Watch Dogs: New 1080p Direct-Feed Footage Of PS4 Version Released Online

Watch Dogs has proven to be quite ‘leaky’ this week and we have seen some footage from the PS3 and PS4 version of the game. Unfortunately, most of this footage proved to be heavily compressed since the leak started with a Twitch Stream and was the only source of video. Finally, after a lot of waiting, we can appreciate this high quality video of the PS4 version, which is a good showcase of the graphics on the PS4.

You can take a look at this video below, or you can download it yourself(recommended) from the link here.

Ubisoft seems to have a lot of expectations from Watch Dogs as a new IP, and it has also set record for the most pre-ordered new IP from Ubisoft. If this sells well, we can expect to see the series continue in the future.

Watch Dogs is set to release on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on May 27th. It will be released on the Wii U at a later date this year.

What do you think about this new footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Rogue1101

    Anybody else notice in the second video where Aiden is using the ACR there are no sights on the gun at all? It’s top rail is completely empty and void of magpul sights, other iron sights, or any optical sight.

  • REP

    Please upload another HD version without the rain!! Thx

  • :D

    Looks awesome and the dude who uploaded the gameplay just went on one hell of a crime spree lol

  • bruce livingston

    Looks pretty good, nothing incredible, but it’s multiplat, including last gen, what did you expect? lol

  • bruce livingston

    Looks pretty good to me.

  • DLConspiracy//

    Wait… So, 900p footage in 1080p?

  • benbenkr

    People just can’t handle the truth huh? Come back 3 weeks later and there’ll be a million click-bait articles about how Watch Dogs is Fail Dogs or vice versa.

    Sigh gamers.

  • The destruction animations aren’t that great tho….

  • I have no idea what people are talking about in regards to a downgrade. Looks incredible even if it doesn’t look like the 2012 demo. Looks way more realistic than GTA V….

  • HichaM Beta

    pc version will use a large percentage of physx

  • doom guy

    That was pretty sweet 🙂

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Looks incredible on PS4!

  • Francis Jairam

    Looks pretty awesome on the PS4 Forget Resolution and Frame rate this looks amazing.

    • It’s sad how others say something otherwise….

      • dvidvizer91

        Ya it is sad that they don’t know what video compression does. Even this video is compressed, not much though.

        • Nick Lender

          They say the day time in the Game looks Worst Then GTAV, but the night with rain looks amazing… Post day time game play

          • Dadrixx

            Stop quoting this “review”. The guy reviewed a Beta version (with downgraded graphics from the final version), and gave Goat Simulator a 10/10. Just wait for actual reviews, and stop reading click baits.

          • The Man

            Listen to Dadrixx Nick Lender

    • Jack Joyce

      It’s looking pretty dope on PS4/X1.
      I’m just happy I finally got a video with the sexy rain fx from E3 2012. So much for “WATCH DOGS DOWNGRADE”

      • maybe

        The only thing that’s pretty obvious is explosion debris. Regardless though the game still looks amazing and rain effects are awesome. Still can’t wait for this game.

    • Dynasty2021

      Meanwhile, 60+ FPS on PC…

      This looks quite good though, and far more fun that GTfAil.

      • JamesEarlGrey

        Who’s PC? Not mine, that’s for sure. And certainly not most peoples either.

      • ps4lol

        PC and PS4 are different markets with different pros and cons. PS4 has price/performance and simplicity, PCs have a higher potential performance, but generally more expensive and requires time and knowledge to buy, build, and maintain one.

        PS4 is comparable to a mid range PC at 1.84TF. PS4 has some interesting architecture benefits over traditional split CPU/GPU split memory pool PCs, and other customizations. For $400 you get a lot of price/performance, more than a $400 PC would get you. PS4 is better than most PCs. PS4 will have lots of good exclusives, both console only and PS4 only.

        A high end PC beating a PS4 is not an excuse for Xbox being an overpriced and underpowered console compared to PS4. Maybe Xbox will be worth it for exclusives years from now when it costs $270 (about what the hardware is worth in performance), and you can get a bunch of exclusive games cheap. $500? No. Xbox/PC fanboys seem to be on a war on people too poor or unwilling/unable to spend time and money buying, building, and maintaining a PC.

        Both PS4 and Xbox will have good exclusive games, PC is best for multiplatform games if you have the time, money, and effort. My PC is probably better than yours.