Vita And 3DS Receive Boost In Sales As The PS4 Struggles To Find Its Place In Weekly Japanese Sales

According to the latest sales from Famitsu Japan, the PS Vita and 3DS have both received a boost in sales thanks to new software. Unfortunately the PS4 had no such luck and as a result, it fell behind the Vita in hardware sales.

According to the sales data from Famitsu Japan, PS Vita’s Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment debuted at number 1 with about 136,736 units sold while Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call took second position with 75,867 units sold. You can see the full Top 10 software chart below.

1. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – 136,736
2. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call – 75,867
3. Youkai Watch – 62,683
4. Mario Party Island Tour – 17,007
5. Blazblue Chrono Phantasma – 12,139
6. Famicom Remix 1+2 – 11,020
7. Dai-3-ji Super Robot Taisen Z: Jigoku-hen – 9,468
8. Kirby: Triple Deluxe – 7,719
9. Dai-3-ji Super Robot Taisen Z: Jigoku-hen – 6,826
10. Ace Attorney 123: Phoenix Wright Collection – 6,367

In Hardware, 3DS took the crown again meanwhile PS Vita followed close second. Both received a boost in hardware sales due to new software, although PS4 had no such luck and hence its sales dropped.

1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 27,380
2. PS Vita – 23,650
3. PS4 – 10,129
4. PS3 – 7,951
5. Nintendo 3DS – 5,978
6. Wii U – 5,596
7. PS VitaTV – 1,643
8. PSP – 1,571
9. Xbox360 – 152

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  • Xtreme Derp

    PS4 has the superior version of all console AAA multiplats, The Order, Driveclub, MLB 14: The Show, Deep Down, Uncharted 4, TLOU Remake, more dev support including indies, free to play games and MMOs like FFXIV and Warframe, and unannounced 1st party games (Gran Turismo, God of War, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, etc.) Titanfall 2 and future 3rd party games will almost certainly be on PS4.

    Exclusively 1080p 60 FPS games on PS4: MGS V, CoD Ghosts, FFXIV, Tomb Raider, MLB The Show 14, Resogun, Trials Fusion

  • neko working

    let’s see after deep down and japan oriented games landed.
    it will obliterate every competitor especially WiiU

  • rr

    Vita up because of SAO Hollow Fragment and BlazBlue Chronophantasma. Wii U slightly rebounds because of Famicom/NES Remix 1+2.

  • nonscpo

    Im actually surprised that the SAO numbers arent higher, I was under the Impression the Anime was just as big a hit in Japan as it was in the west.

  • MasterLink

    PS4 is flopping hard in Japan.

    • bigshynepo

      I still don’t see PS4s on the shelves of my local stores, do we know the Japanese stores have stock?
      Amazon US shows PS4 in #4, Xbox Titanfall Bundle in #29, Standalone Xbox One ($443) is #74.

      I think we all know which console is flopping.

      • shadyiswin

        Doesn’t have anything do with what he said butthurt sony pony. The Japanese should not buy a ps4 seeings as sony treated them like a tier 2 country even though it’s home town lol.

        Ps4 is flopping in japan,maybe cause it has zero games in japan? sorta like it is here….except stupid americans fell for the hype then let it collect dust after you beat killzone in 5 hrs

        • bigshynepo

          Sony pony? what are you 12?

          Infamous was plenty of fun for what it was worth and MLB 14 comes out in a few days. In the last 2 months, I’ve been playing: Infamous (PS4), Outlast (PS4), Octodad (PS4), Ground Zeroes (PS4) and a few of the re-releases (Tomb Raider, Escape Plan..)

          I bought a PS4 knowing exactly what the first 6 months of games was going to look like. At $399, it would’ve been an impulse buy anyways.

          Do you even have a next gen system?

          • Xtreme Derp

            Don’t expect a delusional microsoft fanboy to have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

        • Xtreme Derp

          It’s doing pretty well within expectations. Japan is no longer a huge market for consoles like US and UK. Dumb as a brick and delusional microsoft fanboys as usual.

