Watch Dogs PS4 Install Size Finally Revealed, Digital Pre-Order Now Live On EU PSN

Watch Dogs is an upcoming open-world game which pits us in the shoes of an hacker out for revenge. The game is now available for pre-order on the official PSN store for the EU Region and along with this pre-order, the install size of the PS4 version has also been revealed.

According to the PSN store listing, Watch Dogs will require about 20.4 GB of space on the hard disk. This is quite similar to what we saw on for the Xbox One version of the game, and a little lower than the PC version.


If you are interested in pre-ordering the game digitally for your PS4, you have two choices for the PS4 version.

First is the Digital Classic editon containing the following extras:

  • Access to the outfit of one of the most influent faction in Chicago u
  • Unlock a special weapon boost to increase your shooting skills.

Second is the Digital Deluxe edition containing the following extras:

  • 3 additional single player missions
  • Unlock a biometric weapon, as well as new skills and bonuses.
  • Access new single player perks and skins to strengthen your control on the city and become the most powerful hacker in Chicago.

Watch Dogs will be available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on May 27th.

Are you excited for Watch Dogs on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Alkaporty

    Wolfenstein is 50GB and Watch Dogs is 21GB?

  • Nina Nedsig

    Heyy, anyone know what´s the difference between US Gold Edition and EU Deluxe Edition? Or are they the same?

  • oni83

    I got the PS4 Version for £39 from Tesco Direct and then paid £15 for season pass (well traded some old Blu-rays in for it.) from GAME. So I’ll be staying away from digital for the time being on both PS4 & XBOX ONE.

    • Placebo

      And once you’re bored of it you have resale to make some money back, something you don’t have with digital.

      • oni83

        Very true indeed, Don’t get me wrong I do love having the games that are on my HDD has it’s quick loading and no disc swapping between games. I just picked up both Kill Zone Shadow fall and Dead Rising both under £15 each and in great condition yet both are full price digitally.

  • Placebo

    So the standard edition is £59.99 (or $101.24) from the EU store, but only $59.99 (or £35.55) from the USA store that’s some disgusting price gouging of the EU market and crap that really needs stopping.

    • Dikan45

      Tax man!

      • Placebo

        $41.25 in tax? That’s like 40% no tax is that high!

        • Matheus

          lol That’s because you don’t live in Brazil…

          • Placebo

            True, but it’s ok, I got my revenge on Brazil, I stole one of your women and we’ve been together 10 years this November 😉

          • ThinkB4UType

            He was telling you that taxes are indeed ludicrous in Brazil but your hyper sensitivity and lack of self esteem caused you to react as if it were a personal attack on your internet iq/machismo hence over your head hence fake story about a brazialian gf as being your way as feeling “you showed him” by stealing a woman from his country. HOw did you steal a person btw ? Do you feel like you dont deserve anything good in life hence the feeling of theft? Your storY YoU tEll it

          • Placebo

            It seriously never crossed your mind for one second that I was simply making a light-hearted comment. Guess you were just too eager to post that rambling attack on someone you don’t know.

            Yes of course I know taxes are high in Brazil. I +1’d his comment, I put a wink at the end of my post. Read properly before you make yourself look silly in future.

            And no I didn’t steal my wife from Brazil, she’d already moved to the Czech Republic where we met, I stole her heart but she’d already stolen mine first so it was ok 🙂