Watch Dogs On PC: CPU Usage Shown; Night-time Screenshots From The Retail Version

Khurram Imtiaz

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  • loguerto

    this game needs absolutely to e adapted to a low level api like mantle, the cpu bottleneck is awful!!!

  • DonJohn

    Baby’s stop complain and accept your mother as unperfect

  • ATIMarcos

    downgrade ftw.

    looks GTA IV + ENB and textures high ress, :S

  • Dikan45

    I thought ultra would be a lot better than console!! FFS!!!

    • Tom Cruise

      I thought 633K pixels more and twice the frame rate (and this is just at 1080p 60 fps) would be a lot better than console!! FFS!!!
      But ultra does look noticeably better too.

      • Dikan45

        *Upvotes own comment*

        • Beat

          It’s tom cruise. What did you expect?

  • CalvesSlayer

    That last image looks spittingly like GTAIV on PC.
    The draw distances look good, however

  • Jonathan Morin lied. It looks just like the console versions….Downgraded..

  • dvidvizer91

    wow…besides a resolution boost, and slightly better shadows, this looks exactly like the ps4 ver, why am I not surprised. If you watch any videos of the ps4 version that are not on youtube, horrible compressioned videos, it looks pretty much the same.

    • Clifton Walton

      “Pretty much the same”…of course it looks pretty much the same in low quality internet videos. Same thing happened with AC4, but when I actually played it on PC and PS4 the PC version looked quite a lot better. Even the XB1 version looks pretty much the same as the PS4 version, but that doesn’t mean that the PS4 version won’t look noticeably better while actually being played.

  • REP

    Looking at the screen shots…it doesn’t look much of a difference compare to PS4. In some shots, i still see jaggie edges. It seems like the graphics has its limit and that no matter how powerful the system is…it won’t make it any better.

    • will

      You should see it side by side if you get the chance. Native 1080p with a proper AA solution and double the framerate will certainly make a big difference.

  • Trim Dose

    the only difference I see is a cleaner image, the textures are average, the lightning is also average, the car textures are the same as the consoles. So no 2012 look alike demo, not even for PC.

    lol imagine when we get an actual gameplay running from the console version of the Division, you can confirm is already downgraded.

    • Clifton Walton

      Nope, I’ve actually played the PC version and it looks quite good in person. I’m sure you are Sony fan judging by you avatar so it’s not surprise you want to believe the PC version doesn’t look better or looks bad.

      I also own Infamous Second Son which is the only other open world game on “next gen” platforms to compare it to and I’d say the PC version of Watch Dogs on ultra settings with TXAA looks better overall.

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