          • shadyiswin

            The Xbox one is not going to Japan to sell a ton,its going there to gain Japanese developers,hence the fact its launch with a AAA Japanese exclusive come September.

          • Xtreme Derp

            PS4 still isn’t flopping in Japan given the market. It’s doing pretty well considering the lack of Japanese developed games so far.

            Flopping would be selling near Xbox 360 numbers in Japan.

            The Xbox brand has lost Microsoft billions of dollars, Xbox One will lose them further billions. MS shareholders (that don’t exist to please delusional microsoft fanboys) will continue demanding it be sold off or shut down. It will be sad for you when that happens.

        • Joey Angelo

          First of all, the PS4 is not a flop in Japan because it sold say more than PS3. Second, the reason there aren’t any impressive sales numbers is because the Japanese people love mobile gaming more than console gaming. Which is why Vita sells more there than over here. Get your facts straight, you sound like a Fox news anchor.

    • Jonish Jones

      nah! Ps4 just don’t have the software needed for sucess in japan right now, i can easily see sales at 20.000 level whit big Ps4 exclusives… Xbox 360 is the only big in the list, and the same will happen to X-one

    • Xtreme Derp

      It’s doing pretty well within expectations. Japan is no longer a huge market for consoles like US and UK.

      • shadyiswin

        No dumbass I’m pretty smart,Japan is almost a non factor in the console war but for the ps4 to selling under the failing psvita says a lot. I’m aware the the ps4 is doing well,hell its doing great but the Xbox one is doing just fine to only be in 13 countries versus Sony’s 70+ and also at $100 cheaper and more powerful console,it will kick ass it’d better. I’m just not going for Sony’s hype train because Sony always lies and gives you empty promises just look at last years e3 half of those ground breaking next gen ps4 features are still not there,hell most of the ps3 features aren’t even there. This huge update they are having minor as fuck,it gives you features the Xbox one had on day one,no hdcp and upload studio. Dumbass? Far from it I just no bullshit when I see it,weak ass first party launch,knack and killzone…..really? Naughty dog have all left cause Sony is broke as fuck and this is suppose to be who saves you guys from boredom? Give me a nice butthirt reply plz. 🙂

        • Xtreme Derp

          Another mentally ill, malicious, delusional, worthless, constantly wrong microsoft fanboy having a meltdown because his favorite plastic toy is overpriced, underpowered, and not favored by developers.

          How does it feel being constantly wrong and delusional all the time?

          Wait for the esram dx12 move engine cloud special sauce, Xbox is really more powerful!!1

          Wait for titanfall tier 2 price drop China more countries, Xbox will outsell PS4!!1

          It’s kind of sad how you keep grasping at delusional straws and failing over and over again, really.

          PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. PS4 will make a net profit, and Sony won’t go bankrupt.

          Why are microsoft fanboys so dumb and delusional and hate it when knowledgeable people state tech facts and reality? You sound upset that reality doesn’t match your delusions and dreams.

          PS4 is currently outselling Xbox almost 2:1 globally, 7 million to ~4.2 million as of April 6 2014. The sales gap is growing wider despite price drops and free Titanfall bundles. PS4 is still very supply constrained in some non-US countries.

          MS shipped 5 million to stores, sold ~4.2 mil to consumers, with ~800k rotting on store shelves. Most console gamers are ignoring MS fanboy apologizing, denial, and damage control and buying PS4s.

          Xbox will hardly sell anything in smaller “tier 2” markets already dominated by PS3 and PS4. The global gap is growing wider, Xbox will never surpass PS4 in global sales.

          Xbox does not have access to all of MS’s money, they’re given a budget by shareholders and expected to turn a profit. MS isn’t going to throw endless billions into Xbox.

          Xbox One will be a net LOSS, not profit. Only question is how much they’re going to lose.

