Watch Dogs: Game Breaking Bug Results In Complete Loss Of Progress In-Game

Those who are playing Watch Dogs early should be aware of this game breaking bug, which happens randomly but when it does, you lose all your in-game progress including skills, weapons, outfits and more. This bug was originally reported on the official Watch Dogs support forums, and so far, we have got confirmation of the bug appearing for users on the PC and Xbox One. It seems to be rather random but when it happens, you can’t do anything to recover your progress, since even loading old saves won’t solve this issue. The user who reported this issue had the following to say regarding its occurrence.

Got discovered and killed while tailing someone, respawned in free roam, all my weapons were gone, outfit was default, and all my skills (crafting and such that I had unlocked to date) were still unlocked in the skill tree, but I could not use them.

Ubisoft did contact that user and asked him for details. He was apparently playing the Xbox One version but we can’t really isolate this bug to a single platform as it happened on other platforms as well.


Another user confirmed that he got the same game breaking bug, but he was playing it on PC and it happened in multiplayer.

after i got defeaded in an oberservation match (i was the attacker and got knocked of meele style) cant play multiplayer anymore, cant use “old” guns mainly i miss the silenced one, all small hideouts are gone, my character is smashing car windows again but no alarm goes off, cant open gates anymore.

Hopefully Ubisoft can fix this issue in the game before its official release. Even if the users that are affected by this bug are minor, this can be a potentially big issue as more players get their hands on the final version of the game. We can expect a patch to fix this issue soon, so we won’t have to completely start our game again.

Have you encountered any such glitch during your playthrough of Watch Dogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Noah Miranda

    That’s happening to me now. It happened twice already. So I decided to delete all data and redownload it. Now it won’t load the data on the HDD. It says the disc is dirty or damaged and the disc is perfect. And that’s after the 1.4 patch

  • AM Lungca

    Xbox 360 . Lost all progression after one criminal detection. Completing the online contracts and poof it’s gone. All CtOS towers are unlocked , cars and guns and only a 500 dollar cash was left. Any bug fix for 360 ?

  • Jasper Fennell

    I got my Xbox 360 version of the game at GameStop, and it was a used copy. I plopped the game in when I came home, and completed the quest, “Open your world”. I’m now in the second act, and i’ve encountered this bug that almost everyone else has where you can’t acquire the Hacker’s Tool Kit. Many people said that I have to restart the whole game from scratch. Why in the bloody h3ll would I restart my game when i’ve invested many hours into the game? Ubisoft, PLEASE MAKE A MAJOR PATCH TO THAT BUG!!!!

  • Riot Draconis

    i have had the game for almost a month for 360 and i had over 7000 notoriety points and most of the skills unlocked an last night when i turned the game on i was back to zero notoriety points and only the most basic skills unlocked

  • Aron Kropf

    I had this same issue with the PS4. I am not sure what caused it but after getting hacked and the other player was 100% successful I noticed all my skills had been lost and now I just noticed my entire wardrobe was gone as well. Is there any way to get my wardrobe back as I went to the shop and I can’t purchase ones I already owned.

  • Bastiaan Smit

    I had the exact same issue just 5 minutes a go! All that hard work just went up in smoke! I’m on the ps4

  • Rick 92647

    6/09/15 same things happening to me, and several players on my friends list. Also, the penalty for aborting an online match is gone, which a lot of players are exploiting when they cannot profile their hacker. Ubisoft support, (a contradiction in words) says, ” we’re sorry you’re experiencing theses issues, and we will forward this up to the development team” which 4 weeks later, still has not responded, or repaired this.
    With the recent announcement of Watchdogs 2 upcoming, would I consider shelling out another $50 for that or any Ubisoft title? No.

  • Sharon Schiller

    My husband just got on his game this morning to try and play. This glitch appeared, but left him with the bunker still unlocked and his weapons, but all, and i mean ALL skills were gone. Any idea how to fix this? He has the game for the ps4

  • CMHammond

    I have had this issue over 6 times, 2 of those times I made it to over 90% completion, another one I made it to about 60%, the other 3 I had backups for, but it set me back a whole act or two.

    Now, I disabled online invasions, I haven’t had any problems. But, now, I just finished my last CtOS breach, and have done absolutely tons of the side missions, including all the fixer contracts, but I fast travelled before my CtOS breach XP reward was finished giving, so now the fast travel screen is looping without finishing and actually fast travelling me.

    I have a backup, but I spent ALL DAY on this, and did 20 fixer contracts, 6 criminal convoys or more and most of the investigations.

  • Samvel Sarkisjan

    I can not play watch dogs after killing maurice .

  • Greg

    At 34% complete on PS3, had almost all skills unlocked, numerous outfits and guns, as well as over $140,000 in account. All of it gone! How in the hell does this happen?

  • Colin

    I got pretty far in the game, haven’t played in maybe a month, I put it in today and pressed Continue Game and it went to the first mission. Won’t load my saved game, I really don’t want to start all over again…

  • John Gregory

    Xbox 360 had completed all the missions and side missions had pretty much done everything in the game just free roaming and trying to get my hacking on-line full.. just load the game today and it’s all gone just randomly placed in the game back too zero on everything. The time I’ve put into this game was a waste and there is no way I’m starting all over again for it to happen again … This is a game well after it’s release date

  • Kyle Metcalff

    I got same isue playing backseat driver mission ps3

  • Johnny JBlock Hines

    I lost all my progression but still have my cars unlocked and the game is not giving me anymore missions to do this happen after I finished act4 then logged off and came back to play ….im breaking car windows to enter them now….please help don’t leave me like this

  • KingTwiggz

    i play on ps3 i just recently bought the game from a local store. i do one of the trips it freezes i do a mission it freezes and not only just the game but my whole system

  • Stephanie Kie

    Can someone help me.? My game keeps freezing and I can’t do anything to fix it so my dad is getting me a new CD tomorrow. I have a PS3, will my progress be on the new CD or will I have to start over.?

  • Zeero Senju

    I just beat the game and when i load my save file all my upgrades are gone is that normal or a bug?

  • Cecil_Harvey

    Christ, Watch Dogs ended up being such a disaster of programming -_-

  • Philip

    xbox 360 glitch report just like other users i lost everything please someone tell what i should do i was at 96% completion of the game and i now i am at 0

  • Jonathan

    Xbox one, playing madness digital trip and the loading screen just, freezes, waited and waited, nothing works. Can someone help?

  • fabertastic

    After the first police chase when I go to my hideout it says sleep but when I sleep it freezes the game but nothing else?

  • Jay

    I’m playing it on PS3 and just started the game… I got in the car, drove for 30 seconds and it froze on me! It happens everytime!!

  • I have only had one bug that is still affecting me… I never got the “Who Is Raymond Kenney” achievement when I completed act 2… really annoying now since I have 100% completed the game… Probably need to play a new game to get it.. if that helps that is.. xP (Got a ps4)

  • Jackl

    PS3 issue, after Clara dies at the cemetery there is nothing to choose on the map. Like the mission never ends, can not do anything except hacking people. I’m already at level 50.

  • MrSnippy

    I lost all access to my vehicles. I had almost bought all of them. One day all my vehicles I purchased and had unlocked are now gone meaning I can not order them. This is really inconvenient, but I hope there is a patch for PS3.

  • MMDumais

    My post got deleted don’t know why πŸ™ but I’m gonna post it again!

    I’ve got the same problem or similar one. Onley I was playing on online decryption and completed 10 victories and it reset my score from 10 back to 9 victories again. So did it again and completed the online decryption over 10 victories but I can’t receive the reward for it. So no Heavy Duty gun

  • MMDumais

    I’ve got a problem that looks similar to what other users have only I was doing online decryption. I had 9 victories and onley had one more to go to get the reward for it (heavy duty gun u100). Once completed I went to my weapons list to check if I had the gun but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    What i did noticed is that it reset my victories from 10 back to 9 so did it again and as you see in the picture I got 10 victories again but this time no reward for it …so no Heavy Duty gun to play with πŸ™ and still not listed in my inventory

    Anyone else that can’t get some rewards by completing the missions?
    is there a fix for it or a code i could fill in to play with the gun online?

  • Sora3456789

    I as we speak have 2 gamebreaking bugs affecting me. Everytime i lose or die and the game has to load, I get an infinite loading screen that stops at around 90%. The other is in a story mission. Act 2 mission 1, the train is always bugged and I cant get on it. Please keep in mind, i got the game 2 days ago.

  • Skull Crusher

    Xbox 360 Console. Had similar problem, lost my entire skill tree but I can still access a few of my skills such as (steam pipe hack, etc.) but lost the ability to slow down time. I didn’t lose my money nor any of my weapons but lost all my cars, and outfits, except I didn’t lose the outfit I was wearing which wasn’t the default outfit. I don’t know how the problem occurred, I crashed really hard, and died, can’t remember if I were on a bike or in a car. Thankfully I beat the game and completed the skill tree along with other achievements. Seems as Aiden Pierce got hacked, haha.

    Best Regards – JW aka Skull Crusher.

  • Aquillius ‘Rad’ Ranger

    Played Xbox360, gotten happy that i’ve finished the game and haven’t even gone on Online even a single time, until starting the game again, realizes that everything I owned lost, gotten ONLY the motel hideout, ctos system’s back after I finished all of them for the past month, even my favorite music has been wiped away, all progression lost, etc…I can only undoubtedly say this decade just gonna get worst for Game Companies.

  • Nathaniel

    I am playing on the Xbox 360 and was more then 75 percent through game when I loaded into it and everything was gone except for all my hot spots I did… so sticken mad

  • battle_pie

    I’ve had it on ps4

  • Dan

    I lost my weapons on the ps4 but I was killed by cops when it happened

  • Tharp McSwanson

    I have the exact same issue as the guy that was playing on xbox one. I was in an online tailing match and was killed. When I respawned in free roam, everything was set back to default. My skills were still showing unlocked in my skills tree, but I couldn’t use them.

  • Chad

    I just had this issue tonite lost everything! Xbox360 was at 7500 notoriety… Online

  • パーカー ジェフγƒͺγƒΌ

    No boats in free roam. Xbox 360. Can’t get the last qr code.

  • DKAYE001

    I lost my entire game (75%) when I quit the game cos all of a sudden it was loading instead of quitting and this was on XBOX360 in July. πŸ™

    I was in contact with Ubisoft and all they could do was to apologize so now I had to play it all again and so far it’s going good.

    But when I start act 4 where I’m chasing Damian in the news van the game freezes every time. I love the game but I’m seriously thinking about destroying the disc. Shit!

  • Rocker Sniper

    Having issue of no boats spawning after completing the main story line.
    No boats in free play at all

  • Watchdogsuser

    Guys I’m having problem I guess I just want to clafirify its a problem when I beat a mission the frame rate lags a lot is this a big concerning problem?

  • Luke

    I have finished the online decryption 10/10 but the heavy duty loudout hasn’t unlocked. It says locked and won’t let me use it even though I have completed online decryption more than 10 times and won.

    • Scott

      Same here exactly the same!

  • Jake

    100% the game had every achievement, weapon, outfit, car, completed every mission and digital trip then I got hacked and my game froze. I went to get back on and everything was gone. Days and hours of playing just wasted away. They need to fix this problem

  • Ender

    Kept lagging and freezing throughout the entire game until this happened to me on PS3. Even had some weird glitch in the scene where you have to play a drinking game with t-bone but through the entire scene he had another character sitting on his lap, once it got to the actual drinking game t-bone had disappeared, and the entire game froze except for me, I was able to walk around the city with nothing moving as if time had frozen but i was unable to do anything else. Now the whole campaign save has disappeared.

  • Zombee Rabbit

    Playing with PS3… on back seat driver mission… will not let me pass the check point and move on to the next mission. We have tried about 6 different times and we reach the end point, but it doe snot even acknowledge it and it wont let us move on… Anyone else having this issue? Was anyone able to fix this issue?


      I’m having this issue as well. Luckily it’s not too far into the game but after reading all these comments it doesn’t give me much hope to fix it without starting over. Even then it doesn’t seem like there’s a possibility of making it through the game without having something else happen. Really wish I would’ve seen all of these comments before buying. I was torn between this and Wolfenstein and gotta say I wish I could go back and get Wolfenstein instead. Oh well time to start a new game and hope for no glitches.


