Watch Dogs Leaked And Cracked Ahead Of Its Official Launch Date

What a week it has been for Ubisoft with their Sandbox styled game, Watch Dogs, grabbing the headlines for one reason or another. The game again makes the headlines but this time, Ubisoft won’t be too happy about it as the PC version of the game has been leaked online about 4 days before its officially released.

The game was reported to be available in some countries as the ‘street date’ was broken well in advance by some retailers but there was nothing to “confirm” it. After a couple of days, the “last-gen” version of the game started appearing online and now, the PC version has also been leaked online.

watch dog game

It should be noted that unlike consoles, the PC versions of games are not playable from a legit copy of the game (mainly due to the mandatory key required to ‘activate’ the game). Several modifications have to take place to bypass the protection put in by the developers and this process is called “Cracking” the game. Depending on the game, it can take a few minutes or even a couple of months in some cases! It seems that the protection Ubisoft used was not so tough to beat as the game was cracked today and the PC version was also leaked…… well, today.

The PC version download clocks in at almost 14GB (with the PS3 and Xbox 360 version being 14GB and 15GB respectively). The crackers are busy ironing out the bugs as we speak and despite a few hiccups at the start, the cracked game is now fully playable! Hence the PC and last-gen console versions of the game are all playable and available on different file sharing websites.

Watch_Dogs gameplay

We will keep you updated as more information is available. In the mean time, check out or coverage on the game such as the CPU usage during gameplay or its graphical settings.

NOTE: The information has been provided as news and neither GearNuke, nor it’s authors promote piracy!

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  • Joe Brower

    Game companies have the piracy thing all wrong. Case an point, how many of us played age of empires back in the day and had some really fond memories of said game? I know a lot of people that still play the game. It’s fun because with some wires (or wireless if you are a g) you can play with other people. Being able to lan a game is a dying breed because of piracy. Companies are scared that if they work on a lan component, people will just pirate the game and not even connect to the internet and play with other people. That may be the case, but if you made the game cheaper and enabled offline lan the game would sell for eons. The game would live on for years. I still play age of empires which came out years ago. I just picked up watch dogs and I simply love the game. Game companies need to see the power in selling more copies instead of charging more per copy. If I buy just one copy for myself at 60 dollars then the company makes 60 dollars. If they make the game more affordable and enable offline lan with friends then I would tell my friends that it is an awesome game and convince them it’s worth the money. So if the game cost 30 dollars instead of 60 and i have nine friends that want to play together easily over a lan ubisoft has now made 300 dollars instead of 60. Enabling offline lan would extend the life of the game for generations.

    I love this game and I have been waiting over a year to play it. I would be in heaven if I was able to lan with friends and have a lan party.

  • 11bulletcatcher

    oh and I cant count how many pirate versions made me pre order or shell out the bucks for a game,including this one! before there was demos,now its either pirate to try it out or kinda take a chance..and there’s a LOT of JUNK around these days! maybe thats why they stopped making demos..

  • 11bulletcatcher

    Im just glad I have ALL major consoles for three generations now plus a kickass gaming rig/PC with a controller hooked up,and I do prefer the PC versions whenever possible as the graphics blow away even the next gen consoles..but graphics arent everything..I still play my copy of TIE fighter from ca 1995:) and I love all the platforms:) nice to have options

  • Zenok

    lol ppl talking as if console owners don’t pirate games….

  • pedro

    you cant really play the multiplayer on the cracked version so if you want that you do have to buy it, as i did.

    • Mike Litoris

      Yeah the online stuff looks like a lot of fun so definitely worth buying!

  • phil

    well i have the pirated version and i have preordered the game,

  • Bali44

    One day will come where video game editors will stop making amazing games for PC, I hate hackers!

    • Axe99

      They’ve already stopped making many of the sports games. It’s really saddening. It’s even crazier that so many PC gamers are in denial about the impact of piracy, particularly on big-budget games that have to recoup millions to make money. PC gamers that want big-budget games that take proper advantage of their hardware need to learn that they have to pay for them. As it is, they wouldn’t even have Watch Dogs if it wasn’t for console gamers bankrolling it (and yet they go on and on about consoles holding them back – not realising that without consoles, the range of high-end games on PC would be much, much smaller).

      • alzakiel

        lol but console doesnt even have half the potential of a pc in term of graphic :3… if there wasnt any pc game … well game hacker would be jail breaking every console next-gen after another :3 and yes any security they can put inside a system will have weakness and will end up hacked/cracked whatever x)

        • Axe99

          I’m just telling it how it is – consoles are inherently harder to crack, and the userbase on consoles less interested in cracking in the first place (ie, console gamers don’t screw over developers as much as PC gamers do). It doesn’t matter how much potential graphics your hardware has, if you’re not willing to pay someone to build games that take full advantage of it, it won’t happen ;).

          • Hammad

            you are correct in one sense…. but the point you are missing is the install base between PC and consoles. Even if half the PC users pirate, the total impact would still be more than 100% piracy rate in consoles.

            And we cant stereotype that all PC users are pirates and console users are legit buyers. The fact remains that there are pirates on both platforms but PC is blamed because

            1. Of their huge number
            2. Not being backed by any company to support it (MS, Sony etc)

          • Axe99

            You’re confusing a number of things here:

            – There’s a _huge_ difference between the PC install base, and the number of PC gamers. The active PC gamer install base is likely to be similar to either one of the PS3 or X360 install base – the idea that it’s twice as large is optimistic at best.
            – I never said all PC users are pirates. I’m a regular PC gamer (daily, often for multiple hours) and I don’t pirate – _but_ around three-quarters of the PC gamers I know have suggested getting stuff from a pirate source to me. Unfortunately, the culture in PC gaming has for a long time been similar to the culture for torrenting movies, TV and music – where the non-pirates are considered unusual. Steam and GOG are helping, slowly, but they’ve got a long way to go.

            At the end of the day, it’s a free market – if the paying PC userbase was there, then there would already be numerous high-end PC exclusives under development. It’s noteworthy that Star Citizen, PC gaming’s poster-boy for high-end development, has a budget that’s far, far below the budgets hit on high-end console games (GTA V was $250 million, Star Citizen is sitting at $44 million), and that this has been funded by just 454,000 gamers (so rather than a broad-based crowdfunding by the PC millions of $5-$20, the average SC backer has paid nearly $100 – of which I’m one – I’m not against PC gaming by any stretch). Simply put, if the userbase you suggest exists really did exist, PC gaming would look very different from the way it does now.

  • opgamer

    F**king PC peasant hacker and pirates – pirating is why PC gaming will always die in the long run.

    • Jason Mounce

    • alzakiel

      And probably the day gaming will die with huge income lost .. o/… And we all know they must likely never know how many downloaded a cracked version so they can’t really talk about how much they did loose + some people downloading the cracked version end up buying the game… oh and if pc gaming stop existing .. Be ready every game hacker will try their hands on console obviously…. Stupid Console peasant :3

    • Hammad

      LOL i understand your hate but no, PC wont die……. infact, I even wrote a piece on this topic some time back. You can read that if you like

    • Christopher Durkin

      I believe the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were cracked first just an fyi… however, MOST PC gamers are not pirates much like MOST console gamers haven’t chipped their consoles to play pirated games.