 fs and still does not work. If all these sites that claim a 64Gb sd card or higher will work on 32gb support only android did a little further investigation then they may not have made this claim. If you have it working and don’t have this problem then congratulations; must be nice!

  • Whatever the fat format, If your phone only reads sdhc upto 32gb, how can it read a sdxc card as are cards above 32gb?

  • Jenna

    I’ve tried basically everything I can, but I can’t get a 128gb card to work on my Hydro Vibe 🙁