      So I tried it one last time and was successful. After getting in the car with the guy you have to drive, I stealth drove past the cops and then on the straightaway leading to the checkpoint I drove through it without stopping and made a left onto the freeway. It said escape completed or something like that and finally the checkpoint moved to where the man was supposed to be dropped off. This was after around ten previous attempts where I did something similar and the objective description would update but the yellow checkpoint stayed in the same place. Avoided having to start over for now at least.

  • Becky Taylor

    Just started and already encountered this. After starting a new mission, I quit for the night… when I started in the morning I was one mission back and all my progress for that mission was gone! I pretty much have to start over πŸ™

  • irishd09

    I got this issue with xbox one all my progression is there that I did online but lost all my skill points and money that’s all I lost.

  • Nigel

    Just brought the game new and can’t even start it – gets stuck at the loading screen and hangs. At times it just puts up a disc error warning. Haven’t been able to play one second of the game. It’s going back tomorrow!

  • Guest

    I’m on Xbox one and I can’t buy the regular vector from the gun store and I have no idea why.

  • Gene

    Wow… I am gutted. I have played this game since the day it came out… focusing on making money, doing side missions, and just as of a few days ago starting hitting the campaign pretty hard. Turned on my PS4 just now and it has “continue” greyed out and the only thing I can do is “Start New Game”. This game is now dead to me and will be returned and or sold. Sad, because it is a PHENOMENAL game… but I have already put HOURS in to get where I was and now I am only back at the start. This is awful.

  • BC

    I have the same problem as others afteri finished all of ACT III and now i cant even start the next campaign

  • nate

    Just experienced this issue. Cant hack anything. Is ubi doing anything to refund consumers with this issue?

  • Ilyan Bakalov

    Just happened to me today. All skill points and all my money is gone. I still have my weapons and clothes and this happened on my PS3

  • Brett

    I have xbox one. I still have all my guns and clothes but i smash car windows can’t use any of my skill points… I can use any hacking at all!!! I can’t even read people’s bio on the street with my smartphone I also can’t use any multiplayer

  • Jessica

    I play on the xbox one and this just happened to me yesterday, is there a way to fix it ???

  • Ryan

    I never got my achievement for the missing persons file, only issue so far. I’d prefer to have it obviously. (Xbox one)

  • Gerald Washington

    It didn’t happen completely to me. I still have most of the stuff unlocked. After the story (and side stories), I decided to play “Alone” again and died about 10 times. I got out and now my weapons are defaulted. Tried going to a store and couldn’t even buy them back. PS3 version (not that it makes a difference from what I read)

  • Guest

    when I updated the game on my ps3, all of my saved progress was lost

  • Kyle

    On xbox 360, got hacked 100% :'(, now I can’t hack the car doors and alarms, go online, I have no guns, no money anymore no hideouts, no crime detected, and now a mission has come up in “the so called bunker” and I can’t access it as I can’t get on the bunker. I’m not starting the game again as the missions really annoy me. I think I’m gonna trade it in. :'(

  • ReneInEhv

    YeS! FUCK! I was playing last week, suddenly after a failed attempt to hack someone (killed myself) spawned again in my campaign. I decided to finish the campaign so I did. After the 15 minutes long end credits I wanted to free roam and I noticed all weapons were gone. I thought, wow strange. Shut down PS4. Today I wanted to play again, had al my weapons again but no ammo. And no hacker tools. Went to that shop and bought everything (ammo and hacker tools) Then went on a online hacking mission and saw that I have no notoriety points. NOTHING! Also everything I already finished (side missions) were showing on the minimap again. WTF!

    • ReneInEhv

      I’m smelling refund?

  • Sam

    Yeah It wont get past the loading screen. It happened about 40% through campaign. Then started new game completed it and it did it again. Do you have to start again? Because if so I’m tying a noose to the disk. Shit craic really

  • Ethan Orr

    I’m playing the mission where the militia us trying to kill t-bone and I killed them all and it tells me to regroup with him but when I do he just sits there. Very frustrating.
    Xbox one

  • bzjsllxkdn

    This just happened to me too on the Xbox One

  • Fedi ghanmi

    XBOX 360 has the issue when i’m playing watch dogs the screen suddenly stops

  • Bulalord

    I got the same game breaking bug on PS3 (I already finished the campaign reached max level 50 and 85.5% in game progression). It happenened when I was invaded in online hacking, since I’m on hot pursuit I was killed by the police while backdoor is still installing (94%), after my game reloaded I’ve failed to find the hacker,I was shocked that all of my weapons are gone, skills that I have acquired, no hideouts on the map including the bunker and tobias shop. Although skill tree is skill is still unlocked but can’t use them I cant purchase weapons on gun shop too. This really sucks since I’m not done with all side missions. πŸ™

  • Monsta

    I cant Get in the container, where i should start the mission “way off the grid” it pisses me off, Ps3 game

  • James Tutor

    Ps3 I was on a mission and jumpped in a boat to cross a canal. After a cut scene and a shootout the boat was gone. Since then no boat spawns at all. You can’t finish qr codes without a boat apparently. I’m going to delete and re-install to try to fix.

    • James Tutor

      Unistalling did the trick. I didnt allow it to update till I got the qr code you need the boat for

  • Lawrence

    It’s happened with me about 2 weeks ago yet still no fix!!’

  • Supersparta333

    I encountered the bug about 10 minutes ago on my PS3. Luckily, I didn’t have much progress unlocked, but it’s still extremely frustrating. I encountered it after failing an online mission.

  • Protector de animales

    I had two bugs. One is game braking, the enemies and the polices won’t see me, I am shooting them at them and they just dont see me, even though I am in front of them. They just shoot at the place where I was standing by. Probably it sounds awesome since you can do rampages without any punishment, but, as I said, also the enemies from missions don’t see me and it gets boring as hell. Also, in chapter 3, t bone won’t move, he just stands there in the mission where you need to escape from his base. By the way, I am playing in PS4

  • Suriya Suchaxaya

    found that bug last night, unable to play the game anymore πŸ™ (PS3)

  • Guest

    Almost finished the game on ps4. Turned it off correctly, and the next day my saved files were corrupted? I can’t do nothing more but restart this dreadful game once again. Sigh

  • Casey

    And does anyone know when their gonna fix this

  • Casey

    Has anyone been able to go to the gun store and get their lost guns back?

  • Casey

    Same happened to me on Xbox 360. I didn’t lose my outfits but I lost my AK and silenced pistol as well as grenades and my guy is now breaking windows on the cars again. Please fix this problem

  • Iradon

    just happened to me… not happy…

  • Guest

    It happened to me… I’m staring at a loading screen that has been at the same place for 45 minutes…

  • Steve

    My game save has corrupted at 99.8% done just one round on the drinking game in the loop to do before platinum and now I’m stuck at a loading screen

  • Lennon

    I turned of my Xbox one for the day and when I came back the next morning it wouldn’t let me continue my game

  • 2k2dggr

    my son lost all his weapons on xbox 360 and is not happy

  • Dave

    I was on the Grandmas Bulldog mission, man. I couldn’t hack the bridge or enter the area. This occurred after I fell off a building, while I was being hacked at around 90%. PS3 version. I’d advised for everyone to turn off online until this issue is fixed by Ubisoft. Smh..

    • Dave

      Note: Craft skill were highlighted red, unable to be used. I only had a handgun and lure, nothing left such as jam comms, grenades, etc..

  • Vanehael Michael-Vanessa Brown

    Xboxone. User. If you are stuck after the first wave with TBone pause the game and RELOAD LAST AUTOSAVE. This usually will start you off going forward in the mission. Follow ma on TWITTER @DarkNova9

  • garry

    So the I started playing watchdogs on Friday with no issues. Come Saturday morning the game froze during the initial loading point. I’ve been checking to see if my ps4 took a dump. Glad it didn’t, it occurs uplay is the issue the game won’t load. So if anyone has info. when it’s suppose to work let me me know. I haven’t been able to play for the last 2 days. Which suck!

  • Bruce Mcconaghy

    act 4 game complete stop me using phone hackin etc on ps4 not impress at all 70 pecent complete but when i loaded up my online save data brung it bk to 30 percent and working so gutted πŸ™

  • Paul

    Had it on xbox one. while playing and the whole console shut down. I load it back up and the game won’t play. anyway took it back and got another copy, happened again 5 days later. Took it back and demanded a full refund. Watchdogs can get fucked.

  • redjason36

    Never had an issue on pc even with game set ultra across the board since release. But tonight I got hit with it. I can no longer hack, profile, or connect online after someone beat me in online hacking.

  • Guest

    Xbox One version won’t get past initial black loading screen

  • aors1987

    I am on the mission “way off the grid” I can’t enter the container or move the bridge to get across. I get to the container to start the mission and the Y prompt doesn’t appear. I can’t progress in the missions.

  • Thye

    Happened to me on my Xbox 360. Got hacked by another player, died and when I respawned, all my stuff was gone. Can’t hack bridges anymore and Aiden smashes windows when he steals a car.

  • Mike

    Yeah I just lost all the guns etc after got killed by cops when I tried to kill my opponent (hacker). I have PS3.
    After rebooting PS still the same problem.

  • guest

    Felt of the roof when hacking somebody, died, respawned in freeroam no guns appart one hand gun and lure, no skills.. xbox 360, I was just about finish campaign ffs!

  • Frase

    I have a ps4 and my x button works until I start the game then I cannot advance any further. I am stuck on the press x screen… Any thoughts?

  • Guest

    It also happens in the PS3 version. Fuck this game.


    PS4 just did it. Cant play final mission, no online matches , weapons or clothes. WTF

  • Rupesh

    i lost my skills am in xbox 360….am almost completed all skill but their is none now…

  • Brandon

    Can’t hack gates, garage doors, bridges, the blockers and can’t use my silenced weapon. On the PS3, I am highly aggravated.

  • Dustin Smith

    My ps4 version is bugged bad… After non stop playing for 4 days and beating the game and most of the side missions..(between work and family time that is) I was playin the online 4 vs 4 mode where u fight to hack the target or whatever.. i went to quit the mission and it put me in some sort of online limbo where i have no safe houses to fast travel to, my phone does not hack a single thing…not even a civilian walking by…im back to smashing windows without alarms going off… I cant join an online match…my progress is there in the skill tree and all i still have my outfits and guns and the only missions showing up are the ones i have left which are the fixer missions which are impossible without a working phone to hack stuff to get away with the vehicle i am attempting to steal. This is total BS and they told me to follow the steps in the email they sent me, which was supposed to be easy to follow. It tells me i need a thumb drive and to carry files over and stuff, i dont get it and i shouldn’t have to do all that. After having the game for 4 days now its just collecting dust as i wait for a patch…Im tempted to trade the game in…no point in playing and im not re starting after all the progress i made…this is total BULL!!!

  • Adam

    Just got the bug. Playing on PS4. Was tailing someone online and was killed. After reviving I first noticed I couldn’t participate in online matches anymore. Said i needed to complete the online tutorial. Also lost all of my weapons except for a pistol and the lure skill. Also my current hideout where i had to access a bridge to get to it is gone. My hideout is now the first one from the motel that was destroyed in the story. I still have the same mission objective but I’m guessing I won’t be able to complete it now. Thanks Ubisoft. I’m going back to playing Resogun.

  • Ghozt

    On Ps3, Got killed by the cops while trying to locate an online player, when I respawned everything was fine until I had done a mission.
    Now I can’t complete the very last mission of the game

  • Ce

    It keeps saying regroup with t bone and I’m getting so mad !

  • new

    when are they going to fix this

  • Dolcelyn Imperio-Smith

    What now. Someone help!

  • Dolcelyn Imperio-Smith

    I got the bug. Have they made a fix?

  • ps4 player

    my progression is 95.1% it reseted after playing an online game. still says 95.1% but trying to get online it tells me i have to complete one of the beginning missions. im on ps4

  • Jeremy Diggs

    I have a PS4 and this just happened to me last night profiler doesn’t work, can’t access ant cameras or people, also breaking glass to enter cars again pretty much screwed anyone know if there’s a resolution for PS4? Help Ubisoft!

