Watch Dogs PS4 ‘Leaked’ Animated GIFs Show Amazing Day And Night Footage

Apparently some lucky individual has already got his hands full with Watch Dogs on the PS4, and he is sharing his videos online. Thanks to this leaker, we can see how Watch Dogs looks on the PS4, and determine it on our own if it is worthy to be called a “downgrade” or not.

Along with a a video, which was captured from stream, he has also shared plenty of Animated GIFs, which showcase the graphical quality of Watch Dogs running on the PS4. Despite the 900p resolution, the game seems to look spectacular.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the game was running at a resolution of 900p on the PS4 and 792p on the Xbox One, both of them are running it at 30 fps. Watch Dogs is officially set to launch on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on May 27th. It will also be released on the Wii U at a later date in 2014.

What do you think about this new footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kyle Barton

    Saddo. Sort your life out LOL 65gb RAM


      Wow amazing people these days……

      Sort my life out for what….? Because I have 65GB of RAM?!


      Again hating is not healthy, so grow up… here you go.

      I don’t know what the big deal is and how someone could be “sad” or needs to sort out their life for the amount of “RAM” they have…. You sir are a pathetic excuse for a human being and makes me sick that I gave four years of my life through FIVE tours to only have sorry asses like you talk down on anything in life….

      Here is a pic “worth a thousand words………………….” or so they say…..

  • awesome.

  • SkoolKidKez

    why have 4K Resolution if you have 8K and 16K in Japan lolol

  • idiot

    congratulations. You have one an award for building/buying the most overpriced, pointless extra horsepower pc.

    • Dynasty2021

      Congrats on your purchase of a dated hardware console that can’t maintain 30 FPS in any game.

      If you had money you’d get a PC.


      Seriously……’s not healthy to hate let alone attempting to make sense with a name like “idiot…..” But to each there own, so yeah good day to you.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Funny how these consoles are supposed to be so much better than the WiiU and yet MarioKart 8 will be 1080p 60FPs even in split screen lol

    • Krirub

      Maybe because Mario Kart 8 has shi.tty graphics compared to next-gen games?
      Low-quality textures, effects, small amount of polygons on the screen, and mario kart 8 is not open-world.

      Watch Dogs with next-gen graphics would run at 360p@30fps on Wii U.

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        I guess we will see when it releases on WiiU

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    The drive gif looks sick.

  • Olek

    This isn’t the beta version, this is the full game that someone got access to.

  • Γκέραλντ

    why dont you show the best version, pc versio?

    • Olek

      Because it’s near impossible to get the PC version ahead of release, all these guys need is to get a hold of the boxed game and install it on their console…unless you get a reviewer copy on PC you cannot play the game ahead of release because it’s protected.

  • Γκέραλντ

    ps4 version looking too flat

  • Dynasty2021

    Genuinely could be a GTA killer.

    • ♥OpTic Gaming♥

      it’s nothing like GTA so you can’t compare the 2 of them !

      • Dynasty2021


        3rd person. Guns. Stealing cars. Based in a city. Nah, nothing like GTA….

  • EverAlwaysRealLife

    Both the PS4 and Xbox1 are weak, 1080p and 60fps should be standard right from the beginning, wtf were these console makers thinking? and Sony and MS want to push 4K into their agenda, console gamers wont see that till 20 years from now while this game already runs in 4K on PC… NO, im not a PC gamer, I own the PS4 and Im a little disappointed, I just hope The Division blows me away and not be downgraded like Watch Cats

    • Dynasty2021

      60 FPS will be out of reach for years.

      Witcher 3 will be 30 FPS.

      The Order will be 30 FPS.

      And on and on it goes. Meanwhile, I’ll be playing Watch Dogs and The Witcher 3 at 100+ FPS at 1080p on my PC.


        I’ll be playing @ 100+FPS and @ 4k on my rig….. I hear you on that for sure….

        • Riiiiiiiight, “100+FPS and @ 4k on my rig” what’s your specs? Right now an R9 290X2 and the newest titan can barely handle 4k gaming at 70 fps. Unless you’re going playing the game on it lowest details with no AA or anything.

          • lawlwut?

            It’s called SLI bro. A lot of people do that now you know?

