User Made Xbox One In-Game Menu Is Simplistically Brilliant

Xbox One is the eight-generation console by Microsoft and the successor to the most popular Xbox 360. Xbox One uses a Metro UI interface for its UI, which is similar to Windows 8 from Microsoft. Dubbed as the ‘better’ UI among the eight-generation consoles, it does not mean that there could be room for improvement and some enthusiastic designers out there constantly try to rethink and re-imagine things which could’ve been done differently by the manufacturer. The result? Some are beyond impressive that sometimes manufacturers take a hint or even get the people on board for the designing and some are…well, a little less good looking than the rest.

One enthusiastic reddit user, losgarcias, showed his own imagination of Xbox One’s in-game menu. The menu looks pretty similar to the one found on Xbox Smart Glass app but nevertheless looks pretty slick. You can check out the images for the menu below:

Microsoft’s very own Major Nelson saw one of the designs and complimented on it while forwarding them to the design team.

Check how this concept compares to the Xbox One’s in-game menu:


What are your thoughts about this concept? Can you see yourself using it if it becomes available somehow? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Cj

    To be honest the Blade UI featured on the X360 when it was first released was quite fast. But the UI actually slowed down when metro was first brought over but over time optimizations were made to what we all know and love/hate. I would like to see the Xbox one improve more before I purchase one, letting the bugs get worked out. Oh by the I think PS4 is awesome too so no trolling here just prefer Xbox is all.

  • londale

    Instead of putting “dashboard” they should add “apps” because you could easily get to the dashboard by just clicking the home button !

  • Love these designs! 😛 Hope Nelson sees these.

    • Great reading comprehension.

      • Thanks for adding worthwhile content to the conversation, and thank you for doing so in a timely fashion.

  • tom

    PS4 has such an amazing interface!

    • Michael Cardwell

      It sucks too. I got both. BOTH SUCK

    • s3ltzer

      It’s not amazing, buy I enjoy the simplicity more air than the •progressive” metro UI on the XBone.

  • dirkradke

    Uh, the console is third generation not eight as Microsoft has only made 3 consoles so far.

    • Lans

      It’s still a part of the 8th generation of video game consoles.

      • dirkradke

        It was a poorly written sentence, but if you agree we are in the 8th generation of consoles I can accept that. :-). The video game console has been around for 42 years!

  • kevin

    Hope this person is offered a job or an opportunity to be paid to show them how.

    • TheChatWraith

      Lol @ people getting what they’re owed for hard work in a corporate environment.

  • Marcus Roue

    A good improvement. Shows how bad things are at Micro$oft.

    Although at this point I would just cut my losses and sell the thing before it gives me any more grief.

    Time to get a PS4.

    • Jrocker23


      • Marcus Roue

        Yes good riddance to XBone’s garbage.

      • s3ltzer

        He’s wise. Join the wise.

  • Trim Dose

    Saying brilliant Xbone menu , is like saying windows 8 is brilliant too, and that is a total freaking disgusting lie.

    • chinds

      Try using it! And stop talking out your ass.

      • Trim Dose

        Thats the problem I already use it both interfaces xbones on a store and Windows 8 on a VM.

    • Jrocker23

      Windows 8.1 is actually a very good OS. It even has the option for you to use it like the old windows. If you did take time to learn it you would see there are some real good features to it and work time is cut down if you know the short cuts.

      • s3ltzer

        It’s still terrible. I upgraded to Windows 7 instead.

        • Cobac Razvan

          It’s not and this is coming from someone who hated Win8 at first too. You get used to it as you do with every damn thing, it’s just your very first 5 minutes experience with it.
          If you have that same attitude towards games, I’m pretty sure you missed out on many great ones.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Its a problem with the shortcut if you use those shortcut regular conversation would ruin you experience just saying “Go Home” would be terrible talking to someone and say “go home” well playing just kills your game experience

    • Justus

      You say “Xbox, go home.” So actually nothing would be ruined by telling someone that.