  • Spudzy

    Well isn’t this just fantastic! So I pay $110 for a game, get to 87% completion of the game, spend hours on missions, and then randomly get my entire accumulation of EVERYTHING randomly vaporised in a moment. Well done Ubi … another outstanding effort on your part.

    Eat a dick.

    Xbox 360

  • Vsilva

    This happened to me yesterday as well. I have it for PS3. I was being hacked by online player. I was killed by the cops during invasion. Got back and lost everything. I can’t get the weapons at the gun store and I can’t use any of the skills. Ubisoft please correct this.

  • Hoopla

    I thought it was just a thing after you get a new phone you lost all the current hacks but then i noticed that i lost my guns too.

  • guest

    Just happened to me. 360 left game from start menu came back and was whammied

  • John

    For the portfolio glitch is where I encountered it

  • Blu Crimson

    I just had this happen to me and I’m playing on the PS4…. This shit is frustrating! What do I do?????

  • Tron

    Just happened last night to me. Sniped someone when I noticed I was being online hacked and game froze. Turned xbox 360 back on this morning to find out everything is gone but my progress in game is still the same (no missions or side missions since I did them all) worst part, I was literally one song sneak away from 100 percent game completion… Ubisoft has been fucking up lately

  • Chris

    It’s happened to me, lost about 12 weapons and am smashing windows instead of hacking cars. Oh the lost hours. I am restarting the game and waiting for a patch. Thinking of it as practice

  • Bob

    I all my guns, abilities to craft, or hack things like road blocks and all the other stuff you buy from the skills tree…only thing I can hack is traffic lights:/ ubisoft needs to sort this and now!

  • Odomnuts

    Of you get stuck on the tbone mission, shoot the sniper first, then stay with tbone, he slowly moves forward. Stay with him.

  • Odomnuts

    I got the regroup with t bone issue as well, I’m stuck with him. I can’t regroup so I either kill myself or kill him to restart. Same result.

  • Buddha

    Wow I was 97‰ of the game completed and all I needed was some online tailing now I can’t do them cause it won’t let me play online

  • Michael Bobinski Jr

    Xbox one. Stuck on mission in campaign. Protecting tbone in his junkyard. I finished protecting and was then told to regroup. Went to regroup and can’t progress. Tbone still crouching like he is under attack. I purposely fail the mission by either killing him or leaving the mission area and am still unable to progress…

  • Slacker976

    I was playing on ps3. Someone online hacked me an they evaded however the cops killed me. When i respawned i lost my outfit, skill tree, and guns. In the skill tree it said everything was unlocked however I could not use any of the skills. I started a new game

  • Daniel (iSentry)

    I have a similar issue on the PC? I wanted to load a new game once I bought it, then I got a blue screen and my windows 8 gave me error message displaying: “Windows ran into a problem, we are fixing it right now: – – We’ll restart your PC once the update is complete.” Is this the bug, or my computer?

  • Pissed off gamer


  • JAK

    Same shit here on ps4

  • Guest2

    I also have the same issue, after online play I cannot access my hideouts, I have all the guns but cant hack anything which is useless when playing any of the missions nor can I craft anything. I’t the Merlot Act IV mission to find Quinn would hate to start all over πŸ™

  • Ivy


    • Ivy

      I play on ps4!!!

  • I’mRight.

    My game froze during the mission For The Portfolio. Game killing bug for me.

  • ghostx78x

    Same way it happened to me on ps4. Spent an hour with ubi support and emailed them my save data a week ago. No reply yet! Almost all Ubisoft games ive bought on console are released broken somehow- getting really old.

  • guest

    I just had this happen to me right now on ps4… wtf… smh… it was my third online tailing mission ever since I mainly did campaign … and I can’t even continue the campaign it won’t let me.even hit triangle to start the mission

  • SlyMacross

    I have an Xbox One I was playing online finished the match, now I can’t do anything online. I still have my notoriety skill points, but when I go to select an online mode it just says to do the two missions to unlock online.

  • Guest

    I played today got off the played again later only to find out my game was gone had to install it again and it says i need to start new game even tho the watch dogs save is is my cloud

  • NoS Element

    This glitch is complete bull, it happened to me 6/10/14 around 12:33AM, I had just completed the story missions etc, was all excited and I said hey now ill play multiplayer and max that out, my 6th game in i was doing tailing. the guy ran mad far away from me, i randomely died somehow and the game ended, respawned as some wierd character(not aiden pearce) and i lost everything, i went to a clothing store and got back to being aiden pearce by changing my costume, but i cant play online or get any guns back etc or even hack its bullshet

  • guest

    Playing on PS3, same bug happened to me. Lost all guns and abilities after a bounty was collected on me when I was taking a puss break

  • Guest

    just happened to me and my season pass is now gone to add to it

  • Concerned Gamer

    Exactly how the description says it, it’s happening to me. Lost my guns and many of my hacking skills even though they say they’re unlocked. I noticed it after I got killed in an online tailing. I’m just going to wait for the patch at this point because I’ve put too many hours in and collected too much to start from scratch. I have the ps4 version.

  • Tamara HΓΆrl

    Im playing with the PS3 and this happend to me yesterday. Somebody hacked my game, i should kill him but there was no one there. I than got killed by the police. Now everything is gone and im super mad. I hope starting a new game makes everything okay

  • Nicolai

    I just got this bug on PS3. Same scenario as reported in article

  • GiddyDistress5

    I can’t get started every time it loads from the beginning it freezes at the city scene what is the problem

  • Colin

    Was tailing a person and got killed and respawned with only my lures and px4

  • Kevin

    I have it on PS4 and I just got hit with the bug. Same way the first comment describes it too

  • Jjjj

    I have ps4 version and cant even load my game n e more says load game damaged and cannot be used how does this even happen.

  • Carlos bonilla

    it hurts me to say it but if this problem is not fixed by next time i go to gamestop the game will be sold plus i lost on the season pass this is the 2nd game from ubisoft that fucks me on next gen.

  • Carlos bonilla

    i got this bug today and its everything he said but i got it when i logged in the game i lost all weapons all crafting i cant buy weapons in shops my campaing progress still where i left it i have everything on my skill tree but dont have anything from it also i cant join online games it tell me to do the introdoction again but theres no way to re doit because im still in the same campaing mission i left it on this happen to me on the ps4 version my psn is Dark_Necro420

  • Ladbar

    I got this on Xbox 360 and I can’t even do blackouts, I need some of this stuff in order to beat the game.

  • CamwonaroN

    I’ve been playing the game for about 150 hours and now all my skills are screwed

  • Scott

    I have this issue with the Xbox 360. Cant use alot of hacks, such as opening gates. Im on a mission need to open the gate to progress, Cant open gate cant continue game. Hope they patch so I can continue playing, or I just wasted sixty bucks on a broken game. That gamestop will only give me $15 bucks for.

  • Knobody

    I just found a fix for this. I had a friend sign into his xbox with my profile & it loaded my game fine. He completed a mission so it created a new save…then i signed back in on my xbox & it continued from the save he had created.

  • Johnny

    Just happened to me last night during a hack on Xbox 360 when is the patch coming in

  • Sudhanshu

    I was at Act V last mission of watch dogs and i turned off the ps3 and when i started ps3 and started the game it says start new game continue option is not availabe seriously ubisoft are u mad now tell me what i do now i have to continue from there only do you have any solution ubisoft..???????


    On my ps4 watchdogs I was playing decryption then I quit when It loaded back to play mode I tried to join an online but it says I need to do the 1st campaign and I’m at 98.0 complete n this happens smh plus the safe hide outs won’t show on map my phone can’t hack nothing at all profile etc…any ideas on how to fix??

  • Thomas

    Exact same problem on PS4, can’t play online anymore, lost the gun sets, and skills are still unlocked in the skill tree, but I just can’t use them. It’s back to smashin’ windows for me πŸ™

  • Carpe Annum

    Bug happened on my xbox 360 yesterday. Was being tailed, I chased the guy and killed him. About two seconds after killing him, I turned to walk away, before the loading for completed tailing thing popped up, and I accidentally stepped in front of a train, and died. Respawned with no weapons, default clothes, well everything described in your article.
    The problwm is with 360 as well as xbox one.

  • Watchdogs420

    Watch dogs is an amazing game, they basicly have everything down. One flaw with the game, I don’t care how lucky you are, Madness….Wave 27, made it there 5 times….Everytime was the same bull shit, no demons to hit, or too many eruptions covering the road if you turn around, nothing is spawned….make it so madness is actually beatable, not pure luck..would be nice if they made the madness suit unlockable when you reach the max level.

  • SushiboyHK

    Wait and Tbone will call you and asked if you are done yet. Then the game proceeded as it should for me.

  • SushiboyHK

    This happened to me on XO. But I fixed it by doing following things:

    In general, overwrite the existing save by quitting the TBone mission, then try to complete other side mission which triggers a save point. Then I try to save again by going to a hideout and sleep. Then I quit the game completely and reenter the game and continue, making sure it loads from my last safe point.

    Then when doing Tbone mission, at first he is hiding at the back of the map. Go to him to trigger a dialogue telling you to handle the thugs. Then don’t kill off all the guards yet

  • Jerome Vela

    I just got this 20 min ago while i was being invaded i accidently exploded a ctos box next to me trying to profile the player when i respawned i had 1 weapon the Px4 and lure px4 had full ammo but the lure had nothingi have all my skills but i cant use them it wont let me do all the online activities its tellin me to do online contracts introduction and complete they cant hide when i have been playing online and have 10,000+ notoriety and i experienced this on Ps3

  • Guestavo

    happened to me on the backseat driver mission on xbox 360…the hack icon for the garage wont work…restarted mission several times…

  • Ethan

    This just happened to me on my ps3 and I had all the ggood guns and stuff and it wont let me get it back. This is really annoying is there any way to fix it?

  • ATOM

    The White Hat Hacker outfit I just unlocked makes my character change into the Deep Blue outfit and his legs disappear.

  • Gorks

    I have a probelm, im playin on PS3 im on mission “little sister” and i cant hack anything anymore

  • drownin_em

    This is bull. I cant do anything. All my guns are gone, and I have to open a door with my phone for the next mission, so I cant do that.


    I’m playing on 360, just bought the game today. First I had problems with the installed CD. My 360 kept saying that the hard drive containing required content was removed. After a hour I managed to fix that and was happy I could finaly play. But then when the game started, I saw the first cinematic, and right about when the girl with that hat walks away from the desk, my game froze. So I tried to restart and again and again and again… My game is stuck here so I can’t do anything. Very dissapointed, and it all seems like a waste of money. Hope someone has a solution or Ubisoft wil come with something for themselves!!!!!

  • Rodrigo_vda

    Ps3 got the issue yesterday, i was being hacked and i died from falling when it was about 96%. When I reappeared I had already lost and all my weapons and skills were gone. My outfits aren’t gone, but the only safe place I’ve got aviable is the owl motel (weird, since I shouldn’t be able to go in). So my thought is that the game restarts your character and thinks you are in mission 0, so I can’t play online contracts (since it thinks I haven’t played the “open your world” mission), and I can’t buy the missing weapons or the missing skills since It says I have them already.

  • Kant Immanuel

    Oki hapen 2 times now..i hate this game. xbox 360.

  • Ryan banks

    The same thing happened to me on ps4, i join a hacking match then i got killed respawn back in my world with my weapons gone, I only hand a handgun left, all my safe houses are all gone but the first safe house at the hotel is back, can’t join multiplayer anymore keeps telling me to do the tutorial when I’ve already done it and certain areas of the map are now close of again

  • Brandon

    I have the same issue on xbox one….I got on one day to play and I couldnt see my side missions I can’t hack people no more skills, crafting abilities I cant even get online to play keeps saying I need to complete missions to do so but I completely beat the game……please help me gamertag for xbox one is (PRK Dr ShRo0mS) I love watch dogs and cant do sh*t on it ; (

    • NoS Element

      Yo My Xbox One Gamertag is NoS Element, Add me, ill be on tonight, we have to figure out how to fix this cause ive beaten the game, had almost all unlocks, and i randomely died in an online match and i respawned in the offline game as a random person(not aiden pierce) i broke windows open with my elbow to get into cars rather then hack to unlock them, and i lost all my gear weapons etc

  • battleDG

    yo man im pissed, waited for this game got it on my b-day and know i lost all my abilities guns gears everything know im stuck in a mission and cant complete since i cant open the freaking door ugghh, on ps3

  • LuckyOsprey0816 .

