User Made DriveClub Ad Is Absolutely Amazing, Receives Praise From Devs

DriveClub recently received a brand new video showcasing its weather system. This video introduced us to weather system of the game and showed an intense rainstorm in the forests of Canada. The graphics that were showcased in this new video were one of the best in a racing game and they were from an early build, as confirmed by the game director who noted that they are improved in the latest build.

NeoGAF user “Panda in Space” took this weather system video from the developers and used it to make an ad that looks absolutely amazing. You can check out this ad below.

Evolution Studios definitely liked what they saw from that user and they praised his efforts on Twitter, including the game director of DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky.

DriveClub is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive that is set to release this October. If you are hungry for more gameplay footage, it is coming soon as confirmed by an SCE Europe Blog employee.

driveclub-new-footage-sceeuWhat do you think about this user made ad? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • oo7PorscheMGS

    I think the ad is a little too simple… I prefer something like the trailer where they had that “how fast do you wanna go!” song playing. Intensity makes a great trailer / ad, especially for a racing game (which is supposed to be ALL about intensity..intense cars, speed, competition, crashes, thrills, etc.

  • born_naughty

    More ads should be like this.

    • Fr5d

      The graphics on DriveClub are simply incredible.

      • born_naughty

        They are. Gameplay is more important though. I just wish more ads were this honest. Also, it’s short and doesn’t spoil anything. Granted it’s a racing game so there’s not much to spoil in terms of story. Many trailers are way too long and don’t show anything from the gameplay.

  • Fail

    “Sorry, no compatible source and playback technology were found for this video. Try using another browser like…”

    Sweet! Back to the IE6 days! #fail

  • Guest

    This will be the failure of the Holiday season with its Krypton grass gameplay.

    • Jason Mounce

      Incoming the weeping babies at the Xbox faction coming in for the fruitless damage control!

    • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

      Funny I thought you were the failure of the holiday season, and every other season for that matter. Back to your hiding hole xbot.

    • Guest

      This game will outsell forza guaranteed.

    • Not_true

      Get help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

      Driveclub got great impressions at E3 2014, it’s like a next-gen PGR
      with connected social features and club competition. Most E3 2014
      impressions state it plays well and looks great. It will review well and
      sell decently. It’s the best looking console racing game. Driveclub’s
      weather effects look amazing running on PS4’s more powerful console

      This game is channeling Project Gotham Racing, one of
      Xbox’s most beloved arcade racers. Those games didn’t have any
      customization beyond paint jobs and you know what? They were still
      amazing. It’s an arcade racer, different from sim racers, it doesn’t
      necessarily need fine tuning customizations. Not inherently better or

      Closed and open world racers are different experiences, not inherently better or worse than one another.

      is confirmed free in a patch soon after launch. It was demoed in-game
      to journalists at E3 2014, it’s basically finished.

      Both Driveclub and Forza are good games.

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