This User Made Xbox One Games Library Mockup Is Neat; Shows Different Ways To Customize Appearance

What happens when one user takes his artistic skills and uses them to create a mockup for Xbox One OS?

Reddit user dieklobrille decided to create a mockup for Xbox One Games Library, showing various ways to customize it and display the currently available games in the collection. We have to say, it is far more impressive than the official effort, and definitely deserves a proper look. Check out his effort in the images below.

The interesting thing in this mockup is not be how the games are organized, it is how detailed information is given about the games in our library. We can see our most played game,  the amount of games that we own digitally and retail, longest session of playing a game, amount of games owned by specific genres and more.

So what do you think about the work done by this user? Are you impressed by his efforts? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Sarobi

    Honestly I think most mockup’s are better looking than the actual UI design on Xbox One.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Coming from a graphic designer myself there’s so much flaws in this mockup.

    – Doesn’t follow Microsoft’s metro design language
    – Shows too much information
    – Didn’t take advantage of the horizontal scroll design element for metro apps
    – Font looks ridiculous
    – Design Option shouldn’t be there except resize option
    – So much screen real estate wasted
    – (Not a fan of the box art element) Opinion
    – Should have an option to show more about a particular game instead of blurting everything out at you

    italic text

    • This was an interesting response. Thanks for sharing it.

      Like you said, it is a mockup, and it’s not like this one is the worst, i wouldn’t really call it a bad effort per se. Just something alternative to what we get on the Metro UI of XBO.

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