    I play on the ps4 and I was invaded by a player. At 97% I killed myself with a grenade launcher. I respawned in free roam with the px4, gold d50, and my outfit default. All my items were gone so I bought new ones and went back and changed my outfit. But, you see, I have every possible gun you can get in single player mode. But like I said, I didn’t have them when I respawned. So I went by the gun store to get them. I couldn’t. I have every thing else except for any of my guns:(

    • elbee

      download saved data from online it will take u back a little but it will save u from totally restarting

  • Drew Houston

    Lost my weapons..ps3

  • Paul from Boston

    mine say’s I cant free roam until I beat a mission in the first act but I’m 75 percent complete and cant go back

  • ojamag

    This same thing happened to me just now. Lost all my guns, my skill tree is filled out but can’t use any of them except for Focus, still have all vehicles, game loaded with default outfit. Got caught in online tailing at about 25% and that was all I did.

  • tom

    I had the same thing happen to me when I started the mission where you meet Damian and you had to chase a tv station van.
    had to start a new game…
    Was on PC

  • Lamarbravo

    I just experienced this glitch on PS4. I died, cops killed me. Respawn in free roam in default clothes. It shows my frags, ied, jam unlocked, but I can not craft them any longer. I’ve also lost my granade launcher, sniper rifle, silencer pistol, and a few machine guns that it shows unlocked but also can not use them. I’m first mission 7 act, but I’m 23% of the game done because of all the side missions and collectable I’ve gotten. I’m gonna try to reload, but reading other comments I don’t think it is going to work

  • Eirik

    Juts happend to me all progress lost after i finished the game

  • pissedoffplayer

    just load the game after 2 days of not playing and all my guns are gone cant buy them back from the gun shop and worst of all cant freaking start the main mission (some one is knocking) WTF.
    and its on PS3

  • Romeo

    Same happened to me on ps3. Skills unlocked but can not use them only have one pistol and my outfits are gone.

  • polaris

    Hacking doesn’t work either

  • polaris

    My ps4 is experiencing this proplem but i have all my guns, skills don’t work, and this is all after playing online. Any idea’s welcome. Already turned it on and off again. Well into the story and not willing to restart the game. Thanks.

  • General Von_Flumlajig

    I have this exact thing, I got shot in the face while in observation mode, and now this has happened! I miss my golden Tommy Gun, so does anyone actually have a solution?

    • General Von_Flumlajig

      I’m on PC BTW

  • jonnysnip3r

    This fucking game is a piece of shit on xbox one. I’ve never encountered so many bugs in a game before.

  • Michal

    Happened to me on the 360

  • SimpleTheo

    Ps4 turned off randomly while doing digital trip can’t continue a game or even start a new one even after re installing

  • Guest

    Same thing happened to me, was pretty much near completing the game till the last mission. I had to go into one of the hideouts to start it but it said i hadn’t unlocked the hideout, very annoyed i have to start the game from the start. I love the game but bugs like this should be fixed before release date

  • StickyDip

    It just happened to me on PS4 lost all .. Have still got 78.4% but no guns no skills and default clothing. Skill bar is full but not working as It should. And no online available…. WTF …

  • eyeZon_75

    I have that exact same problem on PC. Just startet up the game 5 minutes ago and this was what I experienced. weapons gone, hideouts gone ect. sigh!

  • Kayla

    Just happened to us on Xbox one πŸ™

  • screaming ninja

    Happened to me on ps3 after I was hacked and killed by the cops. Came back to life lost all my guns, I cant hack gates or spikes ect no explosives or anything and the only guns I get are from dead bodies.

  • Jeff Cook

    I have the PC version of WD, I tailed someone successfully, then I noticed nothing worked. My guns were gone, my outfit was default, I cannot do anything involving multiplayer because I have to complete the tutorial! I am halfway through the game and I have to complete one of the first missions!? Impossible! None of my hacking or skills work, I now break windows to get a parked car. This is complete crap. I tried restarting but it doesn’t help. The problem is that whatever corruption happened is now synced with my online saves with Ubisoft so no amount of re-installing will ever get the saved game back. Now I need to start a new game….no thanks until Ubisoft fixes this.

  • Paul from Boston

    something to do with uplay servers i bet

  • Paul from Boston

    sounds like another battle field law suit

  • Paul from Boston

    sames issue on the one, wont let me connect to uplay and then during online match that I won, after that game lost all the same stuff as above

  • Ben

    Tbone that is

  • Ben

    Hey as far as to one goes. I just reload from last auto save and assuming your game switched it over to where you’re supposed to be following him again it worked and I’m able to continue with the mission. Good luck to you guys.

  • tandy

    This just happened to me on xbox360. I was killed by a fixer online and when I re spawn I had only my default pistol and lost all hacking ability and cant get them back. Huge disappointment now..

  • Mikel

    When I’m have killed everyone and it tells me to regroup with t-bone, he just stand there and does nothing. I’ve tried restarting the mission and the last save but nothing seems to work. Anybody know how to fix it other then restarting he game?

  • dtaizforever

    Ok just had the mysterious bug happen to me as well was 58th in online hacking and had everything unlocked and beaten and now nothing thanks Ubisoft you sorry fucks

  • tom

    i got xbox 360 and this happened to me today

  • Watchdog373

    Exactly same thing happend to me

  • insanevirtue

    I died while being hacked online, and I lost all my guns. I also can’t craft anything anymore because all my skills are unlocked but don’t work. Please fix this! On xbox 360.

  • Wolfvak

    Same here on PS4 died in multiplayer and all my guns are gone and cant buy them again.
    Dont want to restart game πŸ™

  • Mr Alle

    I am playing a mission were im escaping with T-Bone, and he is not moving! please help

    • Mr Alle

      I got it to work. RESTART THE GAME!

      • Mikel

        That’s bullshit I’m not restarting the whole goddamn game

  • Ernie Sansom-Hall

    Yes same has just happend to me on the PS4. Pissed off is an understatement. Why can’t game makers make a game without this kind off bull shit happening. I’ve finished the campaign, started doing the online trophies and after being spotted and killed in online trailing, it loaded me in the game with no weapons, can’t buy them back because the shops already think I have them. Also back with no skils despite my skills tree being full. I’m sorry but Ubisoft but this is unacceptable.

  • Guest

    Yeah got a issue on my ps4, it deleted all my data, won’t let me start over, and the continue is grey instead of white

  • guest

    This happened to me today on PS3 i was hacking someone when i accidentally walked off the L-Train tracks and fell to my death -___- my costume reset to vigilante and now i cant use online,guns,skills,hideouts,etc anymore hopefully this gets patched soon *Would highly recommend not to use online invasions until this is patched*

  • Crackers

    PS3, just lost it all. Game menu lists new game only, no option of continue game. Saved satay still on the ps3, It just won’t load it

  • Brad

    Just had this happen to me and a friend while playing on separate PS3 consoles. Our PS3s randomly turned off at the same time and when we started them back up, not only was our Watch Dogs progress gone, but also our progress for all other games. We checked and saw that the save data for all of our games is still there; it’s just inaccesible.

  • Howie

    PS3 this just happened I’m running around and now I only have base gun. I noticed I was breaking into cars, and then my weapons were gone. I’ve done a fuckload and really don’t want to start over

  • Guest

    Xbox360 does it too I died after I was hacking someone and boom gone

  • donair

    I busted encountered this bug too. I was playing online encryption and then quit the online match and went back into campaign. Then I wanted to play online and it says complete hide out to unlock online. This is f*ing garage I have to restart and im half way through. Shit Xbox one and shit game

  • ThatGamingPigeon

    I just opened Watch_Dogs (PC) and all my safehouses are not showing on the map, but i can still enter them and change my outfit. Still have all my equiptment but on some it says i havent unlocked the skill for them yet, but in the skill tree, i have! i cant access online because it says i havent completed the online contracts introduction and i havent done the mission “They Can’t Hide”. i cant profile npc with my phone and all my hacks arent working! When i try to enter a car, i smash the window even though i have the skill to unlock them without setting off the alarm! There are no story missions i need to do but in the progression wheel it shows ive done them all! I’m going to wait and see if it fixes itself but i rearly dont want to start from the begining again!

  • Lajukes

    This bug just happened to me on PS4. Killed a player observing me, and myself at the same time with an IED. When I respawned I had the default outfit and only the starter pistol and lure. Can’t play online, my safe houses are gone. I can still use my owned vehicles and outfits, but not my weapons or hacks. I hope this can be fixed but I’m not holding my breath. Kind of ruined the game for me cause all I play now is online.

  • Mike

    Same problem eith ps3

  • WD Lover

    Got the exact same issue on PC, right after installing the Conspiracy DLC

  • Jrb89

    I got this fucking shitty problem on my 360!!!

  • indiana

    same issue for xbox 360. it is really making me frustrated especially after I payed all this money

  • amir

    I can’t open gates or garage doors at all in singplayer. This means I can’t do some fixer contracts and other side misssions. I’m playing watchdogs on PS4.

  • Guest21

    I have the same issue as of yesterday on XboxOne, i cannot profile anybody, or hack cameras etc.. without the profiler its impossible to play the game. also the skill tree shows, i have unlocked all skills, but they dont work in game

  • on ps4 my skill tree broke , i can use all my guns and cars and outfits but skills i have unocked like : the camara hacking or street lights or the building utilities are all broken (cant use them) new ones i can use…
    this happened after a game of incription online

  • cameron

    This is absolute shit. I was @ 97% completion. Now I’m at the end of the game with 0% and everything is finished. Nothing available. All skills reset all items gone. I had 2million dollars an now i have 500 dollars. Ive played this for so long. Fuck starting over. I want a refund. I even bought the season pass. Had problems from the start but persisted because the game was still enjoyable. Not anymore.

  • alex wright

    i cant open gates or explode pipes in police chases

  • Guest

    I’ve been playing on my Xbox One and everything was fine until *Spoiler Alert* I met T-Bone and he just won’t do anything even when I complete the objective he won’t tell me what to do when we’re escaping the Blume guys

  • noller

    I got the issue with the PS3, got killed hacking someone and now i cant play online and i dont have any weapons

  • AlertCow

    I found a bug for the xbox 360 version (not sure if this is occurring on other systems). I randomly went to load up my game and the loading screen wont finish loading. I checked my disk and there werent any scratches. I have the game completion at 60% and this is really making me irritated. I think Im gonna have to go back to my back up saves from a few days ago and start from there again, but at least its not from the very beginning. Bugs like these are popping up, so PLEASE people, make back up saves.

  • Unhappy user

    I am not planing on doing all the missions again and I want my money back

  • Disgruntled

    I got meleed in a tailing mission and now guns, abilities and hideouts are gone. Online games wont work as well. Even my uplay gun has gone. All my outfits are still available though. I carried on playing for a while, but without the ability of crafting items its kind of pointless. New hideouts appear as you progress through the game however the old ones still don’t reappear. I’ve been playing a week on my ps4 though only tried online mode today. This is certainly a showstopper. Im not sure why user saves are not in the game, we could have gone back to a previous save. Certainly unplayable as it stands.

  • HELP!!!!!!

    Whenever I do a mission my game freezes then unfreezes and freezes and then unfreezes every second!!!!!!!!!!!! please help me.

    • HELP!!!!!!!!

      xbox one

  • Uberhappy

    It happened to me today ,I was playing on pc.

  • Wasadealio

    Just got this issue the other day after having played multiplayer. The skills tree shows recognizes I have certain skills, but the weapon wheel does not allow me to use any of them, nor does the environment (i.e. I can’t burst steam pipes). I wish I could return the game and buy another game. This is similar to BF4’s game-breaking issues. I wish there was some way to put the game makers at financial risk of releasing a game too fast, with too many bugs.

  • help

    ps3 and this just happened to me I have my guns still but I can’t profile anyone and I can’t use my skills even though they’re unlocked in my tree

  • Sweje

    Playing the PC version.
    I can’t open garage doors and i also can’t choose the silenced handgun anymore.
    The game doesn’t offer me any online missions.