          • shadyiswin

            I could careless about Xbox sales honestly ,cause its not going anywhere. I’m happy with my Xbox,not even mad I could of got it for $399 with titanfall (with my discount) why? Because it games from day one! :p . You to think $500 is a lot of money….I bought myself one and my little cousin one,why pay $499 for an iPad???

            The Xbox power is not an issue for me seeing as you can’t even tell the diff between 1080p native and upscale till you have a 55″ TV and up. I’m perfectly fine with my 46 inch vizio m series , 3D 240 hz TV with a contrast of 10,000,000 to 1 ,every game looks and plays just fine. You’re forgetting I owned a ps4….unpacking it was no doubt exciting and yes its small and sexy,but after setting it up it felt like an unfinished ps3,I am not paying to play online when psn’s community is dead vs xbl’s. After setting up the ps4 I decided to even open battlefield 4. I was just bored of the console. You can’t go from snapping things and side loading thing then resuming to being able to do one thing with a washed up interface and lack of productive voice commands.

          • Xtreme Derp

            Not going anywhere? The Xbox brand has lost Microsoft billions of dollars, Xbox One will lose them further billions. MS shareholders (that don’t exist to please delusional microsoft fanboys) will continue demanding it be sold off or shut down. It will be sad for you when that happens.

            PS4 has MORE people playing games like BF4 and at any given time than Xbox.

            Most people can tell the resolution difference. PS4 has better voice commands since 1.7 update. People care about snapping since when?

          • shadyiswin

            You are such a misinformed moron lol. The Xbox division will never sell off,Sony is the one loses billions… . More people are battlefield cause more people are on titanfall for Xbox…use your little brain.
            The 1.7 update added 3 more commands to the existing 10 or so. While Xbox one can launch apps,games,movie,make video calls,snap,search,and plenty more from day one,no silly head set needed. The ps4 is powerful but has a horrible UI.

          • Xtreme Derp

            The playstation brand has made a net profit, Xbox has made a net loss. Fact.

            Last I heard Titanfall on Xbox One’s numbers were constantly declining.

            Sony is selling or splitting off their lossy businesses (Vaio, TVs) and focusing on their profitable divisions. This means they’ll soon cut their losses and start turning a profit. You should be worried if Sony WASN’T cutting those losing divisions, but they’re making the right business decisions. They won’t ever be an empire again but they aren’t going under.

            The gaming division and first party studios are well funded and making a profit. During the quarter ending 31st December 2013 the Game business made a profit of $172m off the back of an impressive 64.6 per cent rise in sales year on year. Sony is in for a year or two of losses and restructuring, then provided their profitable divisions stay profitable, they’ll be on solid ground.

            Sony is still worth 18.5 billion. They just aren’t bringing in enough revenue or profits to bring that number up, and for a time, and probably for a few quarters here or there for the next few years, they might lose money. They also obviously have working capital, because they have games in development right now, and are able to market their newest system and do what they have to do to sell their products. If Sony were on the brink of bankruptcy, we wouldn’t be seeing AAA game announcements with budgets ranging from $50-100 million dollars. If they were on the brink of bankruptcy, they wouldn’t be buying Gaikai, or investing in new tech such as Morpheus or the PS4. PS4 will make a net profit, and Sony won’t go bankrupt.

            Sony’s market cap is 18.65 billion as of today (2014).
            Market cap in 2013 was 17.6 billion it has gone up since then.
            Sony is ranked #80 in world as the most valuable brand 2013.

            Sony is ranked #506 in the global 2000
            #87 in Sales
            #171 in Assets
            #547 in Market value
            78.52 billion dollars in sales in 2013

        • Xtreme Derp

          Evil worthless disgusting sack of human sh*t.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Oh look, another Xbot who thinks Peru and Thailand will save the Xbone.

    • neko working

      not as hard as Wii U though .. LOL
      right link-kun ?

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