VLC Media Player Maybe Coming To Xbox One According To Team’s Programmer

VLC Media player is a popular free media player that is nearly used by everyone these days. Sporting a lightweight size along with the ability to playback almost all the media formats, VLC Media Player has become one of the fastest and best media players.

A programmer on VLC’s team, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, wrote in his blog post about the readiness of VLC for Windows Runtime or WinRT port. Surprisingly his list also contained Xbox One which many give a hint that the VLC Media Player app might make an appearance on the Xbox One very soon. Since Xbox One’s dashboard and UI are very similar to Windows 8’s Metro style UI, porting the VLC Media Player using WinRT won’t be difficult and that the next major update of VLC Media Player might bring the app to Xbox One.


Kempf states:

So, here is an update about our port on WinRT platforms.

I now say WinRT platforms, but that means:

  • Windows 8/8.1 ModernUI Metro
  • Windows Phone 8
  • XBox One? (who knows?)

One major thing about VLC Media Player is that it can playback the popular .mkv files. Xbox One, on its own, cannot playback .mkv files natively but if VLC Media Player pops up on the Xbox One then we can be sure that the .mkv file compatibility will be present on the Xbox One and with the app it would be able to play .mkv files natively, without any streaming from any PC or app.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

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  • Devin Green

    It is possible to natively play .mkv files on the Xbox One, but only through dlna ATM due to the lack of a dev SDK. Windows 7 and Windows 8 uders can watch .mkv ffiles with ease by simply right clicking the file in Windows Explorer. If it plays from your PC in Windows Media Player you’re good to go, if not that just means your missing codecs for .mkv files

    • Adam

      Xbox One doesn’t support DLNA yet

      • Devin Green

        my comment is only 6 months late, but it still worked at the time 😉

  • FlameWater

    It’s either one of two things, VLC has joined the dark side or Microsoft finally realizes US law dosn’t apply to the world

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    This would be wonderful if this works. I wonder if MS will allow this though, not because of pirated media but because this can act as a gateway to viruses in the Xbox environment.

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