  • Skindog7691

    I’ve got similar issues I can’t use my crafting skills that I have unlocked, my phone won’t hack people or unlock gates ect won’t let me go online all it’s says is unlock in they can’t hide mission which I have done!! I noticed when playing online in decryption mode, when driving around I couldn’t bring up barriers,open gates,burst pipes in the ground and all the rest !! Turned off my ps4 then realised when I turned it back on it was exactly the same in career mode how do I go about this do I take my game back or is it a problem with my ps4 ?

  • JD

    Bought it right away for pc and have been playing it since. Got on my Uplay account yesterday and my game was no longer available to play. When I tried to re-download it I got a message saying that Ubisoft has banned my activation key. Seriously ticked off. I am supposed to have that game bound to my account.

  • Gehaktbal44

    Got the same on xbox 360

  • Ryanlaad15

    im on ps3 and the only thing i can hack is cameras and wont let me start a mission

  • Lennart Maij

    On PS4, I have an annoying issue right now… Trying to upload the clip. I am playing poker and winning. But I cant seem to press the X button anymore to proceed. Very annoying because I want that bike… And I’m not a real fan of poker play.

  • link5oo2

    Same happened to me on 360 I was invaded then I died respawned then I realized I was reset

  • Jake Zientak

    This fucking game got rid of everything I fuck had right before I 100% this piece of shit. If Ubisoft knew about this glitch, they should’ve fucking fixed it before they released the game. Fuck Ubisoft. Ubisoft are fucking cunts

  • Shane Morgan

    ps4… got to the online contracts tutorial and when trying to select it wont let me select anything at all. restarts do no good. ive been stuck since release day. fuck this game/ i wanna refund.

  • Malebranche

    PS3, just got hit with this glitch. Online match where someone invaded me to install the backdoor, I fell off a ledge and died. Came back… With nothing.

  • Alloutpro

    Happened to me to im on Xbox one. All my guns are gone thats just it for me. I respawed after dying from cops when someone invaded my world. All i had was default outfit on and the a pistole. All other guns were gone…

  • Ed

    Just happened to me on 360

  • Chriss Rodriguez

    I have the same issue on ps4 !!! I can’t use any skills I have none of my old guns and I had all the guns in the game so I’m down to no weapons I can’t hack gates bridges steam pipes any of that I can’t hack into cars my players smashing windows , it sucks !!!!!

  • MGuest

    Xbox One – exactly the same as the excerpt from above. I had finished the game’s main story quest and was playing multiplayer (specifically tailing). Got caught during the tail, killed (being shot unlike many who seem to have been melee), and respawned within my game with everything reset. My progress within the game was still there ie. had all the skills, progress percentage was correct, and going to the gun store indicated that I had purchased all the weapons there already (could not see prices on any of the weapons). Even though the game seems to be where it should be, I have only the starter pistol and lures, am breaking in the glass to get into cars, and have no multiplayer options available. Because I’ve already finished the story line, I have no way of testing how this impacts single player play. In short, Watch Dogs seems to vaguely remember that I played the game but is otherwise treating me as if I just turned it on….just without any single player features.

  • ivo

    the same problem in PS3

  • Noiz503 .

    It just happened to me on ps3 it’s pretty annoying I beat the game and now I have one pistol and my skills are lit that I have then but won’t work not even getting in the car without breaking the window.

  • nguk

    i got issues with Xbox 360 got very far in the game stuck on mission where T-bone say i will show u but doesn’t get remote out to blow up
    robots in scrap yard just stand there i cant continue the mission

  • Christopher Nieves

    Yep. . this just happened to me on my PS3. I bought the game off the PSNetwork.

  • Michael De Keyser

    Just had that shit on PC. still not fixed…

  • isko

    had the same situation on ps4

  • Russell Gorall

    Had all my guns disappear on a PS4 save. I’d rather something be done quickly in terms of a patch instead of being told to back up my saves, as I have no PS Plus and am lazy.

    At what point was a good idea to have all gun shops not be able to sell you the guns again? I imagine this is a wide problem as it affects at least Xbox One and PS4.

    • Guest

      You don’t own a PS4.

  • Roth33

    I literally just had this happen to me on the xbox one. Is there no fix??

  • puppet

    I’m having the same issue with ps4 system it happen after a decryption match

  • cesar E

    I got the same issue on my ps4 and now I can’t play online.

  • AP

    This just happened to me today. I cant hack anything and all my skill that i ahve unlocked are still showing they are unlocked yet i cant use them. I cant progress in the story because i cant use the profiler and i cant go online. When i look at the online contracts page it just says that i need to finish the tutorial and “they cant hide.”

  • Luis

    It happened to me. I think it happens to anyone playing the tailing contract because that seems to be the common problem area. No longer playing this game because of it.

  • Mike

    Same problem for me except I lost my campaign progress too!

  • Shaun Kingi

    I just experienced this bug. PC had a crash while i was loading up so i restarted my pc and it my saves wernt synced so when i go to revert my save data it says it may be corrupted an now i have to start a new game.. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!

  • OwenMalz

    Same Problem here on ps4.
    After i got Killed in an online Observation everything was lost… Pretty Bad…

  • Snipes1096

    So i thougt the bug was fixed

  • Snipes1096

    I don’t know why but i can’t get my weapons anymore i bought the game after the release date and played it out.

  • Snipes1096

    My ps3 has the same problem

  • Scottt

    Lost everything on the ps4 version πŸ™

  • farsizzle

    I just got this game breaker glitch and I’m about ready to put my controller through the wall. I left an online decryption match after winning and now every single one of the skills I’ve unlocked can’t be used or unlocked again, I can’t play multiplayer, I can’t even hack an NPC anymore so pretty much I’m just running around with the ability to do absolutely nothing. Can’t continue any missions since I don’t have the ability to hack which is just fantastic. Love this game but this is just one of the many bugs I’ve encountered that have truly pissed me off. Another was when the person I was trying to hack in an online hacking session ended up jumping off a building and committing suicide which counted as me killing him for some reason and I lost 313 notoriety points.

  • HudahRyu

    I’m dealing with the same issue. I finally died in an invasion last night. I had all weapons unlocked, almost all my skill upgraded. Now when I log in, All my progress is shown but I can only using basic hacks in free roam. I am however able to pick up guns from defeated enemies, even if I already unlocked them.

  • Le Dude

    D:! his happened to me! I put my computer to sleep while I had watch dogs on on accident, went away for a while, came back restarted watch dogs and I could only make a new game! πŸ™

    • Le Dude

      Actually, I cant even make a new game. It just finishes loading and then shows a very fainted watch dogs map! πŸ™

      • Russell Gorall

        That is beyond a horror story. Literally not being able to play it.

  • Reinka0s

    Has anyone tried to upgrade the hacking tree after the progress loss? I dont know but maybe that will trigger the phone back working?

  • K-dog

    Freezes at load…90%. Don’t buy this game. It’s super annoying. I haven’t even played multiplayer on this yet. I wish I can go back in time and tell my future self to not be an idiot.

    • K-dog

      Oops I meant past self…lol.

  • Ross S

    I get random issues with an online player being glitchy like in the final seconds of a hack when you know where they are I’ve had a few times where there was no person and right as I failed they appeared and dissapeared in front of me like a strobe light and then I just lose but the game goes on and doesn’t affect me really. Just wasted time on something impossible because the online play is weak.

  • Reinka0s

    If Ubisoft dont fix this today we should all call them and demand a refund, Lets do this for the gamers. We refuse to be treated like this!

  • KnightKiller312

    This just happened to me on my 360. All my skills are gone and I can’t do anything in the game. Now all the time I spent into this piece of shit game was all for nothing. Thanks for making another disappointment of a game Ubisoft!

  • joe

    I just woke up this morning and it said that my Campaign is unable to load

  • Toshiro Hiroyuki

    i got this on 360 i cant repurchase weapons but skills are the same

  • Danny Haxton

    It just happened to me on my PS4. I was tailing someone online and i got killed. I spawned in my default clothing lost all my weapons and hideouts. all my progress and skills are there but they dont mean anything now.

  • Random person

    Same thing happened with me on the ps4 and I can’t buy the weapons back, there’s no buy option

  • Alex

    I lost all my progress please help me

  • Laura Ann Parker

    im on the ps3 i was invaded and i tried running out of the zone purple one ran towards a river fell and died lost all weapons and usuable skills everything else is there thats what you get with auto save features i hope they fix this or i want fulll refund ubisoft sort it out

  • Levi East

    I fixed mine by changing the difficulty, the putting it on stand by and started it up again.

  • Nikoliezed

    For people who having trouble re equipping old weapons i found that when you open the gear wheel and go to a weapon, if you have multiple of that type(like 2 Smgs) arrow keys should show up and you can cycle through them.

  • Collin Furrows

    PC Version I still have my unlocks in the tree but i can use them or craft new items

  • UK Server

    This has happened to me also near Act III, Game shut off my ps3 = Restarted = Corrupt save data = New Game. This happened 2/6/2014 around 3:00pm

  • joachim

    Ps4 just happend. I’ve lost almost all my guns and some of my hacking skills… :'( hope ubisoft soon will find a solution to this problem cause it’s ruining the game!!!

  • Reinka0s

    I have talked to Ubisoft about this progression loss. They said alot of ppl is calling in about it and they are working for a fix at this moment. Guys we have to wait:( I cant see how they will be able to fix it tho…. I refuse to play it ALL over again. They also said i should try copy my saved data to a USB and delete some and try find a corrupt file. But it dident work. I want to play Online so fking much….

  • leslie

    Got discovered and killed while tailing someone online, respawned in free roam, all my weapons were gone, outfit was default, and all my skills ,crafting and such that I had unlocked were still unlocked in the skill tree, but I can not use them.

  • Guest

    I have the ps4 version and Aiden’s phone is not working (profiling, hacks and hideouts locations), but it kept my progess, outfits and weapons. The fact is that without being able to profile the (regular or extra) missions become impossible. Will I have to start the game again? Is the bug fixed?

  • Jake

    i just got the issue on my xbox 360 version. All of my guns, outfits, and most importantly my skills are now locked up. I can’t believe that a bug of this magnitude was in the game when it was released!

  • Guest

    Yo man I can’t even start a new game because of the 90 percent glitch

  • Guest

    I played offline and had the 90 percent load glitch. The glitch started around act 3

  • rarobo

    I crashed during a poker game was not able to bet fold or interact in any way apart from hacking the camera and viewing other players stress levels. So now i am stuck in a game with guys shouting at me and telling me to hurry up. Any Help?

  • Pinquin

    Dame at ps4 90% of loading freeze bitch

  • DGraves

    I’ve got this weird glitch (or what I think is a glitch) on act 4, mission 1 “Someone’s Knocking”; it’s when the hacking screen comes up the movement for my mouse cursor becomes near nil and takes forever to move it to one point or another. I’ve looked it up but can’t seem to find any forums or help topics on the subject.
    I’ve fiddled around with the sensitivity, restarted the game and even rebooted my PC. But it persists. So I’m trying to figure out if this is something part of the game or if I’ve encountered some glitch.

  • nicko

    how do you play as t bone i got the DLC now what i dont see away to play as hin on xbox one

  • Joe

    Game breaking for sure. I encountered this exactly. I can’t use any old guns, go into multiplayer… old way of breaking in cars. I will not play this game until its patched.. i was having soo much fun, wow. thanks ubisoft.

  • Randell

    Whenever I disable a helicopter it sounds like the L-Train’s hack stop. I also can’t find anymore trains

  • Vincent Campos

    I had this issue on the 360 version after being invaded and dying I entered back in to free roam everything was gone and I had to start over been making copies of saves ever since

  • brandon

    Made it to act 2 and quit playing. Tried to load my game later and it stops at 90%. Ubisoft needs to fix the issue or give out refunds.

  • Matthew Slater

    My game will freeze temporarily several times during game play. Not sure if it’s watchdogs or my xbox one

  • Hidden Sniper85

    Yep, happened to me on Xbox 360, first i got a bounty from a blume affiliate then was attacked and lost, all my weaps, outfits, and abilities were GONE, i couldn’t access any multiplayer features either…. i was also at 80% completion of the game, and the the rest i needed to do was online πŸ™

  • TySki

    I play on ps3. I got invaded, And died. I respawned back in the original outfit, with only the default pistol, all skills showing unlocked but not working, so no crafted hacks available. Still have all my notoriety points, but when I try to request an online match it says I have to wait for the online hacking tutorial again, even though I am far past that point in the game. And when I reached the Campaign marker to start my next mission, the triangle button prompt does not a appear, so I cannot begin the mission. This suckss, I’m on my second story play through, was going for platinum trophy this time.

