Watch Dogs PS4 Day 1 Patch Changelog Reveals AI and Matchmaking Improvements

Watch PS4 is already out in the hands of a couple of lucky users, who seem to be enjoying it earlier than others. While the game’s launch is quite close, just a week away, there is still a Day 1 patch available on the PS4 that fixes some issues.

In this 90 Mb Day 1 patch, we can expect to see matchmaking and AI improvements. Thankfully the size of this patch isn’t as big as the one for Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was 5+ GB on PS4 and 7 and 11 GB on the Xbox One and PC respectively.

This patch info was shared by reddit user ControllerMartin. He also shared an screenshot of the patch with the changelog, as can be seen below.


Watch Dogs is set to officially launch on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on May 27th. Look forward to our screenshot comparison between current generation version and the previous generation version once it launches.

Have you got Watch Dogs on the PS4? Did you notice any improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • SonyElitistGod

    What a bull shit vid trailer you’re using to make a point. I’ve play tested both versions of pc and ps4. Granted the pc version is better but in reality the ps4 version I played was still very smooth and looked great and a lot better then this piece of shit youtube compressed garbage.
    I’ll obviously be running the slightly better version on my quad sli pc rig, but I’ll also get it on ps4 and xbox1 for my younger siblings. Either way we’ll have lots of fun.
    I say to you all right now, you’ll get a fun game with fantastic gameplay no matter what next gen platform you have. Do yourselves a huge favour and don’t get involved in politics.
    I bet you later down the line some other coders find ways to have great dynamic world’s and bump up the res and fps on consoles. I’ll bet my bottom dollar someone will do it due to better 3d engines and tighter use of hardware routines and optimised code.
    Until then however, I’m going to enjoy the games and fuck the flame wars. Trust me it looks great on the ps4 version I played and it has great shading and effects through out.
    Ubisoft can piss off for lying to punters 2 begin with and also, if rumours I heard from various inside contacts are true, ms can too for paying ubi to dumb down the ps4 from 1080p to 900p. Wtf is the industry coming too if that’s true???
    Anyhow none of these minor changes will stop me having fun in a great gaming world across the 3 top platforms.

    • Miguel Ferreira

      So many opinions stated as if they were fact. So much anger. So… WOW