User Designs His Own Twitch Overlay For PS4, Looks A Whole Lot Better Than Official One

Twitch streaming on PS4 require a far better overlay for sure. While Sony hasn’t announced anything regarding an update to the – now dated – overlay, one user decided to design a better one.

While this is just a simple design and can’t really be used now, it definitely shows an improvement from the default streaming overlay, that is currently displayed for both Ustream and Twitch. You can check it out below. The PS4 version of overlay is also compared with this one to show the difference.

The main concern regarding the overlay started when Microsoft showed their Twitch streaming for the Xbox One, and it looks quite close to the official Twitch streaming overlay since it is being made by Twitch in collaboration with Microsoft.

On the other hand, Sony created their own Twitch streaming application in-house. This overlay is used for both Ustream and Twitch streaming, and while it was good when the PS4 initially launched, it is beginning to show its age now. Hopefully, Sony can also provide an upgrade to this streaming overlay design in due time.


What do you think about the user-made Twitch overlay? Let us know in the comments below.

  • RobNuts

    Completely pointless and useless “article”. When using a capture card so you can use your own custom twitch overlay, as this user did, you’re limited only by your imagination. That being said, this is one of the most basic, unimaginative, uninteresting overlays I’ve ever seen.

  • leco77

    And still looks horrible