          • Sketp3k

            A lot of people SLI Titans? LOL

          • ♥OpTic Gaming♥

            yes quad sli

          • ♥OpTic Gaming♥

            Titan Z ^^

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        heh… loool Consoles are killing the gaming industry.. Consoles is what KEEPS the industry going! You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overreacting… well you can enjoy these multiplat games at a better resolution and frame rate than us console gamers but i guess we’ll just stick to enjoying the exclusive extra content for our console of choice…. oh and not to mention the big budgeet AAA exclusives we have.. good luck tryna play Ryse, Gears, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Uncharted 4, The Order, inFAMOUS Second Son loool… but oh yeah can already predict your response…. something to do with Frames per second or resolution right…? the problem is you ‘PC elitist’ think us console gamers care!!! when we console gamers argue we argue amongst ourselves about which console is better which is already stupid but its a valid opinionated argument anyways… YOU PC elitist invite yourself to the argument when NOBODY even invited you or even cares how long you dwell in your man-cave so please just return to the deep abyss from which you came.. sheesh… ¬____¬

        • Dynasty2021

          Consoles limit what can be done in games because the devs only have so much power to work with.

          Ergo, yes, they’re killing the gaming industry as nothing new can be made.

          And don’t bring that graphics and FPS argument BULL to me little boy. When it’s YOU CONSOLE FAGS that are the ones bickering about graphics and FPS on EVERY game so far.

          “Watch Dogs 1080p 30 FPS on PS4, 900p 30 FPS on Xbox”

          “LOLOLOLOLOL PS4 wins again”. Ohhhhhhhhh but I thought you didn’t care about graphics?

          And you say WE are elitists? Take your pathetic hypocrisy somewhere else.

          • Yet you hardly did any research into the fact that most PC games can also be capped at a lower Frame rate… so yeah… wise up you PC Elitist

          • Bumblestumble

            They can TRY to cap it…..but as with the shit Dark Souls port, modders will have it opened up, unlocked, and fixed within a week. Do that on your Xbox, plebeian. Rekt.

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            yeah we bring that argument TO EACHOTHER!!! console vs console! no one mentions PC but you all enter our arguments like hey guys we can play that game a trillion FPS and a squillionP as in ANYBODY in the console war argument even invited you nto the arugment lool.. i think its pretty sad its liek you guys are that kid not invited to the party yet still insists on bragging about how much cooler the party woulda been if you were there BUT you dont really care that you weren’t there.. it just needs to stop! NOW getting back to business.. PLEASE behave about saying consoles hold back gaming and what DEVs can do with the hardware because plain and simple PC still exists and name ONE exclusive that is TRULY revolutionary or even attempts to push that innovation on PC seeing as its soooo insanely powerful…? loool……………………. Yeah… i thought not.. there is more innovation in the Super Mario Galaxy franchise in nearly any game ive played PC or console and that was on the Wii’s specs so please dont bring BS about Power = release of restrictions because that simply isnt the case or we’ would of never had break through games like Mario 64/ orcarna of time when the PS1 itself was more powerful than a N64.. you argument is flawed and PC gaming is fantastic i do not quesiton that but people liek you refuse to see or acknowledge that you have allllllllll that horsepower in your PC but NOTHING!! NO EXCLUSIVE GAME to show the justification for the power lool… so once again nice try and sorry about the long wall of text but you needed schooling from a gamers perspective NOT a spec analyst who can quote and tell you why one machine is more powerful and ‘POTENTIALLY’ better for gaming looool// wisen up dude its ALWAYS about the games nothing more nothing less

        • Aaron John

          Just like in life there’s the super rich 1%, theres not alot of pc owners with very high end systems. Simply put, there is no money in it. Thats why you still see a ton of PS3 and 360 only games still coming out when clearly the next gen has been out for quite some time. So yes in a way its those console peasants that keep the game industry profitable and running. Please don’t put the word “industry” in your comment when you don’t think about the basics of economics “supply and demand”.

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            i hope you realise you just contradicted yourself *sighhh* ¬___¬… you’re saying i cant use the word industry becuase i seem to have overlooked the basics of economy in terms of supply and demand but admit that the PC high-end elitist are like the real world 1% very far and few between… so how LOGICALLY can you say the “console peasants” who represent the other 99% be the ones ruining the industry which liek you say are the consumer in the supply and demand..!? all gamers are the ‘industry’ we are the industry all of us are, but when you say we represent 99% of it what does that tell you…?

      • Yeah i said it

        lol your kidding right? your blind ass obviously havn’t seen the ultra specs for watch dogs. but ill be nice and give it to you
        gtx 780
        8gb ram

        so unless your packing an overpriced sli titan your not 100+ fps this game bud. Sorry. Oh and next time you go to post try to make some logical sense instead of just speaking from your closed window as a pc elitist There has been 0 RAM limitations with the ps4’s gddr5 ram. not one problem. So you can take your over priced pc and shove up your ass you friendless bitch.