  • Maurice DaVon Bowens

    Mine jus did too xbox one version got all the hot spots too very pissed

  • William

    It just happened to me on PS3 edition. I died during a hacking match and noticed all my weapons and unlocks were gone. I quit my file and reloaded to see if it would come back but nothing.

  • Carlos Jose Reyes

    Am also having the same problem i was playing a online hack match and at 89% of the hack i got discovered and killen wen i respawnded back to my campaign i didnt have my weaponds or my gadgets also had my default outfite and I cant go to any online match or play the next capaign mission that is Gramas Bulldog

  • Andrew A

    Found all six bodys for “Missing people” mission and got no phone call from the killer, to finish that mission…i’m guessing a bug or something, i hope there’s a update soon.

    • Tracy

      had the same thing but thinking its becaouse i did it while still in act two and im guessing you did two seeing that two of the investigations did even show on my map

  • M

    Lost the savedata yesterday : got mssg can’t load savedata it’s missing or corrupt. So I started new game -.- ( Xbox360)

  • watch dogs sucks

    same here on xbox one!!! cant play it any more so pissed off

  • ren

    yeah i was playing on xbox 360 and lost ALL game data – i opened the game and pressing “continue” wasn’t an option. i was playing single player.

  • Me

    I spent 40 hours playing this game, 79% unlocked almost got everything, and now everything is gone after playing an online tailing match and got killed. I can’t do shit, I’m really mad and I’m not going to start it again. Ubisoft must fix this as soon as possible, I even bought the season pass.

  • Frost

    I played 20 hours on the PC. And it happened.

  • jon

    i was being hacked by an online person and when i found him, he ran off and jump off of a bridge and landed in water whereas i jumped off after him and hit the beach and died, when i re-spawned, there was the white countdown timer box reading 2 seconds, paused at 2 seconds until the next time i had died, and then i lost all of my gear when i did the prison mission, after the prison mission is when i noticed that i can no longer control garage doors or any kind of gate like i used to be able to, nor bridges, and the weapons that i’m stuck with are a pistol, shotgun, and sniper, all unsilenced and i visit the gun store and idk how to re-equip any of the guns that i have previously bought, if i can even get them again, i haven’t seen the option to pick up and enemy’s weapon either, I am having these issues on the 360, and i literally bought the game yesterday for $65 and it’s already fucked up

  • jon

    i had the same issue as the guy on pc with the addition that bridges no longer work as well

  • Brett

    On the PC I have an issue, after jordi gives you the “Car App”, everytime I try and open a car, or bike my smartphone app pops up which I then have to escape out of to continue my job. That smartphone app keeps popping up everytime I change my weapon, get into a car, draw weapon and so forth. This glitch works with both the PS4 and XBOX360 controllers on PC. Help.

    • Sam Harrison

      I’m having the same issue, on P.C with 360 controller. Happens with keyboard too.

    • Sam Harrison

      I just verified the integrity of game cache through Steam, didn’t find any bad files but it seems to be fixed now so I would give that a go.

  • ipoke

    This happened to me on xbox360
    today, finished the campaign yesterday…

  • desperate dan

    can’t play on ps3 as I can’t get past the press x at the beginning

  • Chris

    Died in online decryption, loaded back into single player only to find that my hacking abilities, safe houses, online access etc… nothing worked. It was if I just barely started the game up because when I go to access online it says ” I need to do this mission to unlock” which I have already done seeing as my progression bar was at 50% already.

  • Ghost

    I was on playing xbox 360 when I got invaded and I accidentally died. I respond in free mode and all my stuff was gone.WTF

  • Ryan Sizemore

    PS4 just happened. Very Very upset Ubisoft. The first game you make with few in game glitchy control issues and this bullshit. long winded sigh.

  • Garrett H

    Just happened to me on XBOX 360. Damn this sucks…

  • Justin Sharpe

    And I’m on the ps4….

  • Justin Sharpe

    Shit, this same shit happened to me after losing tailing mission online. Fuck, just when I thought this game was amazing, it fucking shits on me!

  • daybv80

    i got the same problem… got killed while tailing someone and respawned with no guns, no outfits, no perks.. even smashing windows to get into cars..
    Xbox one

  • GK

    Lost all of my skills

  • Guest

    I lost all my weapons except my unsilenced 9mm. I am beyond mad at this point I cannot disable a copter use blackout or anything! Ubisoft please fix the breaking bug I don’t want to restart my storyline!

  • xpainx3

    I’ve been playing on xbox 360 I lost my old guns plus some of the guns I bought I can’t unlock gates so I’m stuck on a mission and some of my powers that I unlocked I can’t use this really is annoying

  • Bob the Builder

    I got this on PS4, i have no guns ( although I can pick some of them back up by doing some side missions when killing enemies). My skill points also don’t work. This really needs to be fixed as I cannot progress further in the story as I need to open a gate! This is really quite a game breaking bug. Needs to be looked at.

  • thatguy

    it happened to me on ps4

  • Jonathan Styles

    This bug just happened to me on PS4, Was in multiplayer and out of nowhere I lost my multiplayer guns. Went to singleplayer, I have all my notoriety, skills, hacks, outfits, but my profiler will not work at all or in any case, I can not access multiplayer anymore. Tells me to complete the mission that introduces multiplayer but I’m already so far in the game. Hopefully a patch will soon come out, would love to finish the game but if not, I’m returning it. Very sad about this bug.

  • Thot James

    Same!! I thought I was alone

  • that guy with a problem

    It just Happened to me on xbox 360

    • the same guy with the same pro

      for any one out there who hasnt gotten this bug DONT CONNECT TO THE UBISOFT NETWORK WHEN YOU PLAY IT RUINS EVERYTHING

      • same guy

        now i cant even do the campaign because i cant open the container door to the bunker

  • GamingRich

    Call Ubisoft on WEEKDAYS dumbs hit right but here as the number 919 460 9778 Had the same problem I HATE IT

  • relentless hound

    This exact thing just happened to me on my one. Have all guns and all skills and yet cant use anything i dont even have the ability to profile people and hack anything at all from bridge to gate whether phone is out or not please fix really dont want to restart….

  • Guest

    Same thing happened to me on my PS4 today. Can’t get online as need to complete the first mission of campaign but it says I can’t do this as I’ve already completed it!

  • p3n0z4h13

    Well fuck this shit, i was playing the game had almost all guns / clothing, had alot of hacked money, finished the backseat driver mission, and was going to join the next mission, when i was near the marker of the mission i turned around and BOOM BLUE SCREEN, so my pc restarded logged in to steam and uplay and gues what, the southpark joke was there AAAAAAANNNDD IT’S GONE, can’t load or restore any savegame.

    This sucks so much i hacked over near a million dollars and bought alot of shit, and now it’s all gone, first 2 days no way to get online and now this, i can tell you i’m pretty pissed off at the moment, this game got delayed for months cause they want to deliver a product that was finished, well done!
    Like this is the only problem uplay has, always problems with uplay, it is getting worse and worse while people are paying alot of money for a game they waited along time for, explain this shit i had it with uplay, fuck this shit.

    • p3n0z4h13

      Don’t censor this, i payed for this game, fix it, i lost everything

      • p3n0z4h13

        Why the hell can’t i load my cloud savegame

  • Ben Clarke

    on PS3 it happened to me, exactly like the first guy. It is irritating not being able to do anything and I think it is tied to online trailing

    • that guy with a problem

      its tied to online period if your playing while connected to the uplay servers than its bound to happen eventually. i was being hacked by some ass hole right as i wanted to start a mission and he started this whole problem for my

  • Guest

    Xbox one and I can’t seem to get the “Clara Lille” outgoing call box to get off my main screen. Also, when I play the “thanks for the tip” mission it lets me get all the way to the phone hack and then it doesn’t let me hear the phone call or advance me to the next part! I’ve done everything I could think of from cleaning the disc, restarting from a previous spot and turning the whole system off. Nothing works, help!

  • James Ling Vance

    i have ps3 and when i’m at the main menu and press X, the main menu just restarts and tells me to press X again. Anyone else with this problem?

  • Chris

    Just had the same f’n glitch on ps4 and it happened in almost the exact same wat. RAAAGE

  • guest

    cant play online either. i was at 48% progression and now i have to start over. this sucks

  • guest

    lost allmy guns and i cant get them back from the store plus some of them are rewards from mini games and theyre not even in the store.but i lost all my hacks

  • guest

    this just happened to me im on ps3

  • JK

    Jus happed last night. I missing all the gun after I died.
    On PS4

  • Asdfgh

    Same here on ps3 all my weapons are gone and i cant go online. This bug is killing me.

  • thatguy

    I think I might be the first one with this problem on ps4, so I can happen on ps4

  • jayPst

    i’ve lost all my weapons , my skills and not longer play online . hope that something will fix that … don’t want to restart all over again . im on PS4 though.

  • Connor

    Just happend to me on the ps4

  • XxRNCxX

    Same experience but I quit the game took off for like 20 mins went to go play an won’t fully load an while it didn’t load it gave me a achievement

  • Vincent Valentin

    The same damn bug is affecting me I cant even finish a simple hack in campaign, im pretty much down to nothing, it seems everything was going great up until i played online, now I cant do anything besides drive a car, great.

  • Sai

    Happened to me on PC. Lost all my stuff and can’t play online. Will try to reinstall and see what happens.

  • Travis Vetter

    This is the exact same thing that just happened to me on my PS4 version! I was tailing someone when discovered, they killed me, and when I spawned I had the default clothes, none of the hideouts or any marks from any cTOS centers or towers were marked on the map anymore (but still there when I went and searched for one, and all my clothes were still in my wardrobe). My skills still showed bought, but when I tried to use any, its was like I didn’t have them. Aiden went back to breaking windows, I only had lures and the PX-90 but lost all my other weapons. I couldn’t access multiplayer anymore either… I was basically back at square one equipment and multiplayer wise. And restating my system and game didn’t work.

  • Spini555

    I fixed my game on Xbox one doing a hard reset and unplugging the power cord for 5 min. Then when I stated Watch Dogs back up it loaded everything fine. S

  • Phillip!!

    It just happened to me on my xbox one…

  • Bryan Lee Orwin

    Hi all im on ps3 been playing watch dogs half way through and wen i try to load my saved game get stuck and wen i go to quit game it reboots my ps3 completely come ubisoft pull ur finger out

  • Josh G

    Just happened to me yesterday. Was trying to connect to an Online Tailing match, got an error on screen, then after that all of my unlocked perks stopped working and all of my items were gone. I couldn’t craft any new Jam Coms or Grenades. Nothing I tried could restore them. Before I started a new game, I also noticed that I couldn’t interact with objectives essential to mission progression in my campain missions.

  • BRAXTON8514

    I have played the Xbox One version of this game for several days without incident until yesterday when I finally did the Uplay thing. I also did the online invasion shut off after reading some bad reports related to that feature. NOW, I’m having the same saved game reload problem I’m hearing so many of are having. Ubisoft should investigate both of these legitimate game actions to see if one or both is causing this and other problems. They need to build back up their game design integrity if they wish to enhance their already huge profits in the future. Some small recompense to help satiate their inflicted clientelle would also be in order.This game seems pretty cool to me so far. I hate to see this happen at the outset to a fun and potentially profitable game franchise.

  • Chase

    yes PS4

  • Becca

    Cannot complete campaign, without the profiler. Looks like it’ll have to be a restart! Takes the absolute piss.

  • EricT

    Just lost all of my guns, equipment, ability to play any multiplayer, and ability to get any of it back. PC here. Happened after I died while tailing a guy.

  • Rocktheicon

    yes Mine wont let me save Tbone either it just says protect. Now I killed him for the first 2 challenges on the level but the third is stuck on PROTECT.
    Dammit UBI can I get some protection?!!!! I’m getting F##$ked

    • Mikel

      Dude same it’s bullshit

  • DisappointedGamer


    After completion of the two missions titled, “Online Contracts” and “They Can’t Hide”, I was finally enabled to play multiplayer. After playing a bit on multiplayer to test it out, I continued the storyline to progress through the game. Unfortunately, every time I attempt to access Multiplayer, it will tell me that I need to complete the missions titled, “Online Contracts” and “They Can’t Hide”, which I have already completed. I cannot access any multiplayer mode due to this fix.

