User Discovers Mysterious ‘Hidden Cat’ Menu In PSN Store

It appears that one lucky user was able to get into the secret depths of the PSN Store earlier this day. Randomly browsing the PSN Store, he saw a ‘Hidden Cat’ menu, which contained almost all the deals and expired content included on the PSN Store.

You can check out this menu in the images below.

psn-store-hidden-menu-1 psn-store-hidden-menu-2

According to him, he discovered the menu by accident, although he wasn’t able to look at it for long, and was kicked out of the PSN Store shortly afterwards.

I just got kicked out of the PS Store and Hidden Cat is gone. From what I saw it was just a super section that had links to everything.

This was most likely a debug menu for developers, who update the PSN Store each week. Although it is hilarious to see that they have named it ‘Hidden Cat’. We can chalk it up to a simple bug in the system since the PSN Store was recently updated, and new content was added to it.

What do you have to say about this secret menu? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guy

    Holy Shit! I saw it too!

  • SeanieSkykiller

    Biggest bait click 2014

  • Mike G.

    Got my hopes up.

    I thought there was a cat hidden in the menus.

  • Jan Compaf

    i clicked…

  • PachterStation


  • Bozo Sapien

    Hidden Cat = Hidden Category or Hidden Catalog

    • John

      This. I cant believe people are so reatrded to think its some shitty ” le reddit meme!”, fucking losers.

  • Greg Skies

    I like it when pussies come out to play.

    • Welshie

      I like it when mentally ill people figure out how to type letter fragments and somehow they form words. BOOM

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