        • Dynasty2021

          I love how you know NOTHING about PC gaming.

          I have been a PC gamer for mmmmmm 16 years now or so, and not a SINGLE GAME EVER RELEASED has actually required the recommended specs to max it out.

          They say a GTX 780 is required to cover their asses. That’s a £500 graphics card, to play a game built on a crappy console engine? When a date £350 fail of a console can run it looking pretty good? Are you a moron?

          100% guarantee that people will have no problem maxing this with 550Tis or lower.

          Even Crysis 3’s specs aren’t required.

          They recommend 8GB of RAM? NO GAME EVER has NEEDED 8GB.

          A 4770k? If you weren’t a console peasant you’d know that a 3770k is far less expensive, and is only SLIGHTLY slower IN GAMES. A 4770k is the kind of CPU you buy when you want to play games AND render HD footage at the same time, while on SKYPE and streaming online.

          Something your POS consoles will never do.

          • Kyle Barton

            I have played WD on a i7 950, 6gb RAM and 2x GTX 580s.

            I know its not the best but ive been told I should be ok on High.

            Well High runs like a FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. Like really bad. I have the latest drivers etc too..

            Therefore you need MUCH more then the minimum spec to play this game looking nice and smooth.

            Thats why I will be buying for PS4.

      • You do know the PC version is also capped at 30 fps…

        • Dynasty2021

          You’re a GENUINE fucking idiot if you think the PC version is capped at 30 FPS.

          Who lets these kids online these days?

          The PC version will go as high as your hardware will take it you moron, just like every PC game ever.

          The only time a framerate is capped on PC is when Vsync is enabled, and then it’s locked to 60 because most monitors are 60hz. Mine is 120hz, so my version of Watch Dogs would be locked at 120hz max if I turned Vsync on.

          Fuck sake. You’re such a console retard.

      • Xengre

        Both EverAlwaysRealLife and Dynasty2021 don’t quite grasp what is going on it seems. It isn’t that PS4 or Xbox One can’t run games at 60 fps and 1080p because they can. It is that developers are deciding to drop fps and resolution in exchange for more advanced lighting, particle effects, texture mapping, etc. The total visual quality is thus increased despite dropping some in resolution and FPS. This is deemed acceptable by the fact that 30 fps, overall, is completely fine for gaming and has been for a decade. There is a difference between 30 and 60 fps but generally will go unnoticed unless comparing side by side. Sometimes you have quacks shouting they can tell the difference, but in reality you would be hard pressed in most cases to discern such difference especially as you are gaming and not spectating with the intention of spotting visual disparity.

        DDR4, at current, will serve no purpose in gaming rigs. It is primarily intended for supercomputers (analysis of complex problems, simulations, etc.). We are mainly limited by our GPUs and CPUs at current, of which DDR5 is often used in most current GPUs. There are new technologies coming out for GPUs to boost bandwidth significantly. As for CPUs for those interested read up on the possibilities of graphene based CPU/transistors and similar technologies allowing terahertz processors. Still a ways off, so it seems, but has been progressing far faster then expected. There are also other technologies for both RAM and SSD that blow DDR4 away allowing for performance in some cases up to one trillion times higher. Then there is light and 3D based techs. Due to all of this it is unlikely the new gen of consoles will last as long as Sony/Microsoft want them too since the disparity will quickly jump in a couple of years between consoles and PC so much that it will become either PC gaming, mobile, or non-interest for consumers until console tech catches up.

        Yes, consoles tend to limit what we will see in games or PC titles and it is unfortunate. Luckily, the new consoles have a huge leap in memory bandwidth, RAM, and GPU performance. Despite what is claimed it is highly unlikely we have maxed out these systems yet. There is bound to be a lot of room to improve. Just remember PS3 launch titles vs PS3 current titles. PS4 is, supposedly, going to receive a massive performance boost in the near future. More details will apparently appear thanks to Team Ice when Naughty Dog presents at the coming E3.

        This game will not be running on PC at 4k resolutions for, literally, 99%+ of PC gamers. Most games barely function at 4k even on GTX 780s requiring multiple GPUs. Watch Dogs will push that limit even further possibly even making at least a 2x or 3x GTX Titan setup have some issues at highest settings 4k. That said running at superior resolutions and overall graphical quality (Anti-aliasing, superior lighting, shaders, texture quality, environment density, particle effects, etc.) on PC still makes PC worthwhile over consoles.