    • DisappointedGamer

      Due to this glitch***

  • Becca

    On xbox 360. Just playing online, got discovered and died. Now all my progress has gone no weapons, especially the profiler. And also taken me back to a mission I completed a day or two ago.

  • Steve

    Seriously….. I wonder what you all expected from a Ubi Game πŸ˜€ … A
    look in the past shows that almost all of their games had some serious
    bugs at release .. and always … ALWAYS … you wasted time because you
    had to start over again or repeat sequences. Sorry guys for having an
    ironic view on this but I was pissed enough with Ubi games in the past
    so I stopped wasting energy with being angry. πŸ™‚ But believe me, I know
    the frustration.

    But to add something to the conversation
    topic, I play on PS4 and so far the only problems I experience is when
    doing Online Trailing the round starts with massive lags (freeze every
    0.5sec, I would say less than 1fps lol ), impossible to drive fast and
    you have to catch up since the clock is ticking, after around 30sec –
    1min the lag disappear and game runs normal. And the other one is that I
    sometime cant join the queue for online games, just nothing happens
    when I’m in the menu, have to leave all menus do some interactions with
    the world (using ATM or whatever) and then back in the online menu and
    it works again.

    • Steve

      And to be fair, I had also other games from other studios which were buggy at release and which caused frustration. I’m sure Ubi will fix the stuff soon, it’s just a pity that gamers waiting for so long for a release and getting frustration instead of satisfaction. That leaves some bad memories..

  • adam

    I purchased watch dogs fox xbox one and every time I try to play I lose all my progress and and the game starts right from the beginning I thought it had auto save also when I look at my stats it shows I have been playing for 11 hours but always have to start all over again I have swaped the disc for a new one and uninstalled and reinstalled game but no change

  • Aegr

    Has happened to me, don’t know if I can be bothered starting all over again.

  • Matt

    Game broke in the middle of a campaign cut scene now it just freezes at the loading screen. Xbox one. HUGE DISAPOINTMENT

  • Guest

    Just happened to me- Xbox ONE

  • Ivory Ror

    When attempting to fast travel my screen stayed on the black and white city overview for several minutes so I decided to exit to my xbox dashboard. I have attempted to continue my game over a dozen times now and it continually reaches approximately 90% on the loading screen and does not make it the rest of the way. I do not wish to restart the campaign and if this is in fact my only option I demand a full refund for this faulty game and the season pass, and I advocate that others do the same. This is absolutely absurd.

    • Ajoker

      i have had absolutely no problems with the game at all, im on xbox one and its a fantastic amazing game i would not listen to this naysayer! and what bugs do exist will be fixed dont let it hinder your oppurtunity to play an amazin game!

  • Matticus

    Just happend to me on Ps3… well crap..

  • fira

    Im on ps4 and got killed in a failed observation match (i was being observed). When the game reloaded I had no weapons, no skills (they were still on the skill tree though), no more access to online matches, and no hideouts!

  • Astram

    Just got it myself, I found out how to replicate it. Beware of this happening to you! If you happen to die within the last few seconds of the match all your progress will be lost. A more in depth explanation is that if a match your in finishes (i.e. fixer contracts, races, etc) while your dead this issue will occur. I died in a fixer contracts with 4 seconds left, causing me to be at the loading screen waiting to respawn while the game session ended.

    • Spook

      This just happened to me!!! OMG i’m so pissed off right now. is there any solution to fix this problem?

  • Guest

    Im on ps4 i just got to level 50 and took a look at my skill tree i only had auto weapons expert left so i unlocked it by completing NVZN mini game and noticed i needed 5 points to unlock it but i only have 4 so im missing a skill point somehow and theres no level 51 so it must of glitched off at one of the level also i checked my skill tree about every 10 or so level so about 5 or 6 times

  • RIP Nightman

    Yeah I am on the xbox one. I have a glitch where I can’t use my profiler. It makes it so I can’t play the game at all. I really don’t want to have to restart the campaign since I am already so far in but idk what else i can do..

  • zotje

    when the bug will fixed

  • Darby

    Happened to me after HOURS of playing on xbox one. I started a new game because I wanted to keep playing. I’m afraid to play online now. Really sucked.

  • HotshotGnarly

    I’m on 360. Last night I was being hacked by someone. Eventually I found them but was hit by a train. It said I lost and I restarted in free roam. Had no weapons. Couldn’t hack certain things (key points in the game) Couldn’t buy weapons I already had/purchased. So I jus deleted my save and started a new. FML

  • Confirmed on PS4. I’ve lost all guns and unlocked skills. I cannot re-buy the guns at stores or re-unlock the skills.

  • Guest

    I’m on PC and getting stuck in the online contracts screen. I can navigate the screen but can’t click out of it at all.

  • Jason

    i’m play watchdogs on uplay.
    and there is serious problem that i can’t continue my saved game.
    fucking ubi lol

    • Morty

      I just ran into this issue myself, went to continue my game (23 Hours into) and game goes unresponsive when it hit’s about 90%. Not Happy

      • Rza1984

        I can play the campaign but the sec i click to start the music and sounds all cut out and no sounds but looks Flawless on PC




      btw will i need to wait for patch to fix this or do i need to start a whole new game?

      • DeMz

        I’m gonna wait until they fix it. No need in wasting even more time.

  • Obal

    Happened to me, just like in the first described situation. Well, only hope can be our salvation πŸ˜‰

  • max

    I’m stuck on the loading screen, everytime I try to continue my game on PS4. I have already played over 10 hours and I don’t feel starting again. Someone please help me.

  • DeMz

    Happened to me on PS4. I got discovered and killed while tailing. Went back to single player: my skin was set to default, no weapons, skills are inactive even though they’re unlocked in the skill tree, cannot craft items that were unlocked. It’s game breaking really as I cannot open gates and cannot finish some missions. Multiplayer is inactive entirely as I have to beat some of the first missions, that I already did obviously. Now I’m stuck in Act II. Reported to Ubisoft, will se what’s gonna happen. Not feel like re-doing it from scratch.

  • Jake

    Hi I have the game on xbox one, love it great game, however when I click continue it just loads a bit then gets stuck towards the end left xbox on for about 20min no load. Doesn’t seem to load and frankly I don’t want to loose my data so I’m not wanting to click new game

  • Rick Vermeulen

    Well i have a problem with watch_dogs too

    i have everything just normal except.
    i cant go to free roam

    i have already past the level where you unloack everyrhing for multiplayer and i have it on the grid but my free roam on the grid is missing i have the race and everything but i cant find the free roam in the top left corner

    please help

    this also happend to my younger brother


    we both have a playstation3

  • Daniel Herlufsen

    I stopped playing turned off my ps4 and the next day I got an error message (WS -37504-9) Now I can’t play anymore. Loading screen gets stuck about 95% in.

  • tyler

    Second day playing and lost all my guns and can’t play online. Can’t craft anything anymore. Playing on ps4. Worst bug I have ever experienced.

  • leungster

    This just happened to me on X1, i was hacking another player and i accidentally killed myself. reloaded the game, and no weapons, no hacking abilities.

    This is bull****, all that time wasted..sigh..

  • Dean Ziebell

    I have an issue with a mission, protecting t-bone, he moves to the first checkpoint then he doesn’t move at all

  • Scott

    Same done 15missions saved it come bak went to continue and only loads bout 80%

  • felton

    played a mission online, quit early to play with a friend…started feeling an awful pain in my bum region, noticed i had been screwed right in the b hole by this bug….no guns, no hacks, cant even do online anymore because it says i need to finish the tutorial before i can do it….screwed

  • ZeDesmond

    Just happened to me on PS3, Just finished playing online and when I started on campaign ACT 2 all my weapons,hacks,costumes are gone including the fukking online! It said that I need to finish a mission on ACT 1 but Im already on ACT 2 WTF is wrong with UBISOFT?!

  • player

    Im playing xbox one left a online match only to discover all skill points had been reset and for some reason can still use the skills even though my skill tree says I do not have them

  • TMF

    On PS4 I have an issue with rescuing T-Bone after I’ve killed everyone he wont move and it just says protect

    • SOUL Lgeionary

      Same problem

      • Marcus Γ–stgΓ₯rd

        Ditto, either of you two fixed it somehow?

    • Stephen

      got it fixed… when t-bone doesnt move, the music is playing and all men are dead. i got onto a bike and rode away out of the mission area until the time ran out (failed mission) when it restarted it continues from the last point and he goes towards the last bomb

      • Mikel

        I tried that and it didn’t work πŸ™

    • nguk

      same here T-bone say i will show u but doesn’t get remote out to blow up robots in scrap yard just stand there i cant continue the mission

    • Mr Alle

      TRY TO RESTART THE GAME IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! Like my comment if it works!

      • Ben

        this worked for me. thanks pal πŸ™‚ !

      • Brett

        What do u mean restart? Reload from last auto save?

  • anonydog

    Guys is anyone getting crafting bug? I can’t seem to scroll the craftings :/ on pc :(((

  • Katsumi Michishige

    I’m playing on the PS3. Load times are atrocious (freezes game every 2-4 seconds while driving), whenever ther is dialogue all audio cuts in and out, and during cutscenes characters and objects they are interacting with will flicker in and out of existence, sometime clipping through furniture/walls.

  • Andrew T. Brinkman

    It’s happened to me on pc where I was still testing performance but the game froze and when I went launched it again, everything including the saves, difficulty, graphics setting etc… All of it was reset to default, hitting continue resulted in the game starting from the beginning.

  • techieguitarist

    I have this issue every time; I got the game on release (for PS3) and it has not saved any progress beyond the first mission, even after completing other missions, obtaining items, upgrading skills, etc.

  • anjam

    That did happen to me on ps4 I got killed by the police while I was getting hacked and all my weapons went

  • Seriously? My name?

    Started a new game, playing 100% without internet now and so far no problems… Will keep posting if anything happens

    • Seriously? My name?

      All my errors stemmed from someone attacking me – I loaded back into my world with no guns, and most of my hacking powers were inoperable… Attacking isn’t the only way to have a glitch occur, defending yourself alone can ruin your game experience… I highly advise playing offline until a patch is released; again I’ll keep posting if anything happens during my ENTIRELY offline gameplay.

  • Me?

    i was playing today on xbone started doing the mission with jacks on the train, as soon as it went to the cinematic my game started crappin out, booted me right outta the game entirely. i started watch dogs back up and its stuck on the loading screen about 95% of the way finished. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing. this is brutal.

    • jb

      Same issue here on ps4

  • makemeasandwich

    Just happened to me on X1… fucking garbage.

  • PaurixC

    Yeah I just got it for Ps 3 everything was going h perfectly until a guy jumped into my game and hacked me, since then I can’t hack anything except traffic lights and people, but things like spikes and other road traps don’t come up at all, I was also reset to my default outfit and lost all my weapons, none of this critically effects my game but not having the silenced pistol is something I miss and come of the fixer challenges are quiet tough with out certain hacks!’

    Some patches would be nice for this, please

  • Ruoyu Li

    i have the pc version and the game is stuck on online contracts screen. can’t exit or enter anything!

    • Parco

      same here, i had problems originally getting online, but when im finally got in online mode i got stuck in the online contracts screen as well.

    • thomas

      same here

    • Reno Sparx

      I have the PS4 version and this just happenned to me. I can not do a single thing, but reboot the game…only to be locked into going back into the Online Contracts, and getting stuck once again…..what the h***

  • OrchidEater

    This just happened to me. Retail copy on PS4. Noticed it after being killed while tailing someone, though did not notice it right away.

    Can’t craft anything other than lures, can’t hack bridges, etc breaking car windows, etc.

  • Nico

    X360, just got the bug. Skills are maintained, but weapons are erased. Only default pistol and uplay pistol are available. Went back to the gun shop, and all my old guns are bought, just unusable. Anything?

