Watch Dogs On PC: Full Graphics Settings Revealed; Requires 3 GB VRAM For Ultra Quality Textures

If you were wondering why Watch Dogs is running at equal to ‘High’ settings on the PS4 and Xbox One, these full graphics settings on PC might answer your question.

Watch Dogs is now apparently leaked for almost all the platforms including the PC. As the game is now playable on PC, we should be seeing more direct-feed screenshots of the PC version soon. In the meanwhile, we have got our hands on the full graphics settings menu for the PC version.

watch-dogs-pc-full-settings-2 watch-dogs-pc-full-settings-1

From these graphics settings, we can see that Ultra quality textures are quite costly on PC and require a lot of VRAM in order to run. These VRAM requirements are at the high-end for PC hardware and along with the confirmation of no support for Dual-Core CPUs and less than 6 GB of RAM, this game definitely warrant an upgrade for the PC users, if they want to play the game at the Ultra quality settings.

What do you think about these graphics settings for Watch Dogs on the PC? Do you think you can run it at Ultra quality? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • godda somebody tell me why is it 14 GiB in uplay (Digital deluxe Eu), is it F complete????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i

  • Garzhad

    These requirements are utter crap. I guarantee you can get it to play on less then 2GB at Ultra@1080P if you spend a few tens of minutes optimizing the settings and disabling useless unnecessary crap like motion blur and DoF.

    Especially if you forgo the silly amounts of MSAA and use SMAA/FXAA instead, or combine them with MSAAx2 in lieu of higher levels of MSAA that take exponentially more VRAM to use and look worse.

    Modded Skyrim runs on less then 3GB. FFS, Far Cry 3 on Ultra with the highres pack doesn’t even take 1GB.

    If it Actually takes anywhere near 3GB, it’s because the developers couldn’t code their way out of a paper bag.

  • Mike Perez Kos

    Ultra or high,the game looks almost the same at both settings

  • john tong

    this is nothing but a scam so people can upgrade to TITANS they have joint venture with nvidia for sure, I got a bloody gtx 690 and your telling im going to be bottlenecked of my 2 gb vram? 1080p? last time i checked gtx 690 was killing the titan even on 2 k reso!

  • Alex Fischer

    finally a game that will actually test my pc… why doesnt any of the shots actually look ‘ultra’ though?

  • BaryGusey

    It doesn’t require 3GB of VRAM. I just checked this myself on a GTX 670 with 2GB of VRAM. I can enable Ultra textures and do see a difference. I believe “required” is a poor word choice and should be replaced with “recommended.” Author, you should update your article so that this information can be corrected.

  • Pnes

    I finished the game already and shoved the controller in my ass hole, I got top score

  • Dillan Davies

    3GB VRAM? But the game looks terrible. No seriously, there’s nothing special here graphically. Either this is in place as part of the pre-patch, or we have that cancerous PR stunt of overemphasising req’s to appease the console pubbies. Or Ubisoft finally shot the only person they had who knows how to optimise.

    • Maximilian

      Or you haven’t actually played the game so you don’t know what it looks like.

    • DJRiful

      You judge by “looks terrible” from YouTube videos? Steam videos… are you serious?

      • WatchDogsAwait

        people been playing this game since yesterday. Including myself.

        • Johnny

          Turn the brightness down to 0. The messed up the calibration, and having it at anything but 0 messes the shaders up. When you put in on Ultra with 0 brightness, the game actually looks like in the E3 trailer.


    I’ll smoke this game…..especially if they have support for SLI.

    BRING IT ON!!!!

  • Razma

    just got my 780 ti SC w/ acx yesterday. im ready

    • rock

      Watchdogs stutters horribly at anything with less than 4gb vram at 2560x1440p and 2560×1600 resolution(1080p would be fine), 780 ti only has 3gb vram, in this case amd 290 or nvidia titan would be far far better.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    I’m sure I can’t run the game at all on my PC. 🙂

  • GamerZ Elite

    “Watch Dogs is now apparently leaked for almost all the platforms including the PC. As the game is now playable on PC” I know its leaked on PS3 and XBox360 but on PC, u must be joking.

    • GamersComboPC/XBOX

      its legit…dlin now

    • doombadger

      Yeah I’ve had it over 24 hours now.

  • Dikan45

    Ultra for me

  • HichaM Beta

    im confused
    how the pc version is the best one and have only 14GB
    you know that version ps4 and xbone size is 20GB so how is this happen ?

    • Optimization, I guess.

    • GamersComboPC/XBOX

      no its compression.. its less compressed on consoles so it runs optimally… PC doesnt need such tricks..

    • DJRiful

      Because PC is all compressed and they decompress those files into system RAM and VRAM on the go. Consoles don’t have such power to do those decompress, so it just read those files directly.

    • It is 14 GB packed data. When you install the game, the full size is 25 GB.

      • I’ve it in uplay library and it only hAS ENGLISH and it is 14 gb instslled size is it incomplete? or am I mad?

      • answer

    • WatchDogsAwait

      a lot of you guys are fking dumb ass who answer with no clue WTF you’re talking about. The reason why PC smaller version is because you have two versions of Red Dogs, one is English only and the other is Multi-languages. consoles only have one version which is Multi-languages, which include and texts and voices acting.

      • leeroy

        They are both multi-language, you console kid.

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