        • Jeremy Banchiere

          30 fps is very noticeable. Anyone who has played 60fps for a while can pretty much not stand 30.

          It’s like the guy with his tube TV saying that HD isn’t that much of a difference and that “we have been watching tv like this forever”.

          If you have only ever known 30 fps and used a low refresh rate tv (even playing a 60fps console game with a lower hz tv), then you might say “no big deal”. But after the entire LAST console generation with a cheap low ms refresh rate monitor and running games at 1080p @ 60 fps, it is kind of a slap in the face that the “next” gen can’t even match last gens basic resolution and framerate.

      • Rupz007

        If it wasn’t for next gen consoles, you wouldn’t have a gaming market mate. Its the reason why many games on the PC will now be 64bit only and utilise more ram due to the PC like architecture on the new consoles. Support your console gamers dude or PC is dead. I will never put a gaming pc in my living room.. it doesn’t go well! I don’t like continuously upgrading/patching drivers and upgrading the hardware when a game demands more. PS4 is awesome and for the cost its a incredible achievement. FGH if it wasn’t for the PS3 and the Blu-ray your wouldn’t have Blu-ray as a data/movie medium. Thanks Sony and Play station for that.

        • Jeremy Banchiere

          They aren’t hitting a resolution that was available before the Ps3 and 360 and they aren’t hitting 60 fps. How is this an “incredible achievement”?

          I own a PS4 btw. I am really bummed out that this generation we STILL aren’t console gaming at 1080p 60fps. Seriously?

    • SkoolKidKez

      Those consoles makers do not have the money to push games into 4K no offense but im a console gamer my self but overall Sony and Ms Game Developers got a long way….and why are you guys talking about 4K Resolution because im way ahead of the game fuck 4k they need to get up there with 8K

    • Rupz007

      Piss poor optimisation and your blaming the consoles are weak??! Its amulti-platform realise fgs! What do you expect, of course its going to look rubbish on the next gen. Exclusives are what you need to compare when stating the consoles are weak. Infamous Second Son is 1st of the next gen PS4 game and it rocks. As will Uncharted 4 and others following.Watchdogs looks like graphics from last-gen GTA V (barely) hopefully the game itself will live up to it.

      • EverAlwaysRealLife

        Im not saying watch dog graphics suck, they look really good and has been reported to look better than GTA V, all Im saying is why isnt 1080p and 60fps the standard right out the gate?

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    The image on the bottom of all of them is out of this world sick.. The upper 3 still look good tho..

  • frank richard

    for the people complaining about the jerky motion. I dont think it has anything to do with the game and everything to do with the player. He is just tapping quickly left or right for control and not holding down and making smooth movements. Game looks good to me, I can’t wait.

  • benbenkr

    Vehicles still float on the road. 3 full shots from a shotgun to the face and the NPC is still standing, damn realistic that is.

    lol. fail dogs.

    • Dadrixx

      Floating vehicles ? Nowhere to be found. 3 shots from a shotgun to the face ? One hit in the arm, two misses).

      lol. fail watch.

    • Kyle Barton

      Open your eyes you si

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    looks awful on PS4, greatness awaits, still waiting

  • lord F

    I name my self a professional reviewer as of 2 seconds ago
    and i will say this
    it looks …relatively ok for this generation i guess…Tho some weird things stick out
    Look at the takedown animation and tell me if you see anything…weird
    The bloody screen is a no no for me aswell cause i hated it since COD introduced it
    i will hate it now
    Oh and as for the guy who talked about the bike…i can see what you mean it looks a bit ……werid so to say
    and also the red coat is ugly as fuck

    • maybe

      One thing I noticed is when he’s on the bike and the lights on him. He turns ans the shadow separates from the bike making it seem like it’s floating. This might have been fixed because it was mentioned that some things were improved after the beta. This may have been fixed or it might not either way it’s really the only problem I see.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Dat herky jerky motorcycle….do they really not know how to make things handle in 2014?
    This game will be a flop, remember this comment when the reviews come in


      Making a judgement by a GIF seems about right…. O_o

      • Stereotypical_White_Fella

        Well..yeah, that’s gameplay. that’s how the motorcycle handles O_o……nigge r

    • This isn’t a motogp simulator if you haven’t noticed

    • Clate

      LOL It has a ton of preorders and is expected to sell atleast 6 million copies. Somebody failed Basic Economics…..

  • thebanditking

    Looks good to me (of course anything would shrunk that small lol)

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