    • Dan

      same thing happened to me excpet i kept all my weapons. the ones i just bought ACR, ASTG-12, M107 before i got in game hacked are gone it shows i bought them but i cant equip

  • guest

    On fot the portfolio, T-bone wont move

    • guest

      For the portfolio*

  • Nathan Lucking

    Haven’t had this bug yet but seen a few graphical bugs and one game play so far; some cars body can pass through other cars without causing an impact, some items (in my case a railing) can get stuck in the car (and player) models, on the online contract introduction mission I have killed the other hacker (meele) opened the tutorial pop-up but the object to kill him is still stuck on the map and the mission wont complete. I filled him with some extra lead but that didn’t fix it.

  • Henry Phillips

    cant holster my gun =(

  • Marley

    This is bullshit I can’t get on the game ATall go to continue and it just gets stuck on the loading screen never loads past 3/4 Wtf ? Taking this piece of shit back later next gen my arse gta 5 is better than this wank

    • mick

      hi, what platform are you playing on. this has happened to me after over 14 hours of game play. it gets stuck on loading screen when i continue, btw i’m playing pc version.

      • Matt

        Same thing’s happened to me bub. Starting new save…

    • Diego

      Same problemas here, on Xbox 360.

    • Jakobp182

      Same it is pissing me off

  • Kyle

    The issue I have is my save failing to load it get 9/10 of the way then stop, it’s annoying because I received the game early and have sunk around 25 – 30 hours into it. My progression was at 85.6% now I’m unable to finish it. this is on PS4 btw!

  • Timothy Maguire

    It happened to me an hour ago. I had to quit my game but came back only to find all my game progress all unlocks and skills are gone and i could not continue where i left off. I have to start a new game. PC platform

  • Watch Bugs

    This happend just now to me aswell!

    after i got defeaded in an oberservation match (i was the attacker and
    got knocked of meele style) cant play multiplayer anymore, cant use
    β€œold” guns mainly i miss the silenced one, all small hideouts are gone,
    my character is smashing car windows again but no alarm goes off, cant
    open gates anymore.

  • Roy Gough

    This happened to me last night. It’s totally unplayable now. Even the phone can’t hack anything anymore.

  • Seriously? My name?

    PS3, I’ve lost all my guns and cannot repurchase them from the gun shop. Everything else is fine. Livid.

  • wickedethicist

    Man, I’d be happy to just get the thing to launch.

  • Oaklandborn

    Mine works but I lost every gun but the px4 and r33 and can’t buy the rest back

  • Haynes13

    I just got on ps4, started up watch dogs, and the game started loading. As it was halfway loaded I got the geoloactor trophy (I’ve played for 2-3 hours total, only side missions) the game did not finish loading and the bar is stuck at a certain point. I’m hoping it fix but after my 3rd attempt I’m not very hopeful

  • Mark Montalbano

    My 360 copy has the same issue, not sure where i lost it all but I can’t hack anything, and all my guns are gone. What the fuck is up with Ubisoft lately. Going to start a fresh game….

  • nik1110

    played for 7h beat first act then went to main menu n redeamed my stuff on uplay then went back into the game n now it just loads ughhh this sucks

  • Damon Berube

    Just happened to me on the ps4

    • Rob

      You might’ve gotten the Error Code 34878-0 which is sometimes the reason of corrupted save files.

    • robert

      Just happened to me xbox one sick of new gen most games bugged up aaaaaaaaa

  • jessica

    played on ps3 fine last night tried to play today and its stuck on the loading screen ugh this sucks. waited all night got to play it once and now suck with black load screen till a patch comes out ugh.

  • Alex Greer


  • Alex Greer

    On Watch Dogs for Xbox One, I cannot ‘hack’ anything in game so it breaks the whole campaign and you cannot do much in free roam πŸ™

    • Alex Greer

      Please let everyone know about my bug so hopefully it can be patched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bksmilton

      Yup, this just happened to me. Can’t do profile, hack, etc. Really sucks because now I can’t progress because the mission I’m in requires hacking a box to move into the next room. Tried getting myself killed, restarting my X1, closing down the game via quit on the dashboard and loading it up again… nothing. Reeeeeally annoying.

    • BROMO

      Having the same exact problem. None of my hacking will work anymore. I’m stuck on “Thanks for the Tip” in campaign mode, I cant hack any cameras, lifts, or anything to pass it. It seems like it happened after an online match. Has Ubisoft recognized this problem? Are they fixing it? This is a major problem!

      • thegmanishere

        has it sorted it self out yet, the same happened to me, I tried ‘new game’ but no luck still, how bout you

    • Wayne Julian

      Exactly the same issue. One thing I did notice is the X/Hack button works to identify serial killer victims (the little magnifying glass icon on map), but nothing else. I tried completing the serial killer mission hoping it might solve the issue, no such luck. The last mission requires you to Profile the killer, and obviously that requires the X/Hack button so no such luck in finishing that. Also, can no longer launch any multiplayer modes, fast traveling via. Train Stations is also unavailable, as are digital trips on the map. Digital trips/mini games do work if accessed via. Aiden’s mobile phone, and the hacking miraculously works during those missions, but when you return back to the mian game, then it still doesn’t work! πŸ™

      Edit: Also, I have the digital version of the XB1 game. Uninstalling that, and then downloading 20GB is no joy on an ADSL connection – which I did anyway, still same issue.

  • Goombaka

    game have stop load on the ps3 version…it just dont load anymore…i can start a new game but i lost the old one

  • Jordo5280

    This just happened to me exiting a multiplayer game during voting…. totally bummed was making good progress too. Damn Ubi

  • Petters91

    Found a few wall glitches and other bugs. Some of the ground textures disappear and you end up free-falling into the mystery land of unable to do anything.

    Also found it to be a bit of a pain with the car engines / movements.

    Oh and the fact that I can’t connect to the Watchdogs Service.

    XBOX 360.

  • mcdicktits

    ps4 says it’s installed, funny thing is i go to play the game and it says “installing 78%” and doesn’t move. might have to fucking uninstall and reinstall… this is wonderful.

    • Chris the man

      Yes the same thing happened to me. I got it in the ps store and after waiting for it to download and install I started to play it and then all of a sudden it says it has to reinstall and it was only 28% complete after 4 hours it’s only up to 82%

    • lookatmenow_bh

      Same here but im stuck on 62% and im playing on the PS4.

  • TeepoDarkwing

    I cannot continue my game. I played right after midnight release till 3:30am and now when I choose continue from the menu the progress bar goes to a specific point and then just hangs. I am playing on PS4.

    • atb601

      I had to start a whole new game, hope it dont happen again

      • Kant Immanuel

        it happend 2 times for me..hate hate hate

  • Datignantmofo

    lol I am so glad I did not pick this trash up

    • JetLife

      Why the fuck are you on here then dumbass?

      • Datignantmofo

        to see what bullshit has surfaced and you?

  • Anthony Pungitore

    I’m having controller problems with my xbox one version of the game, about every half hour or so the “please turn on controller” screen comes up but the batteries are fully charged and are in properly so i turn off the controller and turn it on again and can play normally for about another 20 mins or so till it happens again. This problem doesnt seem to happen with any other games

  • catman135

    It just happened to me…..

  • Guest

    PS4 got no issue so far

    • TroyDowns

      I got issue with the PS4, got the gun, car n atm boost from uplay, turned off n back on n now I can’t get past the first loading screen.

      • Atb601

        same on xbox one, stopped playing to skype now stuck on initial loading screen after hitting continue. trying uninstall reinstall now

        • TroyDowns

          Already tried that myself, didn’t work. πŸ™ I miss my spider tank.

          • Matt Marshman

            I am in the same boat for Xbox one…

          • Darron Durbin

            Same here, was 53% done with campaign also

          • zac

            that happened to me i unplugged the power from the console then put it back and was able to reload my game

        • Noah

          Exactly same thing on Xbox 360. Was playing by myself when I started to get invaded. (I was in the middle of cop chase, far away from the hacker) then got killed. Respwaned with nothing.

          • thomas read

            This is exactly what happened to me.

        • damn unlucky

          same thing with PC version….

        • Lennon

          Did it work when you reinstalled it?

      • Rob

        That is usually the sign of corrupted save file. Did you get the Error code 34878-0?

      • michael

        same here on ps3

      • Jakobp182

        Same here I have spent too much money on this game and waited too long to play it and I can’t. I’m also on the ps4.

      • Jaydogg

        I got the same issue cant get pass the loading screen on the ps4 version so i try to upload it from my cloud still the same results i guess i trade it off because i had like 20hrs into the game all weapons,most my skills unlock,most cars lost everthing cause the dam screen wont load smh

      • dee9922

        good thing i read this before getting those…thanks, and sorry

    • Stop_acting_foolish

      Bullshit, this happened to me today. Now I can’t hack anything, get online or do missions.

      • ahebbies

        Same with me. Im on ps4. I have everything but now I cant hack in free roam.

        • Ollie Wilson

          Yeah same here! I hope it gets fixed soon as it’s pretty much useless D:

          • Pradeep700

            Yes I’m also here can’t hack anything (PC)

      • Redx

        Same. Xb1 game is completely useless now. Extremely disappointed in Ubisoft and how slow they are to fix this. Haven’t even addressed it yet, trying to save face for sales. Pathetic.

    • Guest

      im on ps4 and the same exact glitch happened to me. allll my guns gear and abilities are gone. and i cant play online. It was done the same way, being meleed in a tailing match.

    • God damn fanboy get out of here

      • Jasper Fennell


    • Peeved buyer

      I had the issue just now, I’m done with this game now, no good guns, no play, might even seel it if it’s not fixed within the next two weeks.

    • Kevin

      Happend to me on the ps4,can’t you delete the update or the file update for watchdogs?

    • Carlos bonilla

      i have the same bug on ps4

    • Dustin Smith

      My ps4 version is bugged bad… After non stop playing for 4 days and beating the game and most of the side missions..(between work and family time that is) I was playin the online 4 vs 4 mode where u fight to hack the target or whatever.. i went to quit the mission and it put me in some sort of online limbo where i have no safe houses to fast travel to, my phone does not hack a single thing…not even a civilian walking by…im back to smashing windows without alarms going off… I cant join an online match…my progress is there in the skill tree and all i still have my outfits and guns and the only missions showing up are the ones i have left which are the fixer missions which are impossible without a working phone to hack stuff to get away with the vehicle i am attempting to steal. This is total BS and they told me to follow the steps in the email they sent me, which was supposed to be easy to follow. It tells me i need a thumb drive and to carry files over and stuff, i dont get it and i shouldn’t have to do all that. After having the game for 4 days now its just collecting dust as i wait for a patch…Im tempted to trade the game in…no point in playing and im not re starting after all the progress i made…this is total BULL!!!

      • Brett

        Literally Exact Same happened to me..

    • Sidney Harding

      just happened to me today on the ps4.

    • Sharon Schiller

      My husband just got on his game this morning to try and play. This glitch appeared, but left him with the bunker still unlocked and his weapons, but all, and i mean ALL skills were gone. Any idea how to fix this? He has the game for the ps4

  • idonteatapigatdinnerxxl

    ac4 had this bug also. Lost all my progress once

  • kkrenee

    Just installed to Xbox One and can’t get past the “press a” menu.

    • nn

      Exactly this but then with the ps4, have you already found a solution?

  • FaceMan|Benny

    I just uninstalled watch dogs (pc) and am now trying a fresh install, massive bugs. amongst several, the worst was my character was always stuck in “aim” mode.. didn’t matter if I used a controller, the keyboard and mouse, nor did it matter closing the game and reopening and making tweeks in the NVidia control panel, my character was just stuck in aim mode, every time I started the game. At first I thought that’s just how it was… which was unsettling, then I had to run from the cops lol and I couldn’t holster my weapon nor run, so I knew it was an error.

  • Dat_Famicon

    i played some this morning and rested right before i quit and i log back in and there is no continue only new game wtf

    • damnit

      Same here, after a game crash I get “Save file appears to be corrupted” and only have the option to start a new game.

    • p3n0z4h13

      Just had the same shit, can’t restore any savegame, i feel pretty screwed, they delayed this game cause they want to deliver a game that was finished.
      This is the last pre-order i am doing that runs through uplay.

  • extermin8or2

    Note to self- don’t play multiplayer as an attacker/observer until it’s confirmed to be fixed lol

  • soapmactavish

    uh oh

  • Dikan45

    That’s not good!!

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