      • TheChatWraith

        unfortunately, your foe was named EcksBakks

  • Jason Mounce

    Rely on communities that aren’t employed by the studio/developers to think of better ideas than the staff who’re getting paid to do it.

    Just like Skyrim modders or any other. This is both brilliant, and really, really pathetic on Microsofts’ account that ‘Simplistic’ somehow is complicated whilst Stupidly overcomplicated is simple to them.

    • Hates bad writers.

      Welcome to the last 5 years in the gaming industry. Things will get better when the crash comes along.

      • Jason Mounce

        Just 5 years? Naw, I mean, I could go back as far as Morrowwind and Quake modders to know how they’ve been doing well and just be doing their shits and giggles for FUN or as a hobby whilst those who get paid to do the same thing to half an’ ass of a job.

        • Hates bad writers.

          Those people will always be around, the last five years have been a rather telling example. It’s been going on since the industry developed, but there was a peaceful period from the mid-late 90’s to about 2008. After that DLC really took off, and so did finishing games after launch.

          • Jason Mounce

            The last great PC Expansion that I can remember was Doom 3’s Expansion, Resurrection of Evil….after that, ‘Expansion Packs’ died. DLC’s came in.

            The only DLC that’s ever been worthy of being renamed Expansion Packs were GTA4’s :L

          • Hates bad writers.

            They certainly existed before but it was the 360/PS3 era that took the idea and ran with it.

  • James Bauer

    The console just launched…compare 360’s UI from launch to now…

    • Emedan

      So one were not to learn anything from prior experience? There’s no reason for something new to be worse if a previous iteration was good.

      • James Bauer

        sure there is – when you want to take things in a new direction.

        • Cobac Razvan

          I don’t know about that. You say this basically: they shouldn’t bring useful features from the past but only focus on new ones ?
          It’s true that that is how it is with many companies but I still think that it’s wrong to NOT add the good old features and useful ones first and then add your new features to why not offer the completest package.
          Updates might fix that but some of us expect improvements not replacements.

          • James Bauer

            It’s just a different way of doing things. They started with the new, and will add the old and familiar through updates, instead of starting with the old and adding the new.

          • Cobac Razvan

            I understand that they want to showcase their newly additions but we’re talking about must have features be them old or not to be the start-off framework.

    • HyperionLight

      100% agreed.

      There are some “problems” with the x1 UI which I’m sure MS will work on, but the major problem here is that everyone is used to the 360s UI and those people want what they’re used to a lot more than
      giving something else/new a fair chance.

    • paul rolland

      the slide dashboard was awesome tho o.o

      • TheChatWraith

        Right? I had themes for it that didn’t work anymore when they updated either. I don’t own an Xbox One but Xbone doesn’t use Mii’s anymore right? Think of all the money people have spent on character accessories, themes, etc.

  • Hates bad writers.

    Absolutely mind boggling that you couldn’t check the state of your controllers charge. How did they overlook that? Better yet, how did they slow down the UI from the 360? Checking achievements in game is easy, now it’s a chore. An in game guide is what we need, suspend/resume should be a feature tied to going to the dashboard like you would on the 360 (by pressing Y on the guide button). The lack of mini guide is horrible, and completely takes me out of the moment. Holding the button to see the achievement you got is also a chore now, takes anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds, it’s insane.

    • Robert Cram

      Totally agree with the achievement access and the no battery warning indicator. Surely the light on the controller should flash to warn players the battery is running low and needs recharging?

      • Hates bad writers.

        It’s fairly silly. I understand that it’s a launch but god damn they missed some simple stuff. A near perfect UI with the 360 (honestly, I have no complaints besides the recommended games being completely unrelated to what I’ve played).

        Hopefully we make a transition back to what the 360 had, only faster. We know it’s possible, and the simplicity would free up resources. An affordable first party external memory device would also be nice, Microsoft. a 250GB on the 360 was plenty, it truly was, how is 500GB going to work when file sizes are anywhere from 8x over what it is now? Simple things I want fixed, I’m not asking for too much out